Cody Simpson working with Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber’s the one and only manager Scooter Braun is now working with Cody Simpson. Here’s what Cody revealed during an interview with The Hot Hits about working with Scooter:

“It’s a real recent thing. With Scooter, we’re working on making myself an individual, making myself my own artist. You know I don’t want to be in anyone’s shadow. I’m a big fan of Justin’s, he supports a lot of what I do also. But everyone wants to be their own artist, have their own style of music, their own sound and their own image. And that’s what I’m definitely work on in 2012. And you’ll definitely see a lot more, we have some big plans for next year with my first full album coming out and a tour and everything. It’s gonna be real cool, but it’s all in the family.”

What do you think about Scooter managing both Justin and Cody? Do you agree?

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