Steve Jobs died! Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift sent their thoughts & condolences.

We know Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away from complications with pancreatic cancer last wednesday. He was 56 years old. 🙁

Justin Bieber and celebs like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato were among those saddened by the news, and used social platforms to express their thoughts and condolences.

Justin Bieber: “RIP Steve Jobs – thanks to one of your inventions my life was changed. You will be missed but not forgotten!”

Taylor Swift: “I never met Steve Jobs, but I always wanted to. What a tragic loss. I can’t believe it. About to call my family and tell them I love them.”

Demi Lovato: “So sad to hear about Steve Jobs.. A brilliant man. RIP.”

Miley Cyrus: “Thank you for connecting all of us Mr. Jobs. RIP.”

Dianna Agron: “We never met, yet I stand beside members of this giant playground that you discovered for us. We use it every day, never tiring of the sand.”

Chris Colfer: “RIP Steve Jobs! What a legacy!”


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