Justin Bieber Buys New Car, $160,000 Customized Range Rover

JUSTIN Bieber has splashed out more than $160,000 on a customized Range Rover.

Justin is hoping to impress his girlfriend Selena Gomez with the purchase of the ‘Project Kahn’ car, which has a sound system worth $80,000, leather interior, modified paintwork and a Cosworth engine, theSUN.co.uk reported.

“Justin loves his motors even though he’s barely old enough to drive,” a source said.

“His girlfriend Selena Gomez will be well impressed with his latest. It’s the business.”

Justn Bieber is set to get the car shipped from Bradford, west Yorkshire, Northern England, where he purchased the motor from the ‘Project Kahn’ operation to his Los Angeles home.

He will add the motor to his fleet of vehicles, which includes a Batman-themed customized Cadillac and a Ferrari.

See: Justin Bieber customized batman Cadillac.
See: Justin Bieber driving ferrari.

Do you wanna ride with the Biebs?

  • Jay


    • autumn

      Thats not hot he is a brat he doesnt know how to use his money he takes it for granted.

      • ChanelDTK

        Why are you on a justin bieber fansite, if you don’t like him.Damn you need to get a life .

  • ShawtyUbelieber

    YEAH 1st!!! JUUUUSTIN I LOVE U……… Everyone how love JUSTIN writes
    #JustinBieberGotSWAG! <3<3<3<3

  • javi

    this sounds fake news he doesn’t need to impress selena she’s not a girl who get impress by the guys car it sounds fake new to me.

    • Leanne

      I don’t think it’s fake. It heard it on the radio here earlier too

  • Bieber’s Doll

    JB thats pretty good that you buy a car……love ya

  • I.L.P.

    I.L.J.B. <3 !!!
    that stands for I Love Justin Bieber !! <3

  • ShawtyRauhl

    Why does he try so hard to impress her?? I mean, He’s already amazing!! He does’nt need to impress anyone. We love him how he is. Even Sel should. -.-

    • Neena Rossa

      so true :D


      i know, i think she does’nt really love justin. so justin need to impress her, to win her heart over. justin you could do way bettger. if selena does’nt love you how you deserve to be love.

      • so

        i agree with you . I really hope selena love justin as much as justin love her ..but i think selena does’nt really love justin she only love herself

      • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

        i dont agree because selena loves justin the way he loves her!! justin loves her soooo much and sometimes he wants to impress her!! u know wat justin doesnt like to talk about his love life and i think he wouldnt want his beleibers to say all this about his gf or about him so can u guys just stop cuz its his chose if he wants to impress her or not!! jelena forever<33 justin and selena: stay amazing and perfectxD
        ily ustin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

  • Anya

    a agree with ShawtyRauhl…why he try to impress her..if Selena love him ….why???he iz an amazing guy …..why he must do something to impress her…ok this is his personal life …..butttttt…………:S

    • ~karly~

      srry idk wht to say about this one. he can do whtevr he wants cuz its his life. and thts wht he chooses. but please dont hate. you cant hate him. and wht he does is his bussiness if he chooses to share it ~ dont put him down. just listen. because otherwise he cant open up and say anything afraid of wht fans may think of him and it shouldnt be like tht. he has his freedom to choose wht he wants to do in his life. its his! so dont be judging it! sorry. Im just sayin.

  • belieber2002

    im from west yorkshire i dont care if thats fake my county got a mention

  • Leanne

    Doesn’t he already have a range rover? Was he actually in Bradford to buy it? FML if he was I live so close to there. Never gonna get to meet him :/

    • ~karly~

      idk about tht. and maybe you will get to meet him someday

  • starla loves my justin and selena forever

    ohh lord but cute

  • Diya1993

    Yes, yes as a matter of fact, I do want to ride in the car with him. And for those who beg to differ that are supposebly “beilebers” : NEVER SAY NEVER <3

  • bluegirlbieber

    justin bieber got #swag.

    • ~karly~

      yes I agree.

  • ~karly~

    wow! thts a lot for a car! ~ and not to sound mean or anything but Im not that impressed with how much money he has or spends on things. There just ‘things’. Lots o celebrities buy expensive things but its not the reason why people like them indiviually. If that makes sense? sorry. I mean to say ~ Im more impressed with how he treats people and how he loves his fans and that he thinks about others. Its cool tht he got a really nice car. he deserves it! =) and to answer the question ~ I would go anywhere with Justin Bieber in his new car as long as I was with him! :)

  • ~karly~

    I wonder if thr is a picture of his car? Im just curious about wht it really looks like… srry.



  • maria bieber

    Yes i would

  • Pathaan ali

    Hi JB :-)
    Congratulation for buying a new car

  • vivianabieber

    justin bieber.. lo amo mucho.. nunca voy a olvidarlo lo amo muchoo…

  • Anna Clara

    eu amo o justin eu queria que ele viese aqui em casa em belo horizonte na Av. deputado Anuar melher , 1212 gloco H ap. 43. beijocasssssssss te amo justin.

  • nicole

    AWWE Bubba i love you so much Justin!! Please stick that tongue in my mouth, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JUSTIN DREW BIEBER. I would do anything for you. <3333333333