Justin Bieber Glittery Grill Pranks on his Director

Justin Bieber had some fun while shooting the promo for his festive single “Mistletoe” after pranking director Roman White by placing a glittery dental grill over his teeth.

Roman White tells Mtv.com, “We were about to start shooting the first scene, and he was walking around, and he had this grill in the bottom of his teeth. It was bedazzled like you wouldn’t believe.”

“He kept walking by me and just smiling a little bit so I would see it. I think he was trying to stress me out, because he knew that I wasn’t really going to want him to wear this glittery grill on the bottom of his teeth. And finally, I was like, ‘We’re not going to wear that, are we?'”




  • Ur mama

    Haha lol hes still the justin we know nd lov


    Justin as always making jokes. Justin we are two of a kind. Love making joke. And praking ppl.

    • david b conway

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      • iloveejb(;

        u sound creepy for some reason

  • I  Vinny Castronovo

    LOL! he doesn’t change what is up with justin and grills! Ps 4th!

  • _justinbiebzlover17_ /gracee

    justin has alwayz been funni and awesomexD some ressons y i fell in love with himxD ily justin<3333333333333333

    • Meghan dont change-be youself justin

      justin has always been funnni and awesome but he was changing and he went back to his old self and its making me happier (Under The Mistletoe comes out NOVEMBER 1st!) justin put on his like page on fb-u got a christmas song to #1 this past week…in October!!( #1BestFansInTheWorld). thank u…i need to keep my promise – he said (he put #1BestFansInTheWorld hes so nice :)

  • Meghan dont change-be youself justin

    Justin as always making jokes. Justin we are two of a kind. Love making joke. And praking ppl. hes still the bieber we love.he went bac to his old self i love :)

  • kacie deboom

    lol sooo funny i wish i could have been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………..I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!

  • rubab ch

    i love justin bieber <3<3<3………………….

  • Rafie

    Hahaha LOL ..Justin with his pranks ..

  • Natalie

    hahahah i love his pranks :D

  • justin bieber

    that prank was good haha

    • starla loves justin

      i bet hahaha i love you justin

  • Emaleigh Bieber

    LOL! To cool! JB is SO cute! love hm!!! ♥