Justin Bieber Jesus Bling Bling

Justin Bieber got matching Jesus Bling-bling with bestbuddy Sean Kingston.

Justin at hockey game with Ryan Butler, Sean Kingston, and the bling-bling maker, Ben Baller (October 25th).

credit: ifandco.com

  • Mrs Bieber


    • _justinbieberlover17_/gracee

      cute rightxD ily justin<33333333333333

      • Maureen

        I love you a lot from moemoe034

  • jessica the funny one ;}

    I thought he wasnt into bling bling.and where is chaz.theyre ignoring my fav person xD

  • just_mine_mae

    real friends….:)

  • hmm

    Its far from over. Jasmine is acting the same way as Selena does. The nightmare is only beginning.


    Love Waoo Justin is getting bling. First got a grill now bling. Ollmb! Is getting more sawg. And. Love the bling.

  • Izzy

    Love it! Glad too see they love the Savior, really means alot too me:)

  • I  Vinny Castronovo

    I am with @Izzy :) so glad u didn’t forget your here because of God :) love ya ;) God Bless :) NEVER FORGET ABOUT GOD! :)

  • Truth

    Great that he loves God & wants to honour Him… a little much with the “bling” tho if you ask me. But I suppose if you have millions & millions of dollars it’s OK to waste it on luxuries that are pointless. He works hard for his money I know… and deserves everything he has.

    In the same breath… he wouldn’t have all that money if it weren’t for Beliebers. He pumps his products left right & center & we run out & scoop everything up making him #1 in so many areas. So the marketers can keep prices high cuz they KNOW it’s going to get bought & it keeps them all filthy rich.

    I truly DO love & support JB, I just sometimes get irritated reading “go buy this & that” and seeing new products advertised all the time b/c the pictures have changed. I bought a 15$ toothbrush b/c it’s JB. Fifteen dollars for a toothbrush!? Wtf? But there’s proof right there = I think that’s ridiculous, but I bought it.

    Saw a new advertisement for a “Christmas tshirt”… a red tshirt with JB’s pic on it. Oooh festive!! Same with his “Halloween line” Huh?? Normal tshirts with his pic… discounted for Halloween. Point being they could throw his face on anything and call it “new” or put it out near a season/holiday & it would sell. That’s kinda sick. lol

    Sometimes I just sit back & think about it all & it irritates me. BUT… again, that wont stop me from buying or supporting & remaining a Belieber. Just a little b*tch sesson. ;)

  • epic bieber

    @Truth, they need to make money. The things cost so much since the stock up, and can’t sell them. Justin can’t go everywhere and produce Halloween and Christmas T-Shirts like with a snap of his fingers. He has a life too, and how much time and money would they sacrifice for you jealous Beliebers to ruin it altogether. I already bought them doubles because I’m a true Belieber and if I can’t do that for Justin, well let’s just say that I wouldn’t be a Belieber…

    • Truth

      I’m aware they need to make money too, clearly, you missed the point I was making.

      Justin isn’t the one who produces the merchandise. There are marketing teams & companies that do that for him. He has ppl who make decisions for him & create products.
      And WHERE do you get the jealous bit from anyway? LOL Funny how that’s what Some Beliebers resort to if anyone says ANYTHING remotely negative about JB.
      And sorry to inform you but just b/c ppl don’t buy merchandise doesn’t mean they’re not TRUE BELIEBERS. Some ppl truly cannot afford to buy anything, but that doesn’t mean they don’t support him in all other ways. Justin was poor once & knows that too. He doesn’t think that if ppl buy more they are “better, more truer” Beliebers just like he wouldn’t think that if a Belieber never bought anything of his that they aren’t a Belieber.
      What makes the best Belieber is someone who defends Justin & isn’t ashamed to be a Belieber. Someone who believes in who he is & what he stands for. All of this “merchandise” bullcrap doesn’t make you a “True” Belieber. Sure it’s nice… I buy tons of stuff myself. But that doesn’t make me a better Belieber than someone who can’t afford to buy it.

      My point in writing, well, you kinda just proved… doesn’t matter WHAT it is, if they stick JB’s face on it & advertise it ppl like you will run out & buy it despite the cost. And they all line their pockets. It’s not just JB… that’s what marketing teams are for. So be mad at me for saying it or not, I don’t care. I’m far from ‘jealous’ ~ just think back to when he first started how his tweets were more about his fans & more personal & yes he was using it to get the word out about his music cuz he wasn’t ‘noticed’ in the real world just yet. I’d rather see ads/commercials elsewhere for products like on his websites than see him plugging “Buy this & make me #1 on iTunes” or RT’ing only those who comment ON his new songs/album etc. That’s what you normally see now.

      I STILL and always will support him. But the above my dear is just the truth.

  • Truth

    And before anyone says I’m jealous b/c he hasn’t noticed me on Twitter, you’re mistaken. He RTd me once & is following me. I also helped get him to notice & follow another Belieber.

    I will always support Justin. Just b/c I pointed something truthful out that isn’t all fluffy & complimentary, doesn’t mean I don’t.

  • Jazzie

    are him and chaz like not friends anymore cuz he seems to never be there anymore

  • Maureen

    I love you a lot 

  • Natalie

    haha thats cool.