Justin Bieber Someday Bloopers with Jimmy Fallon (Funny Outtakes Video)


  • superbieberfannumber1ohhyeaaaababyyyyilveyouuuujustinnnn


    • caitlyn

      someday someday youll look like this hahaha someday someday youll look like this man what happenend

  • belieberalltheway

    ha ha ah

  • iloveyou

    thats funny. i love justins laugh <3

  • farra

    this is like soooo funny , i raped the reply button

  • @MieCharlottex

    I love the way Justin laughs… He always makes me smile, that hottie ♥

  • aria

    justin bieber is so hot and funny and makes everyone laugh because he’s a great person and a great singer and touches so many hearts.\

  • Mrs S Bieber

    Justin Bieber I love you,your smile,your laugh and everything about you.When you laugh a simply just blush you are a cutie.

    • Nikki Boo xoxo

      Justin is sooooo cutee!! Justin is sooo funny!! “someday youll look like this” “wat happened” lmfao! I lov jimmy nd justin. Lmfao 

  • emma

    the most funny video I ever seen…..I love you JUSTIN BIEBER <3

  • SF Giants Girl

    Halarious!! I was laughing the whole time:)

  • veronica says

    Can someone plz tell me what happened, my phone won’t let me watch videos:(

    • SF Giants Girl

      Aww tht sux well basiclly they were just goofing around and dancing. Jimmy said he put nair on his face to shave haha

  • Maddie

    “I put nair on my face!!” lol wat happened to justins hands!! Bandaids

  • Ivette

    Haa sooooo hot! + funny haha :)

  • Ivette


  • jdhdjsaisd

    ILLIUMATTI!!!!! hes going to h–l

  • ilovethabieber

    OMB i was laughin tha whole time i love his laugh and EVERYTHING abt him he is so hot!!!!!! (: i like when tha other dude said someday you’ll look like this and justin goes what happened???? (:

  • OMG!

    hahaha lol
    Luv the BIEBS! <333

  • Ihateyou

    justin bieber is one gay

    • Natalie

      im pretty sure he could care less what bull u have to say about him…

  • ♥Shawty♥