Justin Bieber and the Rugrats

"Me and the rugrats"

New instagram pic, Justin posing with his lil brother and sister, Jaxon & Jazzy.

64 thoughts on “Justin Bieber and the Rugrats

  1. Kenzie

    So adorable! I love the Biebers! And you know whats funny Jazzy cut her hair, Jaxon’s hair, and jeremy’s hair!! Just gotta love them!

    1. grandma p

      He does, Jaxon is just to young to travel and be away from his mom. The noise and screaming would scare him to death. Justin slowly got Jazzy use to the screaming so I am sure he will do the same with Jaxon.
      He loves them dearly, you can tell how happy he is when they are around.

  2. Annabelle

    Awwwwww they r so cute and lucky they r related to u but u r just a normal person and I know u hate poperozzi but I am not poperozzi but I will leave u alone

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  3. Annabelle

    Sorry I just have to say one thing merry x-mas to all beilebers and u Justin jazzy and jaxon and patty and jermey luv u all have happy holidaysand I just got your album the other day luv itmy fav is drummer boy and u know how I said I just have to say one thing well change that to 5 or 6 things sorry

  4. Mrs. Justin Drew

    first things first-
    Why Cuss at eachother? Theres little kids that go on here.

    second thing-
    Justin is Incredible. <3

    third thing-
    I Love Justin Bieber. :)

  5. Ms.Bieber

    Awww they look so cute. They all look just a like. My three year old cousin is going threw the pictures and saying look there is my boyfriend!!!!!


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