Mariah Yeater and her Ex Boyfriend Robbie (the Baby Daddy) Pic

TMZ has obtained photo of Mariah Yeater and her ex-BF Robbie Powell from last September 2010– and she gave birth 10 months later. It’s not exactly nine months, but it might be close enough.

As previously reported, Mariah was BUSTED texting her friends after giving birth in July 2011 — begging them to tell Robbie “how important it is for him to be in his son’s life.”

Law enforcement says Mariah and Robbie were questioned by police TOGETHER just last month in connection with some drug bust in San Diego.

Neither was arrested or charged with a crime — but it proves the two are still hanging out. Four days after the drug bust, Mariah filed a paternity suit against Justin Bieber.

50 thoughts on “Mariah Yeater and her Ex Boyfriend Robbie (the Baby Daddy) Pic

    1. Britney

      Ew! I thought this site was about Justin Bieber.. Not false rumours.

      Ugly people in picture are ugly. Silly whore. Poor excuse for a mother really. If anything, I feel sorry for that baby.

  1. grandma p

    What a skank. Stop posting pictures of the pig, she has had her 15min of fame!
    Lets not give her anymore of our time and make her go away,


    omg this b***** is not only crazy she is also a drug addict. Robbie please tell the true you are not going to get any money. this is your child! be responsible and give your last name to your child. and stop messing with justin you are not going to win anything. so stop this lie that mariah have stared. and poor kid.

    1. _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

      all true!! now am just happy cuz this rumor has finally been proven wrong and justin can finally be free and that bitch mariah can get sued and go to jail or sumthin.
      ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

  3. Crystle98

    EWWW!>!?!?! The GUY ROBBIE Has dirt under his finger nails I feel sorry for the baby!!?!? ANYWAYS MARIAH STOP IT WE ALL KNOW JUSTINS NOT THE FATHER!


    you can totally see all of the dirt under his fingernails……………….thats disgusting. i wonder if the takes showers because it doesnt look like it

  5. Anya

    Omg … and some people thinks that Justin and this woman………..She’s just a lier…..she want his money and over’!!!


    she looks like d biggest and d biggest fool in dis world i knw my jb is nt d father of her babe infact jb wil never look at a girl like her


    I TOLD EVERYONE YOU CAN GO DIE!!! IT WAS ALL FAKE AND I KNEW IT SINCE THE FIRST DAY!!! yesss see this is what you get for lying u B*tch

  8. Selena Gomez

    If u r wondering how I found this web site search Justin & Selena r sitting side by side on the Amrican Music Awards (AMA)

    But there is not way how Justin(BF)could make a women have a baby

  9. Christy

    Justin Bieber left Selena Gomez to have 30 second sex with THIS girl? Please. She is in so over her head, when he sues her ass she’s going to wish she thought twice.

  10. Tatiana Campbell

    I think they r cute together (sike)! Did he paint his nails!!

    PS. If u hurt Justin u will be sorry): stay away form Justin or elsa

    Maybe that girl wants her ex to be all mad & want her back and he wants her too stop liking justin

  11. chochlett

    Look aat his nails!!!!Ewww that is so nasty have he eva heard of soap and water EWWW Come on bra wash ur hands please for ur sons safety


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