Weird One Less Lonely Girl – OLLG Argentina (Touching Justin Bieber face)

Justin Bieber performing One Less Lonely Girl last night at the River Plate Estadio, Argentina. Based on One Less Lonely Girl music video, OLLG’s character supposed to be shy, broken heart and lonely. And Justin would chase her down to fix her broken heart!

But this Argentinian OLLG is kinda brave! 😀
See the video! Weird moment!

If you were chosen to be Justin’s OLLG, what kind of OLLG would you be? :)

  1. lizeth alejandra morillon sanchez
    • caitlyn
      • caitlyn
  2. Roann
    • jazzy561111
      • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee
    • I dont care what HATERZ say bout justin keep up your dreams just we will always love yah
      • ilyJUSTIN
    • proud belieber
  3. Romania love Justin Bieber
    • @justinbieber
  4. Rouchi
    • Romania love Justin Bieber
  5. Romania love Justin Bieber
  6. Bieberfriend
  7. I love Justin Bieber
  8. Ime
  9. desireelopez
  10. Brianna Binkowski
  11. Teddybear1194
  12. luv justin bieber
  13. aldiii zalazar
  14. aldiii zalazar
  15. Venezuelan belieber
  16. Pretty girl
    • 1st mizz bieber
      • 1st mizz bieber
  17. Pretty girl
  18. Pretty girl
  19. demmybieber
  20. Lindsay Young
  21. aslynforjb
  22. 1st mizz bieber
  23. bieber's kunali
  24. Emaleigh Rose
  25. Brianna Binkowski
  26. belieber4eva
  27. erinbelieber
  28. woot
  29. maryoom jb
  30. Catherine69