• This is so dirty belieber secrets right here. This is so funny, but is also nasty. If she want to be taking those pictures, do it in private. Not in public! People oh ready think beliebers are crazy. If belieber keep on taking pictures like this people are going to think that we are whores. I don’t think justin is going to like this.This girl have some nerves, to take this picrure in public. And then posting it. This picture is so down low lol!

      • so ture!! like this isnt even funni wat is justin goin to stay other then the fact that thats nastly!! if i was lucky enough to see one of those cut out card boards i would kiss him for a pic pose not do that ^.^ al i got to say is think before ur actions and if u a true belieber think of wat justin would say or think!! justin please forgive the beliebers that do this kind of stuff!! btw i wish i had the cut out of justin he looks sooooooooo hot!!xD
        ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx


    • @Tara
      Idk wht he might say, but okay.
      ~ wht do you think he would say ~

      1) ‘oh yeah! ride on! I love it!’
      2) ‘okay? thts a little wierd’
      3) ‘hahah. thts really funny!’
      4) ‘omg I can’t believe tht my fans would do tht!’
      5) a combination of any of these
      6) none of the above

      so wht do you think he would say? jw

    • REally? are you seriouse about tht!? =z you knw he has a girlfriend! hello? is tht new news to you? sorry. just saying. and thts a little wierd. okay. you dont even ‘really ‘know’ Justin Bieber…so for you to evn say tht is just … wrong! Im sorry but it is.

      • just cause someone has a gf doesnt stop people from having dirty thoughts about them…LOTS of girls would gladly do that to him karly but not me because im not attracted to him one bit

      • Sooooooooooooooooooo………………….. they seems they don’t care, I don’t care I would do the same thing hahahahha lmao!!

  2. lmaoo! the second one was funny!!..but the first one:hmm don’t know about all that;)
    naughty beliebers♥

    • I couldn’t agree more, Justin wouldn’t want his fans doing things like that so if you are gonna do stuff like that don’t post it on the Internet because it just makes Justin look bad!x

  3. I Am Sorry But That Is Just Wrong. I Don’t Think Justin Would Want His Fans To Be Doing That To A Cardboard Cut Out Of Him Or Not Even Him Cause That Is Just Wrong In So Many Ways, Also I Thought Beliebers Respect Justin Not Just Go And Try And Have S£X With A Cardboard Cut Out Of Him Cause I Don’t Think He Likes Fans Like That Anyway I Am Not One Of Thopse Disgusting People Who Do Such A Thing ILY Justin So Much Lots Of Love From Carli xxx

  4. It’s called humor – it’s funny. If they were doing that to the REAL Justin, then there’d be issues.

    BTW, first girl, your shorts are disgusting. Mom shorts.

    • ROFL MOM SHORTS LOL lord thats funny LOl but anyways i agree its humor its not like they were all serious about it and actually having sex with it they were just messing around but yea i agree if it was to justin for real then that would be some serious problems

  5. ok kind of weird in a way. not really funny to me. but kind of is funny watching other peeps do dat!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL LOL LOL

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