Justin Bieber’s Longest Interview on Z100, New York. Nov17 with Elvis Duran

Justin Bieber stops by z100 to talk about his new Christmas Album, hair, fame, organic drink, getting paid in candy, Pencil or Promise (pop), and his longtime crush on girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Watch the video.

Justin will  attend the Meet & Greet, The First Pencils of Promise Gala tonight, 17 Nov, in NYC.

  • Maria-Belieber

    First,yayy :)
    love justin ! <3


      i was so there! he gave me Two hugs ( one when he went in to the radio station and one when he left) two pictures ( 1st one when he got there and the another one when he left) and a kiss and autograph. because their was only like 15 girls. so justin took time for each one of us! i love this day. best day ever!

      • bianca belieber!!..:>

        wtfreak!..seriously??….LUCKY YOU!!…:>..I WISH I MET JB IS REAL LIFE!!..:>

    • Bieber’s Doll

      ohh you are so much lucky….

  • BieberLover


  • Didde-Bieber

    OMB he is so cute, and fun, and when they talks about Selena. OMB <3

  • Mimi

    All i can say , that he is just the most perfect human i’ve ever known.
    Love him.

  • Betsy

    That was the most awkward phone call ever.

  • MegBieber

    He really doesn’t care about the organic drink does he ;) :)

  • AmiralovesJB

    he is amazing and it was so akward 4 him to talk bout selena and the way he tried to avoid it and his nervous laugh he is just perfect

  • luv justin bieber

    love justin looks so hot and cute omg like always

  • carli bieber

    Now That Was The Longest Ever Justin Bieber Interview And The Best Ever Justin Bieber Interview :) I Was Laughing My Head Off So Much During That 33 Mins Cause He Is So Funny Justin Im Love You Your Music Is Just The Best And You have Such A Powerful And Amazing Voice Justin Always Remember That. Your Sincerly From You Biggest Fan Carli ♥


    it looks like hes growing a mustasch(cant spell tht)

  • starla loves my justin and selena forever

    awwwww so cute

  • ashley

    he is soo cute omg !<3

  • Belieber 4 Ever

    AWESOME ….I smiled through the entire interview,..SO CUTE….so Sexy..So talented

  • narmadha

    he is so funny
    love you justin

  • Belieber1

    Wow! that mus have been embarissing!(:

  • Jessbess

    I liked this interview!! It flowed.

  • renuka

    i really likes justin he is great singer and he also very good looking boy i ever seen
    and in this video he is looking cutest boy i really really like him

  • reena

    interview was so nice. ‘ tennu ki dassa ki tu kya h’ its mean that u don’t know what u r ?

  • hate u justin

    u fuking justin

  • qt

    hey does anyone know what kind of touque that is, or where i can get a similar one from? its really nice