Funny Video: Ellen on Justin Bieber Music Video “Mistletoe”

Ellen made a special appearance in Justin Bieber music video Mistletoe! The next time Justin makes a music video, he should probably warn traffic first! :D

39 thoughts on “Funny Video: Ellen on Justin Bieber Music Video “Mistletoe”

  1. wapapet

    “justin get out of the street” “go be with her on the sidewalk if you want to” “and pull up your pants” “punk ass kid” hahaha ellen makes me laugh!!!!!

    1. Nerida

      Well if i met him face to face if he thought that i am cute as when i am already well will walk on the sidewalk holding hands by the way he is sexy i wish that he is all mine.

  2. Robs Bieber

    Hahaha, Ellen seriously makes my life better. Hahaha. she is probally the funniest interviewer ever. I love Ellen . :) & Justin ofcorse xx

  3. luv justin bieber

    i saw the elllen show yesturday jb waas on omg she said puck ass kid and did u hear that justin bieber had it with a girl back stage .i think thats a lie but eveyone is talking about it dude …omg justin i hope u did not

  4. Ms.Bieber

    This is so funny I watched it last night on Ellen. He looked so hot Last night!!!!! I miss the hair flip lol.

    Love ya Justin!!!!

    P.S. Justin replay back I am one of your biggest fans I talk about you 99% of the day my parents and friends get tried of it. My dream is to meet you one day and go to a concert and be your one less lonely girl……..

  5. Lela

    Better than the original
    Go be with her on the sidewalk
    Ellen: pull your pants up
    Punk ASS KIDS!!


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