Justin Bieber Thinks Cheryl Cole Would be a Perfect Wife

Justin Bieber has revealed that he thinks British singer Cheryl Cole will make the perfect wife.

Although he’s being in love with girlfriend Selena Gomez, in a recent interview with New! Magazine Justin explained that Cheryl would be a great partner.

When asked by if Cheryl would make the perfect wife, the Biebs claimed: “She is really hot but, most importantly, she is a really nice person and is kind to people so, yes, I think so.”

Justin, who is said to be working with Cheryl on a track for her third album, then went on to praise the Fight For This Love singer’s blossoming movie career, stating: “I think she can be a great actress as well.”

He added: “The new generation usually act, sing and present and Cheryl is no different from them. If she wants to be one of Hollywood’s leading ladies then I think she can be.” reports MTV.

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