Mariah Yeater’s Ex boyfriend 100 Percent Sure He’s the Baby Daddy

The ex-boyfriend of Mariah Yeater has no doubt and 100 percent sure … he’s the daddy of Yeater’s son … and he wants to take a DNA test to prove it, reports TMZ Nov28.

Last weeks, TMZ broke the story that Mariah Yeater sent text messages to a friend … fingering her ex, Robbie Powell, as the baby daddy.

Sources close to Robbie says … “he’s making his move because he’s tired of Yeater using the kid for media attention.”

Robbie has been telling friends … Mariah told him the whole Bieber story was BS. Robbie believes Mariah did it for the money because she’s desperate for cash.

According to sources, Robbie has been approached by several media outlets to tell his story and he’s reviewing his options.

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