Justin Bieber out shopping in London, Hiding his face!

justin tweeted:
got some fresh gear in London Town.

  • bluegirlbieber

    WHY was justin covering his mouth,anyways i would love for one day to shop with justin :)

  • tori

    2nd :) Yayy… finally… aiming for first!!

    I don’t see why the paps have to follow him around. It must get really annoying

  • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

    2nd yay and awwwwww justin is hiding:( it looks like he doesnt want to be noticed:( but i understand that and am not sad or mad about it because if he didnt find he would of got crowded and then he wouldnt beable to go shoppin so thats y hes hidin!! hiding is the only way for justin to get out of his hotel or house. i hope beliebers understand this cuz i know justin would want to understand toxD justin is sweet, awesome, amazin, perfect, inspirational, cute, hot, and sexiixD and every beleieber loves him for that including mexD justin: stay perfectxD
    ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

    • Rachel

      i agree 100% !!!! <3 4ever beliebers

  • Natalie

    lol thats still not hiding ur face justin :D

  • Davinaj

    Justin we all know who Kenny is so u need to hide him to and more of ur face and take the hat off that gives more clues

  • Karli

    lol kenny’s face is priceless :P

    • Mrs.Bieber#1

      ohmygosh! he is ALWAYS like that in pictures!!!!!!!!


    Poor justin! He have to hid his face, i undertand his position. He yes want a little time for himself and some privacy. And because of us. He does’nt have that much. I am so sorry justin. But either way justin loves his life how it is. And more important of all he loves us as much as we love him.

  • samantha^_^

    I don’t think justin is guilty… all I know about him is he’s my 1# fan…!!!

  • Mrs.Bieber#1

    hahah! lol! imagine just walking in the mall sayin ” OMG!OMG! it KENNY!!! oh i wonder who that guy is hiding his face…’ 10 min later ” OMFG!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS JUSTIN FRIGGIN SEXY BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  • saniya

    so bad… as bieng the fan of so many people it is too hard for shopping to justin bieber

  • Jelena fan

    why is Justin hiding ? last day he hide behind Selena to why ?

  • lil miz bieber

    justin is in london dat means it’s blessed and he chooses wat he does if ur a tru belieber u would support him with anything

  • mrsbieberforev1

    It’s cuz it’s so flipping cold in London at the moment trust me i am freezing

  • im me:)

    in the last pic…does kenny have a tattoo??? theres a hand wid a star on it…..?

  • jb4lizzie

    he shouldnt hide his face its yummy