Justin Bieber Press Conference Mexico City, Oct 2011 (15 minutes video)

Nearly 15 minutes unedited of Justin Bieber’s press conference in Mexico City on October 1, 2011. Thanks @TruBoyBelieber :)


    1st one yeah

  • beliebinbelieber


  • Jazzy

    #rd time the charm luv ya JB

  • Steph.loves.Bieber

    I love his voice <3 hes amazing

  • bieber’s doll

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww you are looking sooo cute….
    cant wait for your new album…its gonna be amazing….LOVE YA JB

  • im me:)

    4th yayyyy!!!
    that guy running at 00:20 is hillarious!!!
    at 12:00 “kenny,kenny,kenny, can i drink this??? lol

    • jenna

      lol soo thats wat he was saying! lolz justin is so funny :)

      • im me:)

        exactly hes funny and cute and a really nice person

  • proud belieber

    Is it me… Or things r getting so freakin HAWT right here????? O.0
    Omg i luv him isn’t he perfect!!!!! :D

  • lucy

    he couldnt understand some spanish words there :p

  • young-and-in-love

    he just stares around awkwardly when tht lady tlks in spanish a LONG time lol love jb

  • Zatkó Dóra


  • OMG!

    Thank you to my haters! the best part :)
    LUV YOU JUSTIN!!! <333333333

  • ♥Shawty♥

    I sub TheBieberMix on YouTube


    He is just simply amazing!<3