Justin Bieber Kissing a girl with Cancer in CHILE (pic)

Justin Bieber meets 13 year old girl with cancer. She’s Anita, one of many Beliebers live in Chile! JB shows his love by kissing her forehead and tweets: “so THANK YOU @anitaweissbrot . glad we met. this is one of the best parts of what i do. meeting people like u”

“We only live once…so follow your dreams and never say never!” – @anitaweissbrot #staystrong”

Not only met JB, Anita also had a chance to pose with Mama Bieber!

That’s so sweet of Justin!

See video of Anita before and during cancer!

Stay strong Anita!

What do you think about people with cancer?
Do you have a friend or family who lives with cancer?

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