Justin Bieber asked to take DNA Test by Mariah Yeater’s Lawyers

Justin Bieber has been asked to undergo a DNA test to determine if he is the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby son, who claims she had sex with him on October 25, 2010, reported contactmusic.com

The 20-year-old woman claims her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, who was born on July 6, was conceived when she had “unprotected sex” with the Biebs on October 25, 2010, following a performance at Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

Yeater’s lawyers Lance Rogers and Matthew Pare insists Justin Bieber to take parental responsibility.

They told Star magazine: “Mariah Yeater is pursuing a modest and rightful claim. There is credible evidence that Justin Bieber is in fact the father of her baby. The evidence will be revealed in court … She is not seeking exorbitant compensation. She merely requests that Justin Bieber provide a DNA sample to verify that he is the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby, and, if so, to help provide child support as required by California law … If Justin Bieber is willing to voluntarily undergo a paternity test Ms. Yeater welcomes such cooperation and will be happy to resolve this issue in a less public manner.”

Justin Bieber has ignored and denied he is the father of the almost four-month-old child, releasing a statement through his representatives saying: “It’s sad that someone would fabricate, malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims.”

In her lawsuit, Yeater claims she was approached by one of Justin Bieber’s security guards at the concert and asked if she wanted to meet Justin and was then took backstage.

Yeater claims she and Bieber began to kiss and then on Bieber’s suggestion she went with him to a “private place” where he then told her “he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time” and they then had “brief” sex lasting only approximately 30 seconds“.

A court hearing about Yeater’s claims has been scheduled to take place on December 15, 2011. More pics of Mariah Yeater and her Baby.

  • autumnNicole

    he should not take the test

    • autumnNicole

      yayyyy! IM FIRST also this is crazy why on God’s green earth would justin have sex with her of all people Im sure selena is so pissed off about this.

      • marie rebecca

        um i dont think they started dating in 2010

      • Nicole

        I agree he would never do that and her story is so fake

    • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

      I agree Justin deserve to go through all of this stress

      • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

        Excuse u!! A real belieber/number1jbfan wouldn’t say that he deserves to go trough all this stress!! A real belieber/number1jbfan would say ‘ poor Justin he’s going trough all this stress and anger because of the insane bitch!!
        Ily Justin<333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

      • Nicole

        What is wrong with Mariah

      • Zariah

        He is not the babydady

      • Zariah

        He is not the babydady i live in the house next to him so I have proof he’s not the babydady.

    • amy

      i dont care if you think justin is gay becuse he isnt.
      and stop all the stuipd rumors about him.

      • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

        Wait no I meant Justin doesn’t deserve to go through all this stress cause he is a wonderful person and sorry about that comments I meant doesn’t deserve to go through all of this stress

      • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

        What I actually meant was Justin bieber doesn’t deserve to go through all of this stress he is a wonderful person and I dream about him 100 percent of my life I just can’t help it he’s just so dreamy and what I want for Christmas is to meet Justin bieber

    • jaylee

      Why not cuz I wanna no if that’s his baby.

      • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

        Um excuse me I am a true belieber I love him so much I no everything about him quiz me if u want I’d bet I’d get 100 percent

    • leah

      he should be take the test, so that we will know if justin bieber is the father of the baby!!!! my g0d! ano ba kayo?? >:(

      • BiebersGurl

        omg im a true belieber too but maybe he is the father and maybe he isnt

      • Zariah

        Hey girls if you are a true beliber you say should say he should not go threw this sht

    • Annjulie

      Hes not the father of that discusting womens baby.

  • auziauna

    wow dude shes twenty bro thats some stupid shyt she a rapist dude thats bogus dud she just want money her broke no life havin as

  • Julie

    I think he should take the DNA-test, NOT because I think he’s the dad, but because if he dont take it people will maybe still believe that he’s the dad. And when he’s not the dad, then it wouldn’t be a problem taking the test. He need to put these crazy rumors doooooown!

    • Sofi

      same here! thats what i was thinking! he should take the test, not 2 bring down lotsa stress down on him… but so people will stop thinking its his baby.

    • leah

      yes your right…..

  • Mrs.bieber

    This is soo not true… I mean come on people 30 second sex?

    • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

      U can still have sex 30 seconds and get pregnant just to let u know

      • Cristle :)


    • caroline supports justin bieber

      I SO AGREE u cant have a baby doing it in 30 seconds theres no such thing how did this mariah girl come up with these things shes so reatatded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Stephanie

        Are you stupid? You can get pregnant by having sex for 30 seconds!

    • nerdychick

      that what im saying
      but you still never know

    • Bob

      After reading some of the posts, I can’t believe that some of you delusional people are calling HER crazy……Like the one that said it just can’t be true because the wonderful Justin Bieber has to be able to last longer than 30 seconds. You are the crazy ones. This girl has a right to find the father of her child and if she had sex with him on Oct 25th, she has a right to ask for a paternity test…..just like all those girls on the Maury show.

      I wonder how many of you will actually cry if he turns out to be the father. Here is a good test…if you cry, you are the psycho.

  • Jolene

    Omg. He should just take the test. If he said that he is NOT the baby’s father he should not even be afraid to take the test. I wonder what if he really is the baby’s dad. BUT WHAT ABOUT SELENA.

    • leah

      i think.. ummm.. its not ok with selena,, alam na ba ni selena toh>>??

  • proud belieber

    Oh comeon she’s a loser who needs her or her baby?!?!? She’s dafinatly out of her mind….O.0

  • Paris

    I think Justin should just take the test. I know he isn’t the dad he still young himself what would he be doing with her ! And if did I think he would use protection this could ruin his singing career. But if he just takes the DNA example and it come backs wrong then Justin can go away and leave her and her baby and find out the dad.
    But if it turns out to be the dad I think he should take on respoinbilty to that baby x

    • Cristle :)

      Agree. I’m not a hater peeps

  • ☆Laurasia☆

    even though this is obviously not true, justin should still take the test. THEN if it comes out negative we may start bitching on this ugly whore :)

  • ☆Laurasia☆


    • Kitty Kat Kirby

      Omg deoxy is a pokemon

      • ☆Laurasia☆

        deoxyribo nucleic acid is DNA

  • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

    Ik this is all fake!! and I don’t like the 20 year that saying she had it with him when she did!! Like come on he was 16 and she was 19 when the had it. Hahaha sike cuz he would never do that!! and I have ressons that can prove that he wouldnt and didn’t have it with her and that he is not the father of that baby!! 1st Justin said that he wouldn’t have u know wat till he was married a London time ago and he also repeated it on a resent interview he was doing after this shidd showing up!! 2nd resson is that if justin wanted to have u know wat he would have don it with his GIRLFRIEND SElENA GOMAZ!! 3rd resson is that she made this shidd up oveously to get money or to meet justin or maybe for a different resson!! now since u know that all this shidd is fake I think it’s pointless to take the DNA test since we know that Mariah is a lying bitch but to make everyone happy I think it he should just take the dan test so he can go baq to living his life in peace!! Then again it’s his chose if he wants to take the test or not so this is a message to ALL BELIEBERS lets just all wait and see wat happens!!
    Ps and poor Justin he has to go through all this!! And not onlii that even though I hate the mother I also feel bad for that baby imagine him finding out bout this when he gets older!!
    Ily Justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

    • Cristle :)

      I do not think him and Selena Gomez where dating then. Sorry :(

    • Bob

      OMG, you have got to be the craziest person around. Hey everybody, look no further. We don’t need a DNA test. Gracee here has all the proof we need. See, it can’t be Justin because he said he would wait until he was married before he had sex. And as we all know, everyone who says that, always waits, right? This must be the 12 years old and under blog.

      I got news for ya Gracee. Justin has already had sex and if you believe otherwise, you are about as ignorant as they come.

  • luv justin bieber

    i hate that bitch she just wants money yo…..justin just take the test and IF that baby is not urs then just be like IN YOUR FACE HA. LOVE YOU

  • Olivia Bieber

    This aint true lets face it justin bieber having sex with a 20 year old in 30 seconds hard to believe i love justin bieber whoop whoop;) <3xo

  • JazzyColeBiebs

    This is just crazy!!!! She is totally lieing!!!!

  • Katymils.

    For the voting part: i vote the yes, he should take the test to prove that hes NOT the father! And,the thing is: say if he is the father. He was 16, she was 19. She will have to register as a sex offender and will get in trouble for statutory rape.

  • yuhpp

    Well, first of all justin cares about fame more than sex so he wud use protection “if it happened” second of all thats not legal and 3rd why would he do her? shes ugly not to metion he has selena,shes a good girl but bieber “Makes them good girls go bad” lol

  • mackenzie

    justin bieber rocks don’t say he sould be going throw all this stress thats a lie and can be proven!

  • javi

    now there is another web site and even reasonable people saying that some one payed this girl to lie to hurt justin’s career and I’m starting to believe those people that this is a conspiracy agains justin from another artist or a corporation but they haven’t succeed because justin has like 13 or 14 million fans on twitter i don’t know if this bulshit has hurt his sales but I’m starting to believe this is a conspiracy.

  • Azaria

    He might as well do it, if he has nothing to lose, he might as well put the rumors to rest.

  • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

    Y’all grow up u guys can’t hate on someone when u dobt if its true or not and believe I don’t want it to be true but u guys don’t no if it is or not until he takes the DNA test so just chill and don’t judge someone when u don’t what happened or if it’s true

  • lilie

    there is NOOOOOOOOO way this baby is his!!!!! the girl is soooooo UGLY!!! and he is cute duhhh!!! put two abd two together!

    • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

      Can’t judge a book by it’s cover

    • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

      Can’t judge a book bynm.s it’s cover

  • valerie

    i think he should take the test, just so that bitch can see that shes a fatass liar.

  • Diana Lara

    one thing i gotta say if she saying that she had 30 seconds of sex there is no possible way that he could be daddy. JUSTIN BIEBER I WILL PRAY FOR YOU

    • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

      U can to it for 30 seconds and still get pregnant just to let u know

  • bieberfan5

    i would cry if justin had a baby at 17 what would selena say ??????????

  • Anna H ;*

    So fakee ! justin would NEVER do her ! shes so ugly and ugh -.-



  • Rachel, Renae and Abbey, The beliebers!

    THAT CHICK IS SUCH A F******** B!TCH!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel, Renae and Abbey, The beliebers!

    Haters have been continuously thumbing down Justin’s videos on YouTube. It has gotten out of control and we need to stop it. Justin’s Baby video is the most disliked video in Youtube history. It’s time for us to strike back. On December 4th, 2011 all Beliebers will like Justin’s official videos from his VEVO account, especially his “Baby” video. Also, we will make #likebaby a trending topic again. Copy & Paste this on every Justin video so everyone sees it!

  • Rachel, Renae and Abbey, The beliebers!

    Justin Bieber is gay? He dated Selena Gomez
    Justin Bieber can’t sing? Justin Timberlake & Usher fought over him.
    Justin Bieber is unsuccessful? He has his own movie and over 40 million fans.
    Justin Bieber is selfish? He gave 1 million dollars to Japan.
    Stop being jealous & learn to appreciate that some people are willing to share their love and their talent,he followed his dream. How would you like it if u got hated on for no reason? Repost this if you respect Justin Bieber♥

  • jamara

    he should just do it so he can get it over with

  • Back down to details

    All you people are like

    Bieber4eva he not the dad, we support you…

    Well, I have some news for you. how do YOU know that, hmmm… This woman has some evidence here and Justin bieber is like.. Music matters etc.

    This is a sign of doubt and frustration, he knows what he has done and is ashamed to admit it.

    Overall, he should take the test, but if it turns out positive the. You guys are going to go mental (like you aren’t already)

    Call me a “hater” if you wish, it does not cloud the fact that this woman has credible evidence, and if that has taught anyone anything is always take the side of the evidence.

    Case closed.