Justin Bieber’s Butt Appreciation Post!

Justin Bieber’s butt appreciation post. Thanks @justabelieber

Should Justin pull up his pants?

  1. my friend ame over and saw my justin bieber collage an nd was like look at tht junk in his pants he is so sexy then in social studies shes like i love justin bier’s ass and im like ur crazy but this is sorta pervish lol

      • Ummm Abby Or Wateva Ya Name is…. 1st Off Umm That Comment Is Not Coo…..2nd Im Black && I Dont That Was Right For Yuh Too B Sayin Any Thing Like Tha + I Dont Think Yuh Wud B Black So I Can See How “YALL” Would Come Up With If Yuh Spell Saggin That Backwards Would With “Nigga”…3rd If Justin Wanted Too Call His Self Black A.K.A((“NIGGA”)) He Would Have Already Said I But Yur Intrepeting This Saggin THING Way Beyond Worng#SMH-

      • ….that was really mean. not every black person does that. and saggin is not even spelt like that anyway its sagging.

      • saggin has nothing to do with race its just a form of expression and style. I use that term loosely. he dies need to pull his pants up but to each his own i say.

    • totally agree! he look so sexy in every single one. omb you are yes so sexy and hot that you are burning me up!

  2. Some people think thats hot or sexy and thats not thats just nasty, he should consider wearing a belt and use it and not just a style.Like anyone wants to see your butt, I mean come on thats really nasty. Selena has probaly told him a buch of times, now thats a shame that he wont even listen to his GF.

  3. i don’t know wether it is wrong or not really. CONFUSION! i mean i would only “tap” his @$$ if i was dateing him,but since i am not, i really wouldn’t. doesn’t anyone kind of find some of these pics nasty or weird,some are sexay too.

  4. ok i like justin and all but some of those are plain weird like @justinsgirl4eva said i like some of those but not all. some are plain nasty showing his butt though. underwear isn’t so bad though

  5. Justin enough is enough, give me a break I love ya but please pull up your pants. It is beyond style it is just plan stupid and you are not stupid. Just really think about how dumb is this to let your ass hang out and have to waddle all the time. You are constantly pulling up your pant and pulling your shirt down, save the energy and pull them up at least over your butt. Listen to grandma! LOL

  6. hehehehehehehe I think JUstin should pull upp his PENT little more….
    Love him sooooooooooooooooo much : )
    wanna meet you JUSTIN :(

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