Justin Bieber interviews with XUXA, the Brazilian Oprah

Justin Bieber interviews with XUXA (Maria da Graça Meneghel).
JB talks about Usher, future kids, haters, his dog Sam, family, Under the Mistletoe and more.

  1. Uhhh Xuxa is not the Brasilian Oprah, She’s Only Got Fame Because well she gave it up to Pele! But Yeah Her English sucked ass! lol Love How Justin Is following me, When i was in New York he was there sell perfume than I come to Brasil and that nigga Follows! To bad I never Got TO meet him! W/e There’s Always tomorrow!

  2. man, can’t they find just ONE person in Brazil who can interview Justin in English??? Oh man, I’m russian and Im just 17 years old but I speak fluent English!!!!!

  3. It’s funny the way Justin plays the cavaquinho.Because he plays the cavaquinho thinking it is like a guitar.So cute .I could not see him at the concerts here in Rio,but I keep never saying never.

  4. Crazy…he can understand that language, but he can’t speak it. That host can speak that language, and she can understand his. O.o

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