Justin Bieber’s Scheduled to Take DNA Test Today, Friday!

Justin Bieber have a doctor’s appointment visit on Friday — to take a DNA test disproving he’s the father of Mariah Yeater’s son Tristyn, 4 months.

“He’s ready to take a paternity test, at any moment. We have one scheduled for tomorrow,” Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, told Extra host Maria Menounos at Thursday’s Pencils of Promise charity event in L.A. Watch the interview.

The announcement is a surprise, since Justin is not obligated to take the test. Yeater had claimed that she had 30-seconds quick sex with Bieber backstage at an L.A. concert in October 2010, but she dropped her much-scrutinzed paternity suit last week.

Busted!  Mariah Yeater’s Text Messages say Robbie is the Real Daddy!

Scooter explained that Justin “doesn’t mind” taking the DNA test. “He’s like ‘I’m just going to go ahead of it and be fine. It doesn’t matter.”

Bieber team is still considering legal action against Yeater, Braun hinted. “We’ve never even seen the lawsuit, but we’re going to just get ahead of this thing and go right after it. I think it’s important to hold people accountable for their actions. We don’t want it to seem like its okay for everyone to say, like, ‘I had Justin’s baby or having his baby.'”

  • jamara

    first and hope he not the dad

    • Alex

      Lol , nvm second

    • iloveyou jb 4 life

      i really dont think he is! lol. i just fell sorry for the poor baby! ;(

    • Bieber – Lover

      me 2! and mariah is such a bitch!!

  • Alex

    Awesomeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And First !

  • ThingiGirl

    hahaha justin looks soo funny on that pic…..

  • Crystle98

    Yay i cant wait to see the resuls! ON JUzSTINS SIDE ALL THE WAY!!!<3

    • Crystle98



      this b***** is going down! team bieber goes hard. i can’t wait for this problem to be over. justin i am so sorry that you have to go through this. and i am even more sorry that they have to take blood out of your sexy body. if i was justin i wouldn’t do it mostly because i am so scare of neddle( yea i am 15 and i am scare of neddle). but i guess justin have to do it. so people could stop talking s**** about him. justin you don’t have to prove nothing to us, we will always believe you. that’s why we are your beliebers! and justin we love you so much!

      • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

        i couldnt have said it any better i agree with everything u just said-DONT CHANGE YOURSELF- YES BE YOURSELF. once a belieber always a belieberx<33 justin-stay strong, amazing, awesome, sweet, funnii, happii, inspiring, cute, hot, sexxii, and perfect;D
        ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

  • Caeley

    HAHAHAH as if there is any way that he is actually guilty. can’t wait till his lawyers kick her ass in court!

  • jakari

    im sorry its not my fougt he was flirting with girls and now look what happen im sorry and i was one of your fans thing happen justin all i have to say is life is hard

  • biebswifey

    Justin bieber is not the babydaddy i love you justin

  • kaylee

    to bad the paternity test got dropped and he doesnt have to take it anymore

    • johail

      he is taking it today, idiot.

  • luv justin bieber

    omg i know that justin bieber is not ganna be the baby daday and i cant wait to hear that the bitch will be in jail in ur face u bitch

  • heart6

    i dont need DNA test! i beliebe Biebs

  • luv justin bieber

    i wonder wat justin mom thinks

  • MegBieber

    The best bit of all this will be when Justin takes the paternity test an it says he’s not the dad (which he isn’t) and then that Mariah finds out. The look on her face and her reaction and excuse for making it up will be hilarious caus she is gonna look like such an idiot (caus she is one)


    I dnt tink justin bieber is d father of dat baby but lets wait and c bcuz my jb is goin 2 win.

  • Ur mama

    This she-male is going down!! I cant wait to see the look on his/her ugly face!! Justin is gonna show ur ugly ass how stupid u really are! Becides justin dont need to waste his time on stupid dna tests and that she-male lieing hoe! U can tell that she-male is lying! Cuz 1: she dont answer the damn questions, she criez like a baby!! 2: the baby looks nothin like jb it looks like charlie sheen can b the daddy! And last by the look of his/her eyes he-she is a ashamed!

  • Mary

    I wanna take the child and keep it and march into this ladies house with all the bieber fans. Have pitchforks and shovels. :D Tehe!

  • desireelopez

    yep guy mariah is go DOWN. justin will take DNA TEST TODAY

  • I  Vinny Castronovo


  • J Biebz Belieber

    Good luck JB me n all of ur fans support u <3 u!!!

  • Azaria

    Just one more thing to prove her wrong. Can’t wait to hear the results!

  • Poocaluvzjb1994

    I agree with u 100% that b**** is goin down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belieber4eva

    I just hope he’s not the daddy of dis baby!:0

  • olivia

    You can get through this justin. Like you say never say never. You are amazing and i know that what ever happens your fans will always be right here for you. Like you say never say never say never. Everything will be ok. Your great and you can get through every thing. Your my idol and i know you will be ok.

  • karin

    she looks so OLD & UGLY…

  • NafisaBieber

    (OMB!) No big deal, we all know Justin isn’t the Father!!!<3

  • Samantha


  • Splicer

    If Justin was poor. If Justin was not known. Nobody wanted to be his son Justin. Justin son of the people. Justin son’s fans.

  • FettFan

    Not really a fan of Justin Bieber, but I’m in his corner on this one.

    Take this money grubbing bitch down and grind her into the pavement, then sue her for the few pennies she’s worth.

  • dani

    yo no creo que sea verdad por que JB no haría eso

  • ~karly~

    I agree with wht Scooter said. People should be held accountable for wht they do.. and wht she did ~ was NOT okay! people shouldnt be able to get away with tht

  • menda rava

    justin we all believe in u so u dun ve to prove anything to us..