Justin Bieber Kissing a girl on the Beach. Fake or Real?

Found this sexy pic on Facebook! fake or real?

  • leslie

    low key tha looks real lol but if it is bitch is lucky !

    • jacky

      who is she??? Poor selena if she see this :(( i’m sad for selena

      • jacky

        i wanna know her name, selena might get mad at justin :(

      • Bieber Lover

        Right That F*cked Up !!!

      • Emmaniqua

        thats not him. he doesnt have the beauty mark that justin has;)

      • Courtney Bieber

        Yes that’s so true you can’t edit sosmething like that with a normal computer. Tou would have to have a rich parent to do it

      • Diya1993

        u are so right!


        Don’t be sad … ;) maybe she is cheating on JUSTIN :// who knows

      • jbgirl21

        i hope to god this fake and not real and it is nasty because thier both shirtless

      • Jasmine

        tHATS SAD

      • BiebersGurl

        ikr, Ill feel so bad for selena and…….. EW!!! that girl has no top on!!! JB, NOT COOL!! >:/

      • LOLO



        @EMMANIQUA do you think so but he has his ears pierced

      • hannah2901

        @jacky ikr & she’s either shirtless or has on a strapless bikini! :/

      • charrise jakcson


      • avony

        justin bieber is just so cute i want him to come over my house

      • lyricika mccoy

        i dont like her any ways hoeny booo

      • violet

        i want to be her
        and who is she for he is mine



      • Bieber Lover

        I Think Shes Wearing A low Cut Bikini Top

      • Bieber Lover

        Nope Forget It She Naked.

      • peaceglri99

        what the hell -_- -_- -_- it’s fake ……and she’s naked

      • caityn

        this is totally fake looks like there on the beackk and everybody would notice that she has no shirt on and who would do that… thats why its FAKE…..!!! thankyou.. :) lol

      • belieber forever

        i know that is discusting it is fake

      • Bieber’s Babe

        ya i know! Wat would selena say about iT!!!! That would make them brake up! Quick put it on twitter!!! Anyway… who would be naked on a beach!!! Not my justin! Thats 4 sure!

      • vanny bieber

        yea itz discusting BAD JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • amar

        yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Belebieber

      LOL its 100% editted!! look at the kiss …its not a kiss thier lips r just touching….SO its FAKE

      • Britney

        Fake. You should all know Justin has a shark nose already. That guys nose is curves.. Justin’s is straight as anything.


        fake like your face

      • rachael

        it is fake some one mit have dared him and he did not like it!

      • bieber loverrrrr

        this shit is so fake and selena number 1 fan have yo cd u 2 justin have yo doll love u guys u were made for selena dont let her go

      • bieber loverrrrr

        justin is to good 2 have sex with any one the only person he will have sex with is SELENA DUHHHHH

    • ジャスティンのナンバーワンファン

      it looks real ….it probably was a a dare or something …lol she has bad aim ..shes all above his lips ….rahahaha

      • jb beleber

        hello dose anyone know that Justin Bieber has other girlfriends so he could be kissing a another girl and selena are ready new and selena has another boyfriend it’s real and so they could be having sex but on a beach ewwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!so i think to all the people that thinks it’s fake maybe could be right but i think not but it could be fake because sex on a beach really in public that’s so gross

    • me+jb=LOVE

      is she naked????????????wtf????????????

      • logic girl

        i’m sure she is not

    • bieber fever 4 life

      ya he was probably sleeping on the beach and thenthat girl came up to him and kissed him……SELENA IF U THIS I LOVE U UR MY INSPERATION!!!!!!


      • Aneesah

        how did u give the smiely????

    • ShawtyRauhl

      Like duh its edited!!! I mean, he’s NOT such type of a guy. He would NEVER betray on a girl.. in this case.. Selena. C’mon people.. you cant always believe everything that you see. Get a Life.

      • CharlinexoxoJB

        how do you know that he is not a cheating typ of guy I mean you dont even know him as person so stop acting like you are his best friend cuz your not

      • Anna Yoma

        True, and it’s too obvious that it’s fake. They shouldn’t believe everything they see.

    • Denni

      awww,jelous ? :D
      Dont beg it he wouldnt go out with u anyway im not saying he would me but seriously

      • Denni

        oopps i meant that to leslie


      dammmmmmm!! hope its not reAL btw. the kiss needs more umgh if u no wat i mean!!!!!!!!!

    • samantha

      i think this is real but its tht person he has that looks like him u no w=to do his stunts so he doesnt get hert or something like that

    • JBs girl

      I wanna be that girl but I feel bad for Selena

    • JBgal01

      Remember Justin dated others before selena

    • Zhonia

      Its a real photo but its not him. Turn the picture on its side. Its the angle we’re looking at it why he looks so much like JB :)

    • peri!!

      ik if this is rl oh wow it’s just terrible ik the girl who says she is from a website krazy stuff huh?

    • bieberfeverforever

      WOW! I don’t think it is real. y would jb cheat on selena. and if he is then his a J*** A**.

  • jam

    om. is this real?

  • Ronal singh loitongbam

    wow.verry very sexy

  • Ronal singh loitongbam


  • jam

    i think this is real.

    • leslie

      i now rite or idk omeeeeeeee shes lucky lol

  • maddie

    um wheres justins freckle next to his eye you guys

    • Taryn

      Good point! It HAS to be edited, Justin would never cheat!

      • JBLUVER

        the picture is showing the left side the is on the right ……………………. and u can easily tell that its not edited they are at the same place at the same tie…..plus no one can edit a picture while they are as close as they are now…..this picture is 100% real

      • Steffy♥

        for those of you saying It’s real,,
        look again.
        > Justins eyebrows are waaaay darker than his hair.
        > Justin isn’t stupid enough to be apparently nude (naked) in this weather.
        > Lastly, Justin has a huge sexy nose, look at pictures with Salala when they are kissing.
        > No Freckles either.

        therefore its fake

      • Chotiwala

        Why not? Unless he’s handcuffed to Selena Gomez, he is very capable of cheating.

    • Bieber Luver

      plus it looks like he was just laying on the beach and she edited herself in

  • Firna

    That’s real ! :o

    • LBilieber

      It looks a bit real but i dont think Justin would do that i mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is obviously in love with Selena.

      • sMiLe:)

        Thats SOOO fAKe

  • leslie

    or its probly not justin ir like a justin look alike i guess

  • Yasmine matar

    This pic is so fake and plus Justin is with Selena Gomez he would never do that to Selena Gomez ! And Justin loves Selena so much !

    • leslie

      you never no that how do u know justin feelings towords her ?

    • bieberfeverforever

      maybe justin was drunk or high on something. more than likely not but it could be. ya are right but if his is cheating on selena then he is F*CKING stupid.

  • kym

    i dont think it is real but it looks true…..

  • karoline

    NO it isn’t real! He has two freckles next to his left eye, and they’re not there!

    • leslie

      thier probly facing the other way!

    • Biebers babe

      listen its fake edited its a girl who has been editing hsi pics and doing that hes with selena and justin would never cheat and she probally put a backround

  • bieberlover

    its real but im not sure if it’s justin, wow thats sexy ;>

  • keti

    yes it looks like its real but where realy is his freckle ? this boy might lok like him but i dont think that JUSTIN would do that

  • lubiebs

    i am not belive it

  • farida

    thats scooter braun,s girl friend, the one justin was messing with on a boat, before he started dating selena. but justin wouldnt do that to selena.

    • jacky

      no she’s not carin (scooter’s girlfriend)

      • farida

        dude, i was on that beach too, it was a private party cause there were many celebs on the boat, am a swedish celebrity my self and i was on the same boat with him plus scooter, kenny( the biebs body guard), and my manager was there too we took photos with them, it was just a friendly kiss, scooter saw it and it was okey with him. trust being a celebrity isnt that easy, i have been in swedish news pappers, and magazines where they say all the nasty crap about celebs. the time i performed for the swedish royal family, they wrote in the pappers that am dating the swedish prince.

      • farida

        am a blieber and i got bieber fever, i dont hate him i love him music and everything he does for people. and i love the jelena too, but that was just a friendly kiss.

  • froi

    It’s fake!
    Justin never cheat!

    • Chotiwala

      Why not?

  • bieber fan

    looks real, if it is, i lost some respect for justin. why would you kiss another girl when you have a girlfriend

    • leslie

      have you seen some of this videos whale his with selena gomez his kissing another gurl no big deal but if selena doesnt know about this am a shame of him !

  • BiEbers fAn

    Guys listen remember that guy who looked like Justin bieber it may be him but I know it’s not Justin!!:)

    • Desirae

      Yeaa maybe i saw that guy that looked like him . Maybe it is him :)

  • selly

    it’s not edited, it’s real. i tested it

    • jacky

      yeah it’s real but we are not sure if this is justin, and he should tell selena about it if it is him or else selena will break up with him :(

    • Ashley

      Selly is Selena’s nick name

  • sexyandYOUnoit

    ok guys i dont no if this pic is realy or not but u guys saying justin would neva do that well sorry to brake it to u but u guys dont no that at all i personaly dont believe he would but u guys r talking like u no him like a best friend like comon u guys only no wat he says on camera!!!

  • Bieber Belieber!!

    It wasn’t Justin.. coz the girl herself admit that she didn’t make that picture and she didn’t know who made that picture and she said that the picture is just for her and her boyfriend albums.


    it does look real. she is shirtless ( the picture show some type of sexual intimacy). omg this is one of the best computer made picture ever, it looks so real! i am so jealous. who ever did this is a genius like for real it looks so real. what if it is real nooooooooo! it can’t be this is yes another fake picture made by a really horny girl. for real if i didn’t know justin i will really believe this is real. but it not. i really can’t stop looking at this picture! it was perfectly made, it has no errors. omg hopefully this picture is not the beginning of a new scandal. we have enough with mariah, we don’t need a new one. i can imagine the rumor oh ready (justin bieber is not only rumor to have a child. but he’s now cheating on his girlfriend selena gomez). oh god please i hope they don’t form a scandal for this picture. omb what is wrong with the world! poor justin, why him why! what have he done to deserve this. :'(


      just shut up u are anoying me shitssss.

  • Ashlie

    That looks nothing like Selena.


      ehhmm who said that it was Selena??

      • jacky

        Ashlie that’s not selena, she is is a dumb stupid girl! I hate her! I feel sorry for Selena :'( cause I love Selena she is my idol and how would justin do this to selena… Poor Selena :'(


      how can u be so stupid it;s not selena witch!

  • Lucy

    Justin don’t have that ear!! :))

  • Rosalia

    oh.. nooooo! I hope it FAKE !

  • Anne

    Im a fan but this photo is real its not edit it realy him but wonder why its not selena?

  • Taleisha.

    I mean it looks real. but um that looks like the girl from his mistletoe video. and um well that migt be justin. but i know deep down that he wouldnt do that to selena. so idunnoo about this pic.

  • alisha

    The pic is sooo fake…….. Justin has a freckle at his eye,and its not there in the pic,ppl are mad 2 think this is real,justin will neva cheat on selena nor go kiss some skank on the beach ppl :/…….. Welly,think of it…….

  • EMMA

    Fake. Missing freckles AND earrings. He never has his earrings out.

    • ImmaBelieberxox

      Justin had an interview the other day with no earrings in, and he went to the AMA’s without earrings i think. So he an take his earrings out, truthfully I think it’s a look a like

  • alisha

    Fake, fake, fake………he’ll neva cheat on selena,he’s not an ahole……… + selena is much prettier,justin is not a 2face……….. I wunder were that skank left her bikini top……. :/