Justin Bieber New Face for Clearasil Commercial

Justin Bieber was spoted arriving for a Clearasil photo shoot in Beverly Hills.  Photo: X17online.com

Justin Bieber at Clearasil photoshoot showing multiple faces and haircuts Oct 28, 2011.

Justin Bieber showed off his new haircut and changed into several different outfits on the set of his new Clearasil commercial.

  • Ur mama

    Hes sexy but he didnt cut his hair just spiked it up. But still soooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!

    • Bieber’s Doll

      ohh you are killing JB….
      you are damn sexy…
      love ya

    • Cherry :*

      He is so deamn Hot :):):):) =*

  • Belieber4ev

    2nd and I love whatever Justin does!

    • Shiny

      I sooooo agree with u


      i agreeeeeeeeee also :D

      • ladede

        and if he disided to do drugs and smoke and shave all his hair off would u love him then

        i like him to he is awesome but you never know what he might do in the future. just saying

    • Selena Gomez

      You weren’t second soo….

  • fer

    guauuu que corte justin te queda re lindo

  • Cara

    Isn’t he with proactiv?


    New hair style, new clothing style. But same Justin.

  • Katiee

    i love how he looks so much older :)

  • purplebieber

    Omg why is justin bieber so hot and sexy i just love how he look and i love him so much

    • _justinbiebzlover17_ /gracee

      omb say here lol!! justin is killing mexD i love justin’s no hair styles new clothes styles and i just love him sooooo much<333333333333333333333
      ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

  • starla loves justin

    omg justin i love the new hair and your outfit

    • Yasmine matar

      Yea me too love the new haircut and new outfit JB!

  • Natalie

    i hope that haircut isnt permanent…just my opinion!

    • belieber2002

      i agree, i dont like it, it reminds me of edward from twilight. no more needs to be said

  • Emma

    is tht hair like his regular thing? i was just getting used 2 the new one. and now its even MORE spiky???? is it like permanent cuz lately its been like tht…..

  • niya

    dammm that hair style look hella sexy on you Justin. love the hair style so does your outfit .u bangin… :) <3

  • Pun Bieber

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo cte :) :*:**:**

  • jen bieb

    don’t you think justin is beocming more and more flashy with his outfits? i don’t like his new hair though.

    • starla loves justin

      yes and i love his outfits what is got on and why you dont like his new hair i love his new haircut it is so cute i love justin bieber i love the new look you should be happy for him:)

  • miabieberxxx

    i love his hair xx its amazing xx love you bieber xx


    he is so so so so cute and funny say hi to your little sister and step brother fofr me justin <3 ;D XD

  • lucy

    i love love justin new hairstyle <3

  • divinadayrit



  • Sarah

    …..why is he wearing a life jacket. LOLOL. :) only Justin…

  • Swagga Bieber♥

    i thought he was the face of proactiv :/

  • Kareen okolosi

    Wow,i love this haircut.jeez this is just too cute and sexy.the haircut suits him.luv ya justin.

  • Diya1993

    I like the last pic the best……… he looks the best there!!!!! :D

  • sara

    woooooow he is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beutiful
    i lo0000000000000ve j.b

  • Jasmine w

    the hairs kinda cute but i pefer his normal hair and whats wiv the glasses

  • desireelopez

    i like his new look and hair

  • I LUV JB

    OMG I love his hair…hes soo friken hot!

  • love justin drew malette bieber

    I love the knew look Justin u look ssssooooo cute love u jb :D

  • mamtanegi

    your piche vary vary sweet

  • miabieberxxxx


  • lila bieber

    OMG What hapening to you hair

  • lila bieber