Christian Beadles and Justin Bieber Racing in Atlanta

Christian Beadles: “It’s race time boi @justinbieber ”

  • Alex

    first !!!

    • msbieber23swagg

      shut up bitch

    • msbieber23swagg

      @Tami lewis

      i agree with u

  • kaitlyn :) love jb

    First omg justin

  • Venezuelan belieber

    Third! Love u justin!

  • desireelopez

    justin and christian look nice


    omb! look so sexy, justin look amazing. he looks like a bad boy.

  • jesyaSthephanie

    i love both of ya x//n//x<3

  • yo

    its cute that jb hasnt forgotten about his old friends.

  • Monica

    chrisian is freakin short as ever lol Justin so tall and sexy lol He look like Bad Boy I LIKE LMAO

  • MyLuv4Bieber

    OMB!! Justin’s soooo hawt!! Christian is still shorter than Justin…

  • justul syaber

    aww , justin n christian look so hawt 2gether , i wish justin could meet his ex , caitlin beadles , where she is ? its been a long tyme i didnt hear story bout that adorable gurl !

  • ayala

    L O V E it so much :)))))))) iLOVEyouJUSTINBIEBER

  • smile

    love you jb looks so cute

  • BFF/ Biggest-fan-forever

    That looks like it was a lot of fun??

  • Aaliyah96

    omg justin bieber u r datt best u bad fine boy justin i luv u :)

  • bieliebers forever


  • @daria_jbforever

    Hi ♥ What is the place in Atlanta? :) Maybe you know ? I would like to find pictures of the place, so I need a name this place… I hope u will help me. ♥

  • foreverabelieber

    LOOK AT HIS HAIRFLIP,, awh so cute. ♥

  • greysonchance

    omg look at christian he is so cute <3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Logan

    I love u Justin bieber I am ur number 1 fan

    I love u!!!!

  • lucky

    i love you soooooooooooooooo much jb all the best i am your number 1 fan.

  • bieber fever 4 life

    MMM christin is SEXY…but justin is MUCH MORE SEXY!!!!!

  • Tami lewis

    Sitting here looking at the photos with Juston an Selena walking in the airport with her parents really makes me want to say to Selena # girl # you were walking an totally dis”sting the beib.. and everywhere he goes with you he does his best to make sure u are close by….Girlfriend rememeber that young man can have many just like you ….and even 2 or 3 at the time if he chose.. better appreciate what you have before it”s gone. Because it will go after to much of your bighead gets involved…

  • mz.bieber

    OMG JUSTIN BIEBER IS SO CUTE TRYING TO HIDE FROM HIS LOVING AND ADORING FAN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LoveleeGurrll

    Justins like Sex on a stick and Christian is Smexxxiii

  • Dalila :)

    Awww thts so cute i love them both they r u cute but OMB!!!! Justin is so tall and christian is short but i bet he is taller than me cuz im a shorty :P but they both look cute and justin looks hot and Christian look so fine ;) ;) i love them both

  • Rahmi

    Ofcourse he is short. He’s only 15! And Justin are 18 -_-