Justin Bieber is in LOVE with Selena, No plans to MOVE IN together

Justin Bieber has been dating Selena Gomez since FEBRUARY 2011 and says he has completely fallen for her, reported New magazine.

“I wouldn’t be with somebody if I wasn’t in love,” he said.

Justin said that he is attracted to Selena because she is hot but he also added they share a connection because of their similar family backgrounds.

“Everybody can see she is hot and that’s great, but there is so much more to her than that. She makes me laugh and she puts up with my practical jokes. She has really strong family values as well. We were both raised by our moms in single-parent households, and that’s given us a lot of the same family values in life,” he said.

Although things are going great for JELENA, Bieber insists they have no plans to move in together because their busy careers mean they never know where they are going to be.

“At the moment we’re so busy, it’s pretty much hotel rooms for me for most of the year. She could be in one part of the world and I could be in the other,” Bieber said.

“We are just a young couple who are enjoying spending time with each other. But we both took time off last month and it was just really cool to be able to spend time together and just do normal things like go to the beach and have dinner together,” he added.

Beliebers, what do you think about the idea of JELENA move in together?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • kelseylamare

    If they move in toghether ill drop kick a baby



      • someday17

        me to if i ever run into sel i will first beg her to let me meet justin. Then ill smack sel in her face ang get 50 of my friends to help me…. PS i love JUSTINDREWBIEBER

      • Mrs.Bieber (Tatiana)

        They r so cut together and I also love justin but if u don’t love or like Selena I guess u don’t like him u r mean to him

    • farra

      SAME HERE .

      • aimee aguilar

        i don’t like them together i actually hate her she cant sing at all and there not event cute and she is 2 years older but there happy so i dont give a shit

      • maryam

        they are the perfect couple do you want sombody say that when yoy’re in love!!!????

    • 4everbelieber


    • Selena

      Oh Come On Justin Is In Love Let Him Be!


    omg thats so sweet. i had so many problems with them but i guess he;s happy and thats all that matters really. :) I LOVE HIM<3

    • peaceglri99



    okay i was second:P

  • silvia

    good idea for sure :)

  • alice,belieber.

    there still so young, and really just enjoying being together.

  • dux

    thats cool by me

  • Nicole

    I love them and all but I still think they should wait a few more years. I think they should at least be 20 or something to get their own home.

  • EmmaBieber

    I think it sounds like a GREAT IDEA! :D I love them! Best couple ever!<3


    • peaceglri99

      SAME here :) :D

  • Amanie Cherry

    I honestly don’t understand why everyone keeps saying that their gonna be mad/upset. I personally love the couple. They are VERY cute together. They make each other happy. The only thing bad or hard in their relationship is Justin’s fans. We should be happy that he is happy and stop being so mean to Selena. She deserves to be just has much as Justin does. And as we can see they make each other happy so leave them the HELL alone!!

    • Beleiber4life1

      I agree strongly

    • Tamara

      This is the exact way I feel!! If your a true belieber, you will be happy for Justin with whatever he is happy with!!

    • shay

      I agree strongly

  • monique

    OMG they are way to young!!! But love them so much!

  • Tara

    no sex ………….no marraige……………… thank gode

  • Biebers_girl

    omb. i totally love jelena. they are so sweet together. i think they should so move in together. i love justin!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    • peaceglri99

      YUP :) <333333333333333333333333

  • I  Vinny Castronovo

    Ok first of I am happy for them they are so cute. But moving in with each other it’s fine if they don’t sleep in the same bed. Don’t say I am just jealous , cuz I am not I just like his music and he’s hot but as a Christians it’s a sin to sleep with someone b4 marriage. And Justin says he is a Christian so I am fine with them in a same house or whatever but just dont sleep with each other. I am not saying that Justin or Selena would do that I don’t know them well enough. Just saying

  • belieber forever

    justin probably is in love but selena is using him just like taylor and nick i hate her she is such a user she loves all the fame so sorry justin but they better not move in together only if they get married but if they get married i will never like him i will take everything i have of you and dump it

    • david b conway

      dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here and to this issue and the preson that made this comment ,, belieber forever preson , here i am on this her side as well , and i do know that there parents will not let them to do that just at that age , love david conway

  • javi

    the report says feb 2011 i tought they started dating in november of 2010 i could be wrong but anyway in my opinion justin is going to be a full legal adult next year 2012 if he wants to live with her or at least propose he’s free to do it its his choice they both have alot of siblings selena has a bunch of cousins in texas and justin hole family is in canada i think if he’s thinks his ready to move with her or propose he should do it take responsability in your life thats my opinion.

  • Belieber(:♡

    Some people on here disappoint me. You call yourself a Belieber? I don’t LOVE them as a couple like obsessive but they make a cute couple and are happy together which is all that matters. He’s happy we should be happy. Not threating to leave him because he is in love with Selena. He hasn’t had a girlfriend forever and you may have your own opinion on Selena but I think she is sweet and has a good voice is flawless and makes Justin happy. Threatening to leave him is pathetic and I dont think you should call yourself a Belieber if you would leave him when he’s happy with Selena. You don’t have to like her, but don’t hate her cuz she’s dating Justin. And I bet if you did leave him cuz of him dating Selena you would all come back once you hear his new music. If your a Belieber from the beginning and have been through all the old drama and new drama you are great. I’m glad some people love him enough to stick with him through anything just as I would. I will never stop loving Justin Drew Bieber♡

    • Beleiber4life1

      I agree strongly as we say ‘Once a Beleiber Always A Beleiber’

  • yo

    selena’s assless self needs to gtfo.

  • Beleiber4life1

    I definetly think he loves her and really wants her but loads of people say they wont last and if u r a true @beleiber4life1 (plz follow me on twitter) u would belive in him and everthing he wants!

  • superdriver

    it wouldn’t work out plus it’s just puppy love

  • thorild

    to he honest i am SOOO jealous of selena !! but i want justin 2 be happy. but on the pictures when they r 2gether in public justin almost never smiles. it may be the paparazzies but when he is out with friends or family he smiles. i was SO glad when i read this! im not fakin that i don’t care and shit ‘cuz i do! im really jealous. but if selena is “THE ONE” he would had said things diffrently i guess. and in that interview he sais * if i was single i would have dated cheryl chole” and if he is dating the girls he is meant 2 be with he wouldn’t have said that. AND he said* i wouldn’t be with somebody if i wasn’t in love” but he dated catlin and they were 2gether and in 2010 he said ” i haven’t been i love yet”. just sayin.

  • _justinbiebzlover17_ /gracee

    cute an sweet ily justinxD

  • Diya1993

    I would not want to know what happended in that house

  • Minnie Mouse Swag

    Ok so my brother will be legal age next year and his girlfriend will be too. They’ve been dating since late 14 early 15 they’re responsible and I think Jelena should too! I mean if that’s what their parents r ok with. I’m all for it, otherwise stay away from temptation. It’s easy to fall in.

  • proud belieber

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how sweeet they r my favorite couple…. Forever and always <33333
    #JELENA ;)

  • desireelopez

    they are happy and in love. sound great idea

  • Jenny


  • javi

    why do you want to stop being his fan? because he’s dating selena? thats bad man i became a fan of the dude because his talented at first when i found out he was dating selena i was piss this kid could choose any hottie out there and choose one of my favorites but thats cool im a fan of both but saying your going to stop being a fan because he dating some one thats crazy.

  • Tbieber



    i think they should’nt bc you really need to be sure of such a big step. and by the way justin is only 17, he is yes staring to live. i love tht he is happy but he should live his life know tht he can. i am so happy for justin !! u smile i smile

  • Kayla

    i dont relly care if they did. i dont like her, but i like 2 of her songs. i think he can do WAY better, but if he’s happy, i am. im not jelous, think he can do better. liked her from 2007 to 2008, and stopped, so u can call me jelous