Will You “Fans” Forgive Justin Bieber if the Baby Daddy Claims Are True?

We know the whole story was not TRUE aka BS! But if it was true, would you beliebers forgive him and still be a Fan?

As previously reported, Star magazine broke the news that 20-year-old woman Mariah Yeater had filed a paternity suit claiming she and Justin met backstage at a concert in Los Angeles last year, and had sex for “30 SECONDS”, after which she became pregnant with baby son.

  • MIssBiebs

    Firstt Yay I Love You Justin!!


      Yea I will forgive him. Because at the end of the story, a true belieber will always have his back. And look after him. If you don’t forgive him that mean that you never love, and you was never a true fan. Because he’s also human and he can makes mistakes. But thank god is not true.

      • ShawtyRauhl

        Totally Agree. I would definitely forgive him. But obviously this BS not true! So I’m happy.

      • Zanie Belieber 4eva

        Yeah I would totally 4give him! It would just be a little hard! :'( but a true belieber will 4give him so I 4give u Justin and I will still always love u with all my haert! <3!! Mwha love u!!!

    • Bieber’s Doll

      of course i would
      I ll always be your biggest fan
      i love you more than everything and i would 100 % but i wish thats it ‘d not be true love ya JB

    • Destiny Young

      I will but i wont forgive him! Im so mad at him

      • LoveyouBiebz

        Well i mean of corse there will be some that would be mad if it was true(even tho its not),but they should all realize,he’s a humman,he’s not perfect,and even tho he’s JUSTIN BIEBER he still makes mistakes,if you were a fan at first,and you a true Belieber you would allways support him nomatter what becouse its not about what he does/did/done,its about his music and who he truely is,you shouldnt get mad at him for not being perfect,and messing up sometimes..put yourself in his situation.they all need to realize,His life isnt perfect and neither is yours or mine..we all make mistakes,if you couldnt forgive him for somethig he’s done,how could someone else for give you of your mistakes,i know that he’s an amazing guy and i’d forgive him,no it might not have been good,but if your a true fan you’d forgive him becouse you know that he cares and actually trys to do the best to keep us/fans happy,and even tho you thik is easy,its not and you need to look at it.No one is perfect,end of the story

  • Jayduh

    2nd! Poor Justin

  • Karla

    I don’t now if it’s true, but if it is I would be disappointed in Justin. :(

    • Destiny Young

      I would forgive him

  • justinbieber4ever123

    Is it true????? Let’s hope not!!!!!! LUV U BIEBER!!!!!! BIEBER OR DIE!!!!!!!!:)

  • nicole

    I dont think it is true but if it is its his personal life it doesnt affect his music so we shouldnt judge him. He wouldnt be the first teenager to become a parent in or out of the spotlight and he aint gonna be the last. Either way im still gonna be a fan.

  • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

    Yea I would for give Justin if it was true because I love Justin so much

  • number 1 selena gomez fan number 1 justin bieber fan

    Yea I’d forgive him even if it was true or not and I’d still be his number 1 fan always and forever no matter what :) love u so much Justin

    • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

      To me it’s once a belieber always a belieberxD so like if it is true (which I dowt it would be) I would be a lil sad but I would still love him like I always again once a belieber always a belieberxD
      Ily Justin<333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

      • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

        In other words am trying to say is that if it is true I would be a lil sad but I would forgive him and that’s wat all BELIEBERS should doxD be justin’s true belieber like I am and do the same as me a forgive himxD once a belieber always a belieberxD
        Ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

      • ShawtyRauhl


  • KJ

    I would forgive him but it WOULD be his AND her mistake because they didn’t use protection.

    • Cristle:)


    • ShawtyRauhl

      What ?? =D Haha @KJ

    • Destiny Young

      I agree

  • biebers sister

    i love justin like he was a brother or something i look up to him i so hope he didnt do that becase will it could ruwen his career and besidse tat lady has no rite waiting 1 to 2 years to blaber her mouth now that he is a big star she just wants to get the money so she can get money……………….and remeber…………………………I LOVE YOU JUSTIN AND WILL SOPORT YOU 100%…………………………………………………LOVE YOU

    • kayle777bieber

      Okay beiber sister first of all you sound and look dumb you have no idea what your even talking about let alone make any sense. I love Justin and his music is amazing and he is abso adorable. But the problem is everyone thinks he’s suppose to be perfect bc that’s how the show business depicts him and wants you to believe he’s perfect. And you all think its not true, truth is you have no idea. We’d all like to think its not but in case it would be I would forgive him bc no ones petfect. Not even Justin.
      Love you Justin<3

  • Mrs.Bieber#1

    dude… Justin… i would always love you no matter what. we are humans and humans make mistakes… but i still hope these aligations are FAKE.

  • demi reyes

    im still belieber ! im still here to support him ! no matter what happen

  • woot

    uh….asking that right now i bet everyone would say that they forgive him, cuz they know it didn’t happen. if it did then i bet not many of you would forgive him.

  • Tabbie_May

    I’d forgive him, totally i mean things happend.. but i would be disappointed at the fact that..to make this girl pregnant he would have had to cheat on Selena, which would be breaking her heart, so i would be dissappointed at that.

  • yosra

    we have to be there for justin we cant just leave when he needs us the most think about guys what kind of beliebers are we if we leave him when he needs us the most? anyway everyone makes mistake and if this is true (which it is not) then we have to be there and support him and hate that bitch mariah :D

  • Mrs S.B #1 fan

    If it is true I would so 4give justin bcauz he can make mistakes he is just a teenager and a celebrity dnt need 2 b perfect all the time
    I WILL SUPORT U 200% bcauz I LUV U
    Dnt do it again JB :-)

  • AmiiBeeBS_love

    You see the thing is you have no a correct answer I can vote to. See I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll also stay with him and forgive him because everyone does make a mistake. I love him and I’m a Belieber no matter what. And by the way I know that this thing isn’t true.

  • wardah loves justin

    i love u justin <3

  • maddy

    I would be dissapointed as a fan but as a Belieber I would forgive him

  • Chloe Eng

    when it was real,how can choose him to become my super bieber,wish is not real~:(

  • aliyah

    i will forgive justin im still gonna be a fan of justin and a belieber i love u!

  • farida

    i dont, i supported him since day one AND i will always support him no matter what.
    i love the JELENA and i will always be their number one fan.

  • Proud Belieber


  • Bella

    I’ve been looking for a platform to voice my opinion so I would like to thank justinbieberzone.com to give it to me.

    If it is true, I would like to say this.

    To Justin Bieber:
    There are so many fans out there, many young girls under your influence. You might say judge me on my music, yeah I agree, but only to a certain extent. Who you are as a person matter to your fans out there. You hold the responsibility of influencing millions of people out there. I know you’re just 17, and it may seem like a lot. But this is the resposibility that you take up with the fame, you’re public figure now.
    I say take take the paternity test. Because you owe it to your fans. You owe the truth. If it isn’t true, good. Fans find more strength in you. If it is, remember this, everybody makes mistake, but the true test of character is what you do after it.
    I know that as of right now, everything is crazy heavy on you. I know you probably need a hug right now, not a lecture. So Justin, #hereforyou #hug

    To beliebers out there,
    People makes mistakes, but people deserves a second chance.Yeah, if it is true, what he did isn’t right. But don’t lose faith in him so easily – he isn’t God.

    I still have faith in Justin. Some may call it immature, but this is what faith is. Because I believe in second chances. Becuase God, gave me a second chance, so I think he deserves one too. To all Christians, look, God keeps forgiving you for however you have wronged him. But he keeps forgiving.
    so, imitate christ.

    I said it once, I’ll say it again. I’m sorry, but Justin Bieber isn’t kidrauhl anymore.
    He’s in a different environment and people and things change. Change is constant. But He’s still Justin Bieber to milliioins of diehard fans out there.

    Celebrities are out there not for us to idolize, but they serve as an inspiration.

    Thanks for reading through my rambles ! (:

    XOXO, Bella

    • Maya

      He is still kidrual he always will be that’s what’s inside of him he is still the same kid in stratford Ontario that a dream and it came true no matter what he faces he will always be the one we love so u are kind of wrong.

  • JB fans

    Oh pls! A sex that is LESS THAN 1 MINUTE ONLY 30 SECONDS and will became pregnant!!!??? REPLY TO ME LF a 30 seconds sex will REALLY GET PREGNANT OR NOT!
    THKS ;)

    • Bella

      Hahaha. That is true. But I’mma just saying. The question in this post is if it is true right? I’m not saying that it’s true! I mean like how would I know? But I’m just going along with this case scenario – which is given.

  • MirelaBieber

    It’s not true! He denied it and she has an ex-bf who she slapped 3 times an was arrested of battery. They had an argument about she said he was th father.. blah…blah…blah..

    It aint true!

    • Bella

      As I said earlier, I’m going with the case scenario if it is true. so yeah (:
      But it’s really good that it isn’t true. Anyways, once the report is out, it will all be confirmed.

      I think it’s scary a fan would go to the extremes and claim the Justin’s the father… I mean… that is really going overboard, y’know? It’s a thin line between obsessed and supporting…

  • GNRbiebs

    Justiiiinnnnn! I’ll always support you! You’re the best! I love youuuu!

  • v2_phiephie

    if the claims are true …i will forgive justin ,, but yeahh im disappointed.
    im still love u …justin bieber i heart u.. :)

  • biebergurl90210

    I would love you no matter what. Even if this drama is true which i dont think it is i will always b there to support u. ~ i love you Justin Drew Bieber

  • Bieber_Selena96

    sure that we will not forget him ,because his fans have done and do a lot of things for him .But i think is not true.whatever will happen we will love justin and this is my opinion

  • Bieber_Selena96

    but i would be a little bit disapointed