Justin Bieber New Instagram Pic: Stylish + Creepy Eyes

Jusin’s new instagram pic, Nov22. Sexaaayyy!!

Creepy eyes!
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  1. 1st and I love him he looks so SEXY but so silly haha #BIEBERLOVER LOVE THE EYES but in the 2nd dang there popping out hehe but still cute! <3

  2. Really Justin ? Why do that for just asking that’s all ok :) Oh love your girlfriend Selena Gomez tell her that I said HEY and YOU ROCK BETTER THEN YOU OK WILL YOU :)
    P.S. Have fun with your girlfriend selena gomez justin ok :)

  3. Justin, you looks so amazing, and you always do. You’re so adorable and any/every girl would be lucky to have you, and iHope someday that girl will be me<3 Ugh, you're so irresistible too! When my parents have enough money to buy one of your tickets, believe that i will be there, in the crowd of girls, waiting for that special moment when you look at me<3 iCan't wait to see you.

  4. SWAG JUSTIN! so smexi ;) but do you guys realise that he’s wearin his watch on his right hand? anyway, he’s just so AMAZING in there :)

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