Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Thanksgiving Getaway in Texas

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez running around the street in Texas.

Justin Bieber spent his Thanksgiving with girlfriend Selena Gomez in her hometown together with Selena’s family in TEXAS.

According to sources, JELENA stayed together at the family home and were even spotted out playing around the street and doing grocery shopping at the local Kroger for some last minute Thanksgiving items.

The couple also hit up a local movie theater “Magnolia Theater” to catch a showing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn! with buddy Alfredo flores.

From Taylor Green

Here’s what happened last night!

My friends and I went out for Pinkberry and we turned in to a neighborhood to turn around. As we turned, we saw two people laying in the middle of the street. They got up and ran, and the guy ran back into the road cause he dropped something. Then the girl jumped into his arms and straddled around him, and they started to makeout, or we think that they may have been hiding their faces.

So we drove up to them and stopped and cat-called them (urban dictionary it :-) ) When we did that, they stopped and looked at us and that’s when we realized who it was……… FREAKIN JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENA GOMEZ. So we kind of just stared at each other for like 3 seconds and then we freaked out! We didn’t know if we should ask for a picture or what, so we were just screaming and yelling and drove around the block. When we went back to ask for a picture they had already gone inside :(

But, to be able to see them last night was so cool and they really were super adorable! :)

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