Justin Bieber Received 7x Platinum Disc in Brazil

Justin Bieber’s “my worlds” goes platinum. Congrats babe!
JB also got 3x Platinum and Gold sales few days ago in Mexico!

Justin and fans!

  • kanupriya


    • bieber’s doll

      looking soo sweet…
      love ya sweetie

  • hmm

    What does it mean ? He sold 7 million records in Brasil ?

  • jb’s biggest fan

    OMB i luuvvv it. cnt wait nov is my birth month

  • iuliia

    Congrats!! <33

  • Kiaira

    Congrats Baby!

    • Me+bieber

      He is not ur baby. Congrats bieber

  • Anna

    Congrats love you deserves it. So proud of you

  • i s2 u

    Jb nO1. a Jb style good.

  • Julia from Norway

    World’s best blog ever!!:DI love Justin Bieber.I could cut of my hand,just for a meeting with him<33

  • D.N. fan of J.B.

    was up guys?

  • proud belieber

    It’s almost three yrars now and im DYING to take one pic with him… Anyways congrats’ babe

  • Ashton Bieber

    gooooodddd joooobb! and btw i LOVE UR HAIR HERE

  • OMG!

    Woooow! <3333333333333

  • E and G Bieber

    Well done Justin wish I was one of those fans love ya bye

    P.s I’m 11 really wanna meet u bye love ya u inspire me so much

  • Natalie

    lol he looks so funny in the second pic :D but congrats justin!

  • Justin’s Girl

    OMG he looks soooooooooo cute and sweet i bet how the brazlian fans were cause i see one she looks excited too talk to him i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE him and one more thing justin come to rhode island providence concert PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! cant wait.

  • Justin’s Girl


  • Mr Bieber

    Oh My Gosh Justin ♥♥♥

  • jazz

    hes looking HOT as always