Justin Bieber’s Spiky Hairstyle

Do you prefer Justin with short hair, spiky, or shaggy with hair flip?

  • Jamara

    FIRST and he looks hot !!

    • Isabella

      AWWW he looks soo cute:):D

    • tiana j

      ikr he looks soo hot

    • _justinbieberlover17_/gracee

      ikr he looks soooooo hot and i think i like all the hair styles that he has he looks sexy with all of themxD ily justin<333333333333333

    • # 1 JB FAN!

      I like the shaggy with hair flip best! But he is amazing no matter what.

  • Justinsgirl4eva

    hope this isnt permanit but i like it.

    • I  Vinny Castronovo

      Same here :)


    Ya I hope it isn’t permanent but…his choice :/

  • kaitlyn :) love jb

    Lolz Justin U Look Cutee

  • kaitlyn :) love jb

    oo yea selean see tht ?

  • Ms.Bieber

    He looks so Sexy!!!!!!

    Love ya Justin

  • Monica

    i like it short and spiky sorta he looks hot lol

  • Yazminluvsbieber

    Dont care he looks hot in all types of hairstyle


      I think so to!
      Justin look super hot. Omb is so sexy!

  • farra


    • reallyyyyyy


      • Purple Ninjas

        me too

  • bieberfan4eva

    Idc he his hot no matter what his hair looks likes!
    Just not shaved!! :) love u always Justin <3

  • nadiah

    he looks like selena previous bf with that hairstyle, that jonas thingy

  • Kiaira

    you know where I want his tongue…. I will give you a hint, it’s within a body part Oh yes!! Go Faster Bieber lmfao Jk

  • Mariana Garcia :D

    he is perfect ! however, why do you mind about his hair cut? all of them were REALLY nice cuts.. although my favorite is shaggy with hair flip LOL

  • Justin LOVER

    shemxy! <3 love ya just <3

  • farrahusna

    i prefer shaggy with hair flip !

  • *Tania*

    AWWWWW He looks soooo cute nd it dont matter he looks cute however!!

  • Belieberforever

    I prefer Justin in any kind of hairstyle as
    long as it looks hot and sexy. <3

  • Mrs.Bieber#1

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i like! hes so dang sexy! especially in that first pic! lol

  • i freaking love justin i am gonna die

    i don’t like spiky, i just like the old jb long wave flip hair…thats my justin!! but……i gotta say, your still smokkiiinnn hott!!!!

  • BelieberRuffy

    Do care. Buh its his choice.

  • jabieber

    love youuuuuuu…… a love you

  • Tyra bieber

    I don’t care I juz love him so much <3<3
    btw listen to his new song ft. usher!

  • ImmaBelieber

    OMG!!! you look so cute JB… ;) u look cute in any hairstyle!! :D

  • belieberrrr

    is this from a video?

    • Tyra bieber


  • ♥steph.loves.bieber♥

    he looks hot!!

  • @olinda1310 >> my twitter

    he looks so cool,hot and sexy :D love you so much justin :)


    i love his shaggy hair better!!! but still a sex god

  • Sabellealvarez

    His face become more matured :)) nice hairstyke :)) love it

  • Ninaa_Belieber

    Mmmm Love Him <3

  • Ayisha thasleem

    People luv just more than his hair…Bielibers will alwazzz lke it wat he prefers!!!