Justin Bieber doesn’t Trust New People or New Friends. Sad!

Justin Bieber and his BFFs, Chaz Somers (left) and Ryan Butler (right)

Justin Bieber is indeed having trust issues. He has struggled to make any new friends since rising to fame as he can’t bring himself to trust anyone outside of his “circle”.

Justin reveals that he has a small group of friends he has known since childhood, but does not let himself get close to anyone else.

“I don’t really let anyone in my circle. I don’t really trust a lot of people, which is sad. But I kind of keep the people I grew up with close to me.” He tells Access Hollywood. Watch the interview!


  • belieberalltheway

    FIRST, anyway i think he is sensible and he knows what is right for him. I LOVE YOU BIEBER!!!!

  • Kathiee

    In that industry, it’s totally acceptable to do so. I mean, I would find it super hard, but then if he meets someone who works TREMENDOUSLY hard for his trust, it’s easier to know who’s worth it.


    Justin is ok. I am not famous and I have trust issues. I am like you in that way I keep space between my bff and the people I know. Some how I can’t let other people in my life and it’s a bad thing. Hopefully we change because that not good we made let go on good people yes because we have trust issues. Keep those people you trust and don’t let them go.

  • alice,belieber.

    to be fair, it is going to be hard to trust most people.i think he’s really wise by not trusting many people.

  • starla loves justin

    oh i understand tho

  • Atif Solangi

    ALLAH bless U..
    U Have a nice Voice
    Me nd my friend Fari Likes U Most In Pakistan

  • RamseyBelieber

    We all luv ya JB

  • Ronald Weasley

    i dont blame him..some people just want to be his friend for money and fame

  • _justinbieberlover17_/gracee

    i think thats just fine cuz like if he trusted everyone that woudl be just awful. cuz like a lot of ppl would just want to be his friend for fame and money so wat he is doing is doing is perfectly fine however in someways io guess it could be sad cuz he wouldnt have so much friends in the other hand he has a lot of friends so he is just in the right spot i guessxD
    ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

  • Azaria

    It’s probably just because he doesn’t want people to use him for his fame. It’s quite alright he doesn’t really fully trust people with his personal life. He’s lucky to have a close group of friends.

  • nadiah

    when we were famous, every people who once hate us will be suddenly wants to be friend with us, probably because of fame and to show to others, so maybe this is the reason why justin do this

  • jen bieb

    then i guess we fans aren’t in his circle then. ….

  • ~karly~

    I wanted to be friends with him
    cry cry ;(
    I understand though
    whn your famous, you think everyone likes you just because of it
    ~ but I dont!
    I like his personality. he is funny, smart, and laid-bck & awesome because he has a big heart! I wish I had a friend like him. & I dont judge people on thr looks like a lot of people do. srry. just saying.

  • sofia

    hello my name is sofia and I wanted to tell that it went on sale cd justin bieber the Christmas and I laid him ah and cd comes the DVD is good re compreselon please thanks a lot love you kisses for all

  • Bubblez

    Hey, I just want to say it’s sad justin feels like he can’t trust people. I myself have had problems trusting people, and its tough it really is. The best advice i can offer him is to look around in his circle because alot of the time those people are the ones you cant trust. Selena Gomez is using that poor kid for fame bc hes hot right now and its sick. He needs to wake up and see that her in particular needs to be cut from his circle. You dont just get those i cant trust anyone feelings just to get them they have meaning.