Justin Bieber Kissing a Girl Under the Mistletoe (Picture+Video)

OMB.. Justin Bieber kissing a girl under the mistletoe. Lucky girl :D
We know its just an act, but can you imagine how Selena felt about this? aww….

Definitely CANT WAIT for the “Mistletoe” official music video!

Checkout behind the scene – in the making of Mistletoe video!

      • go justin biebver my cousin loves you she alaways dream to be have dream to be your girlfriend so justin biebver hopvely one day you could get to togerther so justin biebver birthday is on noverber 30 right before halloween and my best friend belem she loves you to more than her birth is onchrismas deceber 24 and my birthday is on june 6 and my is the same the as month and day hers is june 6 1987 and my is 2002 thanks jb so see you

  1. when i saw this i was in sort of a frenzy n started cryin tht hes soo grown up! Then this kiss made me cry more! Da gurl in da vid is a lucky bitch! But its part of justins work to do stuff like this in vidz! But alwayz gonna be a belieber no matter wht! Btw .1st! Cant wait oct 17!

  2. i cant wait to see the video:))
    i tried soo hard to hold back these tears:((
    <3 i love you bieber boo♥ the kiss looked amazing=)
    and i just love the way he held her!!..omb:D
    he is such a wonderful person<33♥♥♥

  3. he is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute, and congradulate to that girl, for working with jb and in music video, and for nice kissing. im so happy that justin every day gonna be much cute than before,i want to say justin just be justin in 50 years later as like as today. i looooooooooooooooooove you.

  4. Omb, I wonder what Selena’s reaction was….? But, luckily for her it was only an act lol
    That girl in the making of the video is sooo lucky to be kissing Justin!(if only it could’ve been me that was kissing him…aah…) Cannot wait till the offiicial music vid comes out! <3 it's gonna be great!

  5. He Is So Cute And He Is Such A Kind And Caring Person He Makes All His Fans Special And Never Lets Them Down Thats Why I love Justin I Will Support Him As The Years Go By And As He Grows Up In To A Mature,Sensible And Married Man Because He Is Just Such A Special Part To This World! :D Love You Justin Carli xxx

  6. fine he is kissing but in music video i dont feel gud! :( first he kissed nxt to you i cried coz he kissed in d music video i think he should never make videos of kissing
    !!!! :)

      • justin should’nt do video like this one. those producer want us to have a heart attack are something. tht girl is a lucky bitch. tht is every belieber dream to kiss justin are to spend time with him. and she did both. i dont care tht much about the spending time. bc justin spend time with lot of ppl. but the kissing part. :’( tht kills me!

  7. omg i sooo wish that was me… lol if i was doing that video and i was that girl. i would mess up on purpose to keep on doing that same part.. the kisss <3 I LOVE U JUSTIN!

  8. Love this!! And I can’t wait till Monday!! I’m getting it hopefully!! Lol but I wonder if Selena was ok with the kissing scene?? Oh well I lI’ve Justin and Selena!!

  9. i hv notice tht justin new videos. have a kissing part. like in baby even tod they toke it of and in next to you.and know in mistletoe. those girl are so lucky they get to kiss justin lip to lip.i need to ask how do they pick the girl in the videos. i one to be one of those lucky girls

    • i agree you and i have noticed : there are kisses in his new videos since his hair are been cut short ; and about the girls i think they are models !!!!!!!!

  10. i know i post o ready, but i hv to say this.tht girl is so lucky! i am so jealous tht i want to take her out of the video and put me in it. i am so jealous tht i am having a panic attack ( not really). i have never being so jealous in my life. but look how justin grabs her and carry her. i love slow dancing i wish tht was me dancing with justin and of course he had to do all the thing tht he did to her like the grabbing and carry and the most special thing the kiss. but the kiss have to be at lest a minute long. dreaming big …

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