Justin Bieber Kissing a girl with Cancer in CHILE (pic)

Justin Bieber meets 13 year old girl with cancer. She’s Anita, one of many Beliebers live in Chile! JB shows his love by kissing her forehead and tweets: “so THANK YOU @anitaweissbrot . glad we met. this is one of the best parts of what i do. meeting people like u”

“We only live once…so follow your dreams and never say never!” – @anitaweissbrot #staystrong”

Not only met JB, Anita also had a chance to pose with Mama Bieber!

That’s so sweet of Justin!

See video of Anita before and during cancer!

Stay strong Anita!

What do you think about people with cancer?
Do you have a friend or family who lives with cancer?

  • judy012

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats sooo sweet of justin buy the way im first

    • sad crying miserable need a bou like jb


      • iloveyou jb 4 life

        aww he is soo nice and he is always thinking of others………..we love you justin…<3<3<3.x

    • Bieber’s Doll

      its soooooo sweet….u r soo sweet love ya

    • caitlyn

      ewwwww he can get cancer for doing that

      • judy012

        nooooo he cant an caitly how do you know

      • Belieber(:♡

        No he couldn’t. Cancer isn’t contagious..

      • ☆Laurasia☆

        u cant catch cancer. who the hell told u it was contagious!? i bet ur parents told u that just so u would avoid ppl with cancer.

      • Belieber4eva

        wow ur so stupid u need to shut ur mouth caitlyn my gramma just passed away two weeks ago from cancer and ur gonna say something like that how could u how would u feel if u had cancer and someone said something like that to u? u would feel awful so u just need to shut ur mouth and have some freaking compassion for ppl and get a brain, screw it into ur head, and start using it because honestly thats ur only hope u freaking retard

      • mrs. renee bieber

        oh beliber4eva im so sorry and ur right caitlyn does need some freaking compassion

      • Jillian

        HEY I used to have cancer iv ben a surver for 8 years now

      • sheryl

        belieber4eva,i know how you feel,my gran past on 2 years ago as well from cancer,im sorry for your loss and caitlyn…how would you feel if you kid had cancer and someone like you did this?how would you feel if your parents got cancer?so shut the f-up!

  • mrsbieber

    That is sweet i love justin 4 everything he does ( and the way he looks) he so sweet kind and generous wow he amazing

    • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

      U took the word right out mii mouthxD like if I say something bout this I’ll be copying uxP but imma still say themxP justin u r sooooo sweet and kindxD justin u do such amazing things like u always think of ur fans and u care for them, and that’s y I fell in love with uxD u r also very nice and generousxD and I love u sooooo much for that justinxD ily Justin<33333

      • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

        Oh and anita keep following ur dreams, never say never:D and I hope u the bestxD stay strong and get well:D

      • mrsbieber

        same here!


      i love all those thingsto. justin is such a good person. I am so proud of calling me a belieber!

    • Mary

      justin is the hadsam man in the world u know it 2 ugly

  • Silva Agustine

    Justin I <3 You So Much :)

  • Sam Hern

    that was so sweet i was crying stay storng anita

  • rosie1194

    I have a friend that has a friend that has cancer she has lung cancer and she lost all her hair but shes getting better and better each day and my friend said that the doctor said that she might get cured in about 2 months!!!! So if you can pray for Ashley(the girl with cancer) so she can get cured!!! :) <3

  • I dont care what HATERZ say bout justin keep up your dreams just we will always love yah

    OMG this is sooooooo sweet…….. Justin yuh r sooooo nice for doin this! I bet she loveddd that day she met yuh! Its a day she will neverrrrrrr forget!!!<3<3<3 and anita i hopeeee yuh the best hope yuh keep liveing your dreams anita! HOPE will come 2 yuh we all know……..<3 thxxxx justin for doin this for anita love yahhhhhh!

  • katy biebz

    He is sooo sweet! It is just soo amazing how much he carse about his fans. I want to meet him soo bad but really the ones with cancer should meet him before me. All us beliebers have millions of wishes and dreams a people with cancer have one wish. To not have cancer. Thinking abour cancer makes me really sad. I feel reaalllllly bad for those people with cancer. Never Say Never and stay stong! belive :)

  • ilyJUSTIN

    aww justin is so so so sweet, doing that for her, she needed it. It kind of got me teary, but i just love u justin sooooo much <3

  • NEw

    I love You Justin……….Love So much

  • jewel

    it says ”do you have a family or friend with cancer” and to me that is kind of a yes my dad died march 20th this year from that stupid disease cancer i hope she gets better and hopefully #someday someone will find a cure for cancer

  • justin bieber I love you

    Guys…the scientists have already found a cure against cancer!!!okay, kinda.they have found a possible but very harmful and risky way to save a person being on the edge of death. I watched a program on tv!! there is a guy…gm it seems he is from uk..so he has become the first person who was completely cured after he had almost died!!

    • jewel

      did they find a cure for the WORSTEST cancer out there…. didn’t think so how would you feel if your mom didn’t care about you and your dad took care of you and then you would have to be stuck with your mom you would hate it just like me that’s my family try having NO father at age 12 in a half so when there is a cure for stage 4 cancer for the WORSTEST cure out there tell me

  • bieber’s kunali

    Awwww justin u r sooo sweet , pattie looks oh-soo-pretty n justin always awesum fr heart n looks!!

  • Olivia belieber 4 ever

    awww justin u r soo sweet i luv you soo much JB <3

  • Camia

    Awwww this made me cry :'(

    • mackenzie

      me too!

  • Alna.K.Das

    oohhh…. How sweet…!!! It touched me…. so sweeet of you justin…. Love you fo wat u did…

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  • vicky

    my brother had cancer for over two years when he was 16 years old and he fought and he won and now he doesn’t have cancer thanks to all of my families prayers.

    • Sarah


  • K Sindhuja

    I’m a big fan of Justin Bieber i really love him i dnt care wt ppl tell & i’m having a dream to meet him he hve very big heart

  • steph.loves.bieber

    Justinn is sooooooo SWEEEEET AND CARING <3

  • Anthony Williams

    I Hate Justin Bieber, But i feel sorry for that girl, I hope she get’s better soon!

  • irwan syah

    saya chatting sambil smokinng you no

  • carli bieber

    Aww Justin Is So Sweet To His Fans Stay Strong Anita! You Will Recover Soon Than You know And I Think That Is Just amazing What Justin Done! :D Love You justin So Much From Your Biggest Fan Carli xxxx

  • Clara Forrest

    This is one of the many reasons that I really luv Justin Bieber. He is kind and loving and then he just acts like a kid sometimes which is what he should do! He also is really cute, sings angelically, and just cares!! thx 4 lidtening to me chit-chat!! Clara

  • mackenzie

    how nice of him.! she must have been happy!

  • Kimberly Franken

    Justin that was so sweet of you to really believe in your fans
    I come from Aruba I’m a belieber too
    I wish anita all the best to fight this cancer
    Anita good luck
    Kimberly Franken

  • Nazanin

    Hi justin bieber i love you very much

  • Nazanin

    Love is just like paint, with this difference that you can clear the paint but not love

  • Nazanin

    You are like the sunshine so warm,
    you are like sugar, so sweet…
    you are like you…
    and that’s the reason why I love you!

  • Nazanin

    I don’t say that you must not fall in love when you first look at someone
    but I believe you must take a look for the second time

  • Nazanin

    Love is Pure

    Love is Sure

    Love is sweet poison

    that Doctors can’t cure