Justin Bieber singing Trust Issues (Live in Concert) Brazil

  1. he’s always been amazing and will always be that’s one of the reasons whi i love him, i lov ethis song and under the mistletoe as well. ;* <3

    • Fyi selena is not pregnant!! If she were she would hav been throwing up. She would hav been been a fatass by now! Nd that was a romor! Nd btw where did u get that lie from?! Im %100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sure its a lie!

    • Just stop bringing up that selena pregnant bullsh*t!! Ok its bullsh*t! Dont belive everything u see on the internet or magazines or whatever but just dont bring it up agian! Plz im tired of hearing this! Ok ima make it clear here! 1. Selena whould hav been fat! 2. She would hav throwing up! Nd 3. She would hav had more stomach issues! Ok just dont bring it up again

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