Justin Bieber angry Paparazzi attacked his Car in Chile

Justin Bieber has reacted angrily towards aggressive paparazzi in Chile after they allegedly attacked the car he was travelling in. Justin Bieber was in the capital city of Santiago for the latest leg of his My World tour.

After the run-in, Justin wrote on Twitter and warned paparazzis:

“Dear paps…i walk by you very calm and then some of u decide to kick and punch the car we are in….show respect you get respect in life…

“Some paps are real cool and chill. i dont feel crazy talking to them. it is cool. acting like a maniac…yeah i love talking with u. really?”

“Don’t be surprised when my fans step in and handle business. they are an ARMY!! #purpleninjas”

A few days earlier Justin had some trouble with over-eager fans ahead of his concert in Argentina. He begged fans not to try to break into his hotel room in Buenos Aires after a large crowd attempted to storm the building and were filmed by a local TV network as they climbed fences and ran past security guards.

In the end, police were called to keep the fans under control. Source: MTV.co.uk

  1. I seriously the paps! Seriously..hitting the car justin is in? Wtf that is just rude!! I feel sorry 4 justin….. Paps boo him, hit the car justin is in, nd stalk him! That is just hella rude! Justin has every right 2 b pissed

  2. UH-OH STUPID mistake…i really hate paparazii!! they are really rude to him!!;L
    yess please beware AN ARMY OF purple ninjas! WE DONT PLAY! when it comes to our BIEBER<3 sooo STOP ACTNG REALLY CRAZY!!..
    #who punches a car..and kicks it??

  3. justin so sorry…but this wont happen if you came to seattle not a cerayzee country like chile! but still. lucky chileans! but justin #purpleninjas UNITE!!!

  4. this reminds me of that time jb and sel went out to dinner for his 17th bday and that time that fan stole his hat in new zealand last year

  5. how dare do they do tht to justin. who do they think they are, they are not justin fan. and we dnt to tht, and if we do it, we dnt mean to, we are only happy to see him, tht we over act.they only do it bc they want money. poor justin he is such a good person, tht sometime ppl take advantage of him. justin you are right we are a army and we are going to defend you against anything and everything. purpleninjas united. we are all over the world beliebers army.

    • that was so cute how he called us purple ninjas it made me feel good :) also we r always there for him and he doesnt deserve that he deserves respect and like u said jblover he is such a good person and ppl need to quit taking advantage of him.

      • OK so i have something to say. actually alot of things. i know this is long but plz read it anyway. i hate how those poparazzi are treating him. he is such a good person and he deseves respect. i mean look what he did for Anita, that poor girl with cancer!!! he is super sweet and deserves to be treated the same way. also there is alot of debate about Jelena right now. Personally, i’m not crazy about Selena(and not becuz shes dating justin) but if he is happy, then i am happy. i wish other beliebers would feel the same way, or at least try. he has done so much for us(his fans) so i feel the best thing to do is to reflect his personality and be happy for him. Another issue is that ppl say he is changing. im not trying to be mean or anything but it seems to me that u r just trying to come up with a reason why he shouldn’t be dating Selena. i mean, YOU DIDN’T KNOW HIM!!! u don’t know how he used to be, or maybe even how he is now. u think u do, but u dont. im not saying that he is a bad person, becuz hes not. he seems like a really sweet person. i want to marry him just as much as all of u, but plz cut him some slack. plz no hater comments. i’m just giving my opinion.

  6. Let me go hit your car with my fist! See who u like it! GEZZZZ! Respect Much???? Woooow all the paps r prob much older than me, and I have respect? Really!? Get a life

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  8. thank u so much u guys. u r the best fans in the world. i really appreciate ur help with me living my dream. u guys r the only reason i am where i am today. i love u guys! :D

  9. First, papparrazzi, be cool for once in ur lyf tym and stop attacking lyk wolves! No offence. Secondly, fans, dont fly fences. If u injure urselfs, u wnt get to see justin then u’ll regret it. Dnt break into his room. Give some privacy.

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