Justin Bieber Grabs Selena Gomez Boobs

JELENA madly in love during hockey game!

      • Ok this is WAY over the top.. i mean… they cant do this in public :/ first.. the Hawaii pics, and now this? justin changed so much.. just compare him now and before 1 year… he changed ;’| all because of HER!!

      • Way over the top? No.. If this was a couple in highschool nobody would notice. They’re just playing around. Justin is 17 and Selena is 19, Justin is amost an adult now. You gotta accet that fact. There were nothing wrong with the Hawaii pics and theres nothing wrong with these photos. They are in love and that is normal for teens to play around and tuch each other.

      • @julie ya but i really dont want 2 c them grabbing each other and ishhh i mean if they want 2 do tht in ther room cool but 2 much pda lmao

      • i agree with Random Fan he really has changed with selena gomez i dnt mean anything i loove them both so much but he’s not the justin he used to be :(

      • me to i want the old jsutin bieber back ;( i want the one who would make jokes out of everything not the one who keeps yelling on us and the secnd after says he loves us bullshit

      • They’re 19 and 17. Touching eachother is normal. Get used to it. The only fans who has a problem with this, must be the ones who dont support their realationship and my personal opinion is that if you support Justin, you should support what he does, and you should definitely support his family, friends and girlfriend.

      • I honestly don’t think hes changed at all, He is just growing up and maturing, If you had a boyfriend/girlfriend, i’m sure you wouldn’t just sit there with them and just talk! :)

      • okay, really? he’s messing around. she doesn’t look like its bothering her, so if its bothering you, there’s nothing you can do! so who cares really?

      • yup…it is normal for justin and selena to touch each other because theve alredy grown….so dont you dare say some crap thing…..okey….just accept the fact that JB and selena just grown up and it is part of there growing old process

      • i tottaly agreee justin should not do that in public.but what can we do is just i don’t know what to do we can’t just force him to break her up that mean we belieber’s are mean but if we keep on seeing this some of the belieber will get hurt.and maybe they’ll end up suasid,than justin goes to jail then i tink i’m gonna DIE.justin please stop. I JUST WANT MY OLD JUSTIN BACK BUT IT SEEM’S THAT HE WILL NEVER BE BACK. :( :( :(.

      • omg really u wouldn’t act like this if there was a regular teen doing this ur only acting like this becuz its justin bieber how many times has he said he wants to be treated normal god if ur a real beliver stfu and listen one day hes going to get laid and have kids WHO CARES HES GROWING UP

      • she didn’t change him he grew up!he is in love with her they are perfect why do u have to be so judgmental!if ur not okay with them just build a bridge and get over it! >.<

      • i like selena and justin but it dosnt make sense ,when miley cyrus does something bad everyone remembers but when selena gomez does something bad everyone 4gets. nohate

      • he still should not be doing this becasue everyone will see it and thats not goood and yes he did change i like the way he was a year ago because he wasnt like this

      • hey guys . calm down. They are super duper cute together. and whats wrong with showing a lil affection in public ? Most of ya are just really jealous !! I stand by justin & always will, Im really happy for him that he’s found someone he really likes. Stop hating.

      • OKAY.
        First of all, they are just teenagers. They can do whatever they want. I’d have to agree @Julie, because all she says is true. And those who say, “Go somewhere else, not public!!” There’s not much places where SUPER FAMOUS celebrities can go unseen.
        Second of all, Beiber HAS changed. Either way, it would make no difference to me, for I am not a fan, but it DOES NOT matter. Who give a rat’s ass? If he changed, That’s all fine. As you grow older you change, and no-one who commented said they’d personally met Beiber. How would you know his personallity? And if he did change, it was for the good.
        And finally, he’s a guy. A SEVENTEEN year old guy, to be exact. Don’t come on here raising hell on who’s who. I mean, you can, but don’t expect to get much respect from me.

      • Gosh, you sound like his mother. You people are saying “I want the old Justin back” as if you personally knew him. He’s changing, growing up and naturing. He doesn’t need his fans to criticize everything he does. If you really liked him, you’d support his decisions. Its his life, not yours. Get over it.

        You guys are just jeaous of Selena.

      • Ok So Were now In 2012 Dude Their in Love Just Leave them Alone He’s Already 18 now Soo..

      • They are both teenagers. If children can not except the fact that this is a part of growing up, then they shouldn’t stalk Justin and Selena online. And treating Selena like crap bc you’re jealous of her is immature and wrong. You should just let ppl be happy. It’s not their fault that the paparazzi follow them everywhere. You can choose not to watch Selena and Justin like little creepers.

      • Justin may have changed but thats because he is in love and his grown up. everyone changes and if you are a real belieber than understand and support him. if your a belieber than stay with bieber cause it only normal his gonna change, everyone does. Don’t hate selena because by hatin her your hurtin Justin and if you love justin you wouldn’t want to see him hurt would you?


      • IKR I think this so unnescary just leave them alone there just some teenagers just trying to have fun as a couple you don’t have to turn it into something bad !!!

    • @ Random Fan: omg what do you think!? He’s getting older, he’s not the little boy anymore. they can do whatever they want in public, it’s Biebers world anyway, he owns everthing ;)

      • I agree with Julie and Lola except the fact that they r datin and that they can do wat ever they want cuz it’s their life not urs their chose not urs their photos not urs and it’s their memorize not urs so let them live their life the way they want and stop compalning that everything they do cuz it’s normal!!!!!!!!!
        To: random fan

        Ps I love u jelena<333333333 u guys r adorablexD true belieber right herexD

      • what do you mean by changing anyway? Everybody is changing that’s a part of growing up. When Justin promises his fans that he’s never gonna change he means the fact that he’s always gonna love his fans and appreciate them. but that he grabs selena’s boobs really has nothing to do with his promise! at least i don’t see the connection there!

      • i think justin is jst totaly inluv n playin around its totaly normal n fair 4 him 2 hv fun so galz jst try 2 lay back n chill

      • I am still with ur son please dump selena and come and love me again i live in nigeria now from onyinye

      • seriously all of you guys. a year ago, he was still in the process of figuring this whole fame thing out. he has grown up a lot. get over it, he’s living his life. just let him do what he does. yes, he has changed. but he’s not the little canadian boy anymore sorting out his life. he goes through puberty, he gets a girlfriend who he is in love with, and if he hasn’t already which i doubt, he has sex because he is a teenager. this june he would be graduating high school anyways. this is all a part of life. you don’t expect him to still be the squeaky voiced 15 year old version of himself all the time, do you?
        if you’re a true belieber, roll with his punches and support everything he does. he’s growing up, he’s in love, he’s different. be happy for him

      • Well it is his life his diaicion an not his world but he is not making every one happy but that is thats persons prob and they have to deal with it he only has to make his self happy :)

      • I know i hate when fans say ” justin cant do this i want the old justin back” really its not like he can just shrink and have the same voice as before like if your a true believer you respect his choices AND SELENA they are the cutest couple ive evr seen and if you cant respect her you have no respect for justin. Realise justin is growing and we are too some fans need to mature up or go find another idol because obviously justins too good for u

    • a of you need to get over the fact that hes dating her i bet half of u guys are only doing this cause u have no life to get back to and the ones that do have a life ur wastin ur time!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree he is who is he is and u should accept that if not then get off this page why did u click on it if u don’t like it it bullshit and his real fans accept him for who he is. I love u Justin bieber for life!! <333 and u believe in ur fans I am happy u do I am one!!

      • they are very lucky.me and my bf only talk its like we dont exsist but i still love him. i luv ya justin big fan right here!

      • I am pretty disapointed with justin coz her should notdo that infront of kids eyes but I still lovehimm. X x x

      • i agreed that is not an accident justin bieber hugging you he grab your boobs and that is not accident oh my god selena & i dont like that photo selenaG!

    • Jelena is just a shot for Selena Gomez to become a miley cyrus this is nick and miley all over again i think shes playing him if i were close to justin i would tell him and let him no that hes being played and cheated on yes cheated on with 2 other guys they probably know and the only reason why they stay with her is because she is a munipulater who makes it seem as if she is innocent yet she is not as innocent as she appears beleive me theyll break up once she turns 20 its obvious and when shes 21 and able to get drunk oh yeah theyll be finished so all jelena fans dont expect to be a fan for long there are some couples worth supporting and this is not one of them

      • okay i get that they’re togather, and boyfriends and girlfriends do that alot, but they arent NORMAL couples, their celebs, and their YOUNG, so honestly have u seen any other couple in there age doing crap like that, they need to realize that doing stuff like that in public will get u into a whole lot of shiz, and better yet ur having these young girls looking at that picture, thinking” oh well if selena is letting justin grabbing her boobs, i let my boyfriend touch me everything too, i mean if there doing, then its okay if i do it to” thats not something u want to send to young fans,but i love justin no matter what, i just hopes he doesnt go too far with selena, and regret what he did.

      • Random Fan, you said it. I know it’s what guys do, but he didn’t do that with Catlian! She is changing him, and i don’t care what other people have to say. It’s true!

      • SHUTUP.
        Are you REALLY gunna come on here and listen to these rumors? OH HELLZ TO THE NO. She dated a famous boy, then ONE MORE. Okay? Do you understand, lost one? Depression of state? Denial? Miley Fan?
        I’m not a fan of Bieber -OR- Gomez, but it pisses me off when people lie and listen to bullshit like this.

      • even if that does happen, im sure they wont take it that far. i dont like sleena cuz she is dating JB but if JB really likes her than I support him. LIKE U SHOULD BE!!

    • ok, i dont think kids or teen should be a roll model because of the stuff they do but i find it very much ok. they r inlove! so what if they do this stuff everyone else does and if you dont want your kids doing this than why have him be your kids roll model??

      • its not normal……..but justin is still goin to be a kid until he turns 18 but selena ha been a grown for almost two years now and imagine if they hav kids i bet that their child is going to feel uncomfortable knowing that its mom is two years older than their dad and that they started dating when it was illegal to do so ………………..i also think that its unfair because just becuz they r celebs selena can date justin when shes an adult (over 18 ) and justin is still a kid (under 18 ) when its illegal for everybody else who isnt a celeb. i hate jelena so much

      • Yes it is normal, Let him live his life and be in love. And if you don’t want your kids to see things like this then don’t let them on the internet. Thats all i have to say.

      • hej watch out, selena is way beautiful, i dont justin would have gone out with her if was ugly. and its not good to judge people how they look. every body is beautiful in this world.

      • it doesnt mean dat if guys c u s an ugly duckling then selena is ugly too.Sister dats not how it works.U c in life there r cinderallas bt there r also shreks(PRINCESS FIONAS HUSBAND)<<>>

      • excues me bitch(idk) she’s(Selena Gomez) prittier then u ok so just stfu cuz u wouldn’t have had a chance with him anyway so shut ur mouth its normal for teens to do that and mabye it was an accetdent and they to spark up thier relasionship so if u where really a beliber then u would go along with HIS choceis

      • its not because of her guys. this is normal for teen boys to act this way. all the time seriously i would know.

      • LAWLZ
        She seriously NEEDS a bra. (Or is that what Justin is trying to be??)
        I’m sorry, I just had to say it… :D

    • go jelena i love them both and there is nothing wrong with him touching her boobs i am 11 and my name is Cara and my Friend that is a boy whose name is Bubba and he is 12 almost 13 (nickname) he touched my boobs by accident while we were wrestling and there is nothing wrong Justin is 17 and Selena is 19 Justin is almost an ADULT so back everybody who thinks this is wrong.

    • @julie they’re r not inlove we all l know tht Selena is using Justin to get more famous nd Justin is using her to tell his fans back off only one of u can date me at one time
      SO there’s no such thing as LOVE IN this PHOTO

      • hahahaha i never thought of that like i thought of the selena using him thing but no tof the whole justing trying to send a message to his fans part .lol very clever

      • Yeah I Agree Bieber’s Girl, Well That’s What I Thought At the Start.. But I Am Starting To Think They Are Actually In Love.:) I Love Justin And I Just Want Him To be Happy, And I Think He Is With Selena. I Am Very Jelouse But I Have Got To Be A Good Fan And Believe. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER:) <3<3

      • LAWLZ
        Gomez and Beiber are in a relationship -.-
        I’ll be honest, if I had to pick one to be in a strong relationship with it would be Gomez (OKAY listen, yes I’m a girl and yes I’m bisexual. I’m 14 it’s my choice and if you hav a problem with it feel free to tell me).

      • Also That Is Not Fair For Fans To See To Be Honest Don’t You Agree.I Mean Get A Room Love Birds:L <3<3

      • hes NOT touching her A cups he has his hands OVER the suit and even if he was who the hells gonna get that on carmera dont u ppl have eyes

    • I hate jelena so…. but I mean its not either right or wrong its their life but Selena shouldnt let justin touch her like that… she should have some self-respect

    • Not being RUDE I”M A FAN OF JELENA but:
      they should get a room,because all JUSTIN’s FANS like teen but including THE BABYS they will attract JUSTIN’s DOING its so PG…First THE FINGERS now THIS…REMEMBER not being rude…

      2009:SO SWEET

    • JELENA <3<3<3 Haha i know many hate this pic buti just think it's SOOOOOO CUTE !! haha i wish i was Selena ! :) <3

      • i agree with justin and salina it just happend so go pick on some one els how would you feel if people did that 2 u people wk up

  1. Omb,now he is not only grabbing ass now he is grabbing boob too. Omb! And she is liked it. Let’s face it is Justin Bieber to cry out loud who is grabbing her, she like ( I dnt hv much to grab but keep on grabbing). Lol!

    • dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that how about justin bieber,s mom pattie she did it love selena gomez , not once , love david b conway

  2. i just like justin bieber , and i do,nt care what selena gomez , what,s to see in justin bieber , it just part off there publicitiy act stunt why not , just look at the photos off hawaii picture,s , and just let all the hater,s just from the google web site just to bash them and there career,s as well , i see it alll week on my net book laptop , , and to let them know , just from me im not there haters at all just after i herd about the frist death threat,s i david conway i decide to not love them any more , love david b conway

  3. page 2 / who is the one gave selena marie gomez , the idea for the ,, when the sun goes down deluxe editition album stupid miss selena gomez , love david conway

  4. yeah,,cool that’s one of the proof that justin and selena have a s#ex justin and selena are h#orny we like that..cool suck justin d#ick Selena..yeah cool

      • To who? They’re teens, that kind of stuff is normal. No one would care if it was a couple in highschool. Its just because everyone is so damn jealous.

      • They’re 19 and 17, this is normal! Like Lola said they’re are showing their love, thats not wrong. Selena is an adult, and so is Justin almost, they wont keep a distance of a meter between them everytime they go public. So just knock it off.

    • what is not normal? that they’re showing their affection? that they are showing that they love each other? Come on it’s always nice to see a couple in love with so many hatred in this world. It should make people happy to see other people being in love and enjoying live, since we only live once. Love should never be hidden it is what connects everybody! that’s it.

      • They aren’t supposed to be anybody!!! They can be who they want to be! They didn’t ask to be a role model!! It came with their job or should I say their dream!! Soo they can do what they want when they won’t to! It’s a free country! As long as it’s no illegal then let them at it!!!

      • I totally agree
        And I would like to add…
        Why do pple who hate justin come to this site and say really offensive stuff there are children who come to this fansite u know!

    • No its not ok i mean i get the holding hands and kissing but whoa this is WAY WAY WAY 2 far i mean come on justin seriously. I hate how he touches her in all sorts of places and she just lets him!
      P.S they shouldnt be dating cuz hes 17 and she over 18 yah shes 19 she should go 2 jail or somethin jk jk lol

  5. justin shouldnt hv done that , i mean my face was worth lookin !! no i wount say i wanna b there this time bt justin………………………

    • im a beliber and im am soooo not jelous im very very proud for them and is it really true selena’s preagnat? i hope she is because the baby will be sooooooooo cute <3 luv JB

  6. bt justin looks cute in pics i would yet look better wid him haha jkjk bt selena go away u r increasin ur haters by being really close to justin . note:I DONT REALLY HATE SELENA BT I DONT ADORE HER AS MUCH AS I USED TO!!

  7. This really isnt right..
    i mean you can see selena really not comfortable with this..
    poor chica.. <3
    Love you lots and justin too but he shouldnt do this

  8. Its cute when Jelena kissing and holding hand but this is really…. Justin said that he respect girl, but is this called ‘respect’? But why selena also laugh and look like she love if Justin grabbed her boobs?

    • yeah it’s true..OMG..justin must wouldnt do that…selena was really a Slut..i really hate that d*mn girl..i dont care if u judge me guys…but it wasnt looked good..look selena was a girl and it’s like how can a boy respect a girl if ur actions was just liked her..yuck..so disgusting..she’s a b*tch

  9. yep, i agree with u, justin says that girl must to be respect but it turns backward, if justin really respect, he shouldn’t do like dis, moreover, they r not marry yet, and selena also looks disgusting, she supposed to avoid it but she laughed like biatch, damn…

  10. OMB !! i know they are in love together but not Grabbed her boobs on hockey :$ ..
    he is grabbing her boobs .. but what if they was in the hotel what they are do ? :$
    SWAG .. i’m Justin Fan .. Just saying & this don’t mean i hate him i love him ..:)

  11. Guys, from now on dont waste your time to write negative comments, they will just laught at it. Nothing wrong with those two at all.

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