Justin Bieber’s Alleged Baby Mama Mug Shot (Mariah Yeater)

This is the mug shot for the woman (Mariah Yeater) who claims she’s Justin Bieber’s baby mama taken moments after she was arrested for allegedly slapping her ex-Boyfriend last year … the OTHER guy she accused of fathering her child. Source: tmz.com

As previously reported, Mariah Yeater was charged with battery in December 2010 for slapping her ex-BF John Terranova after she told the guy he was the father of her then-unborn baby.

John claims the baby isn’t his — ditto for Justin Bieber.

Yeater is due back in a Vegas courtroom in the near future.

Wow she has has a mugshot? What do you think Beliebers? Could she be faking this whole thing for publicity?

  • jennifer

    mariah yeater is a fake, and shes only accusing justin for his money.

    • Diana Lara

      i bet u that she knew its not justin bieber baby and she just faking it to get his money

      • v2_phiephie

        and i also agreee with u @dianalara

      • OMG_girl

        or she could hav had it with a jb lokk alik after gettin drunk
        i just think its lame
        really lame
        tht she had 2 go so far
        all well she is h8ted by half the worlds population
        so when she starts cryin
        im not going 2 be a shoulder 2 lean on
        im with u no matter wht

      • ShawtyRauhl

        What the hell is she?? Anyone she wants, she’s blaming! Mad. Crazy woman.

    • v2_phiephie

      i absolutely agree with u @jennifer
      if i meet mariah yeater i want to kill her ! :@ #angry

      • ShawtyRauhl

        Yeah same here..! #angry >=(

      • mac

        @ phiephie instead of mariah you would be in jail.


      Yes she is faking this because she wants attention. This woman is crazy and stupid. She needs to be taken to a madhouse because she definitely not capable of taking care of a bady and she is crazy. I feel sorry for that baby, look what type of mother gave birth to him.

      • Danielle number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

        Ha ha I totally agree with u I hope. She gets locked up for accusing Justin for rap and suing Justin as being father cause Justin isn’t the father and he’d never do anything like that

      • winnie

        u are not saying it right she needs to be in crazy clinic and put in a straight jacket

    • ShawtyRauhl

      YYYaawwcckkk.. she’s so ugly! Why would he ever want to??!! :P


      rytttttt :D


    i no right she is mean and thats not right to do that
    poor justin getting accused of something he didnt do

    i love u justin im 11 really love u ur a respectful guy and she is just doing the wrong thing

    • mrs.bieber

      i am with you i am 11 too and i love justin with all my heart and all since she did that…thats shows wat kind of person she is…..plus she is REALLY REALLY UGLY!!!! JUSTIN WOULD NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING WITH HER…. <3 U JUSTIN ^_^

      i feel really bad 4 u justin that u have to go threw all this crap (srry bout my laungue)………xoxoxoxo <3 love you justin

  • HappyTroll4



      hi wat does gsd mean

  • HappyTroll4

    You little retards can’t know if she is saying the truth! Just because she is a bitch it doesn’t mean Justin Bieber didn’t have sex with her and is indeed the father of her child. Also, she should sue him for the 30 seconds of miserable sex! Justin Bieber sucks!

    • Ron Paul

      Clearly Justin Bieber has a vagina & therefore cannot make a child with a woman. Mariah Yeater’s lying!

      • Dalila

        Dont name the private parts of a female. Thats just rude. What if someome said that to you! I bet you wouldnt like that!

      • SF GiantsGirl

        @Ron Paul Just shut up you don’t know what the heck you are talking about!


      u r soooo mean thats rude if u dont like him then dont come on bieber zone its that simple

      i love u justin sorry 4 being rude just sticking up 4 u

    • Dalila

      im not saying he didnt, but cases like this have happened before, and its just because the mother wants money or doesmt know who the real father is. Gotta think logically. Besides, why would you waste you time at a j.b fanisite. What you got nothing else to do but bother beliebers?
      P.S Im that the one whose the retard!

    • some girl named jessie!♥

      WHO THE HELL UR CALLING A RETARD?? bitch!..please.. GTFO! and if he sucks why in the hell did you take time out of ur day to come and find a FAN! website and make dumbass comments?? why dont you just count to 100 ask ur self why ur suck an ass hole and then kill urself right there!!..he didnt have sex with that leing ugly ass goose!! and he is not the father of her baby!!!..u can believe he is!..but its more likely that hes not!:))

      • HappyTroll4u

        Oh please bitch, your insults don’t hurt me. Just go do your homeork or whatever 10 year olds do. I come here because I’m a Troll, look at my name! No matter what you say, Justin Bieber sucks and so do all his stupid “Bieloosers”

      • winnie


  • _justinbiebzlover17_ /gracee

    justin i am soo srry u have to go this this poor u havein to go to court and geting accused for something u didnt do i feel so bad for u:'( and ik u know that mariah is just a fake she was saying all these rumors for money, publicity, and maybe just to meet u!! and ik all beliebers r supporting u as they should doxD stay strong justin and keep up the amazing workxD
    ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

  • LBieBer

    She just wanta atenttion ..

  • desireelopez

    SAY WHAT wait she say justin is the father of her baby why she say her ex boyfriend is REALLY father of her baby

  • Karina

    I’m sure this is not true! she’s just looking for a public sensation!
    I hate this woman!!
    ‘ve seen of his face that looks like a woman is not right!
    he’s fat, he’s ugly, it is impossible justin want sex with him!
    I hope god replied to all his actions
    and god show us all if this is not true!

    • jessica the funny one ;}

      Whats a mug shot

      • Danielle number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

        A mug shot is when someone gets arrested they take a picture its called a mug shot that means it on her permanent record

  • kemyasha

    mariah yeater is faking this whole thing….she just false claming justin because she wants publicity and his money…if she had slept with justin if would’ve been exposed by now

  • ElovesJB

    Ikr?! Wouldn’t you think that she would have come out this when the baby was born?! Instead 3-4 months later?! This is stupid! She’s a fake!

    • jblover0918

      elovesJB you are sooo right!!! if it was true it would have come out when the baby was born!!! I can’t believe this bitch would make up a lie as big as this!!!

  • Chao Bieber

    LOL, ok i’m almost positive that justin isn’t the father. but i kindof feel sorry for her, she has to raise the baby alone.

  • irah shai mae

    Such A Lier !!

  • haley

    shes a liar justin was dating selena and hes sad cuz he fell out of love with catylin so then y would he cheat on selena justin would never ever do something like that and he says on twitter fellas treat your ladies with respect

  • some girl named jessie!♥

    WTF? a mug shot really?? she is U-G-L-Y! justin would NEVER do anything with her! not only is that mean but its disrespectful:/ how could she ever lie like that?? she know damn well in her right mind justin isnt the father of her baby!..and then tried to blame it on her ex boyfreind!..(well he came before jb) but still this crazii bitch has lost it!:/
    she needs to stop trying to get money from justin go out into the real world find her baby’s daddy! and LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE!! cause im 1million percent sure justin isnt the daddy!!!!:))

  • SF GiantsGirl

    Sooooooo Fake she needs to crawl in a hole and die!

  • HappyTroll4u

    It’s funny how Justin Bieber fans are so unintelligant. First of all the can’t write, and they come up with the stupidest arguments like “Z0mg h3 woulD neva d0 dat h3 iz so innozent, she iz juuss trY! nGq to g3T att3nti0n” Haha you are pathetic.

    • BieberFan278

      “First of all the cant write,” Hah it’s THEY! FAIL! See you have typos too, think before you write!

    • some girl named jessie!♥

      Major FAIL loser! because it seems u cant write neither!!..hahaha:)

  • Shawna

    1st things 1st justin dsnt thinks look matter to much he said they have to have a nice smile and know how to make conversation and make him laugh! I read ur book over and over again im 14 LOVE u Justin and someday hope to atully get to meet u or tlk 2 u!
    Even though tht girl is really Not Preety at all!

  • kemyasha

    she’s just telling lies first her ex was the farther now justin get a life instead of trying to destroy his cuz if you do you got another thing coming lady he’s only a teenager so stop trying to tell lies and accuse him of being your bab’s farther

  • Shaz_Hearts_JB


  • Dan

    Why would Justin touch that?

  • leighann

    she is crazy … i agree with all of you …. stupid stupid stupid mess all fake…

  • justinfan

    its not true just a way 2 get money… :///

  • lola

    its funny she don’t even know who the hell is the 3mth old son dad. and only bring shame to his son when he grow up.

  • ~

    I thnk this will be my last time coming here- because all this is ~ is ‘drama trauma’ and just stupid! srry. but it is. this is ridiculous and I’ve been listening to wht other people hav had to say about ths and IDK what I think about it! ~ idk if theyre haters tht say the worst because they dont like Justin so they thnk he is screwd up and probably did some stupid stuff and just hope he gets locked up- but I dont believe he would ever do somethng ‘so’ stupid as to -drugs and acohol and thn F***k someone! seriously? knock it off! I dont care what people say! just leave people alone, and leave Justin alone- please!

  • ~

    ~ = k
    ttyl – maybe

  • Simone

    She are so ………….
    I hope Yeater regrets what she do right now !

  • FutureB

    It Better Not Be !


    go to saskatoon,saskatchewan canada pweez

  • alyx m

    go to sasktoon sasatchewan , i wanna meet you (:

  • ALYX