Justin Bieber Kissing a girl on the Beach. Fake or Real?

Found this sexy pic on Facebook! fake or real?

      • the picture is showing the left side the is on the right ……………………. and u can easily tell that its not edited they are at the same place at the same tie…..plus no one can edit a picture while they are as close as they are now…..this picture is 100% real

      • for those of you saying It’s real,,
        look again.
        > Justins eyebrows are waaaay darker than his hair.
        > Justin isn’t stupid enough to be apparently nude (naked) in this weather.
        > Lastly, Justin has a huge sexy nose, look at pictures with Salala when they are kissing.
        > No Freckles either.

        therefore its fake

  1. This pic is so fake and plus Justin is with Selena Gomez he would never do that to Selena Gomez ! And Justin loves Selena so much !

  2. thats scooter braun,s girl friend, the one justin was messing with on a boat, before he started dating selena. but justin wouldnt do that to selena.

      • dude, i was on that beach too, it was a private party cause there were many celebs on the boat, am a swedish celebrity my self and i was on the same boat with him plus scooter, kenny( the biebs body guard), and my manager was there too we took photos with them, it was just a friendly kiss, scooter saw it and it was okey with him. trust being a celebrity isnt that easy, i have been in swedish news pappers, and magazines where they say all the nasty crap about celebs. the time i performed for the swedish royal family, they wrote in the pappers that am dating the swedish prince.

      • am a blieber and i got bieber fever, i dont hate him i love him music and everything he does for people. and i love the jelena too, but that was just a friendly kiss.

    • have you seen some of this videos whale his with selena gomez his kissing another gurl no big deal but if selena doesnt know about this am a shame of him !

  3. ok guys i dont no if this pic is realy or not but u guys saying justin would neva do that well sorry to brake it to u but u guys dont no that at all i personaly dont believe he would but u guys r talking like u no him like a best friend like comon u guys only no wat he says on camera!!!

  4. It wasn’t Justin.. coz the girl herself admit that she didn’t make that picture and she didn’t know who made that picture and she said that the picture is just for her and her boyfriend albums.

  5. it does look real. she is shirtless ( the picture show some type of sexual intimacy). omg this is one of the best computer made picture ever, it looks so real! i am so jealous. who ever did this is a genius like for real it looks so real. what if it is real nooooooooo! it can’t be this is yes another fake picture made by a really horny girl. for real if i didn’t know justin i will really believe this is real. but it not. i really can’t stop looking at this picture! it was perfectly made, it has no errors. omg hopefully this picture is not the beginning of a new scandal. we have enough with mariah, we don’t need a new one. i can imagine the rumor oh ready (justin bieber is not only rumor to have a child. but he’s now cheating on his girlfriend selena gomez). oh god please i hope they don’t form a scandal for this picture. omb what is wrong with the world! poor justin, why him why! what have he done to deserve this. :’(

  6. I mean it looks real. but um that looks like the girl from his mistletoe video. and um well that migt be justin. but i know deep down that he wouldnt do that to selena. so idunnoo about this pic.

  7. The pic is sooo fake…….. Justin has a freckle at his eye,and its not there in the pic,ppl are mad 2 think this is real,justin will neva cheat on selena nor go kiss some skank on the beach ppl :/…….. Welly,think of it…….

    • Justin had an interview the other day with no earrings in, and he went to the AMA’s without earrings i think. So he an take his earrings out, truthfully I think it’s a look a like

  8. Fake, fake, fake………he’ll neva cheat on selena,he’s not an ahole……… + selena is much prettier,justin is not a 2face……….. I wunder were that skank left her bikini top……. :/

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