Naughty Justin Bieber Grabs Selena Gomez’s BUTT

Justin Bieer quick grab on Selena's butt :)

Justin Bieber playfully grabbed Selena’s butt while on a promotional trip to Washington.

Justin can’t seem to keep his hands off of Selena as has been shown with their bountiful PDA over recent months. See: Justin grabs Selena’s boobs during hockey game!

Justin is in D.C. to perform at the Christmas in Washington concert in front of President Obama and his family, Selena is along for ‘support.’

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez News
  • EveryThingLover123

    Not to be mean or no hate but why is he acting like that? Lol he never use to act like that :/ :p and please don’t say “he’s growing up”


    • Wapapet

      –well that’s part of our life… we get naughty some not.. it’s fine..

      it’s her girlfriend anyway…

      • Sharae

        *HIS* not her

      • Natalie

        then he shouldnt do it in public if ppl r gonna snap pics and start stuff…

      • david b conway

        , selena gomez might be his girl friend but they are not married to to be touching all the time , love david conway


      the answer is that he is a boy. boys like to grab. either way what is justin grabbing she doesn’t have anything to grab. and i am not being a hater i am yes telling what i see.

      • JayBee.

        Boys like to grab- The most true stament in the entire world. I find it embarrassing when my boyfriend grabs my ass, but then again, Selena has no ass? And the boob grab photos, Justin looked like he was having trouble underneath the Jersey to find anything. ;)

      • amada

        lmao forreal(:

    • TheDjtudor21

      omg really u wouldn’t act like this if there was a regular teen doing this ur only acting like this becuz its justin bieber how many times has he said he wants to be treated normal god if ur a real beliver stfu and listen one day hes going to get laid and have kids WHO CARES HES GROWING UP

      • EveryThingLover123

        No need to be rude about it you know -.-‘

      • Ida

        You are ow my fave person in the world

      • david b conway


      • Tara

        u r exactly right!!! :)

      • Eliza

        I hate jb and Selena

    • grandma p

      He is growing up you can’t deny that! They are in love, thats what in love people do. They are so comfortable whith each other they don’t evan realize they are touching. When u grow up and have your first real love you will understand.


        i say its selena!!! >:(

    • Girly Girl

      Hey people i think there a very cute couple and there in love i dont think its bad, they are differently in love you see how he looks at her. They are the cutest couple, i think all haterz should stop hating cause they are in love!!!! And they’ll probably get married next year, we should be happy for them!!! i think they should be able to have there own love life and you saw how he takes her everywhere and he supports her. it wasnt like he went down the street and did it to a stranger its his girlfriend and you see his face hes playing and that other thing about the gersey they where having fun it wasnt ike was doing grossly you saw there face, there adorable, and isnt this Justin bieber zone arent you all supposed to be fans so i say if hes happy im happy!!! Love you Justin

    • Ida

      At the time people think those things are funny without knowing its wrong but eventually you get it

    • yvette martinez

      sorry he is :(

      • Shut up selena

        Wow Selena just chill u probably just said that because u probably liked it

    • selena gomez

      it was an accident so chill. gosh

      • nikki

        leve them alone there are in love. so wat if selena dus not have a ass he like ass and boos. leve them

    • Mariah

      Oh please ! I’m tied of people saying dumm stuff like that.. What ?? do you expect him to be an 80 year old virgin !!??

  • cooldude

    because their in love probably i dont really know why their acting like that

    • Wapapet

      TRUE!!! when ur in love… anything can happen…

    • david b conway

      there are only in,love with publicity act , and not with the real love , love david conway

  • honey

    not evening touching her butt

  • Marisol Zamora


  • EveryThingLover123

    But still not in public :/

    • Dalila

      True that

    • autumn


      • belieber4eva

        i agree

    • Natalie

      100% agree with that

  • lucky

    omg what is this my cute jb what are you doing.

  • Belieber

    honestly they are dating, they can do whatever they want but why do they do it in public? It’s like they’re giving people something to talk about and it confuses me especially when they say they want to keep their relationship private. They’re cute together though.

    • EveryThingLover123

      Yeah exactly what I’m trying to say ^

  • Steffy♥

    Justins a naughty Christmas elf (;
    … a sexy, naughty Christmas elf ;D

    follow my bestfraan on twitter , she follows back (:

  • Jenny

    Those would be OK not really though in private but really Justin in public that’s disgusting do u see what he’s teaching his young fans??! Smh-_-

  • trent

    well they are a couple very in love if she lets him touch her butt like that. in my opinion that means a lot of things that its so serious that they like to touch each other remember the pics from mexico or that they are already intimate it could mean a lot of things every couple touch themselves in public all the time that dosen’t make her a slut or him a pervert or a horn dog.

  • haylee

    ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass stop now stop feeling on selena

    • Jamara

      LOL love that song

  • nandra

    Its ok to jelena to do everything they want. BuT they have to think that’s nOt god to do in public. They’re becoMe bAd role mOdeL for a young fans.
    BuT I Love Jelena. Just this time I disagree with their act. I hope their make the aCt like that in some kind of room.
    BuT I Love Both of them so Much . .

    • Laura

      how are they being bad role models? they are frikin teens (well justin is) and they are inlove. Love makes you do crazy things and u dont even realize it! It’s not like they’re both promoting sex or something

      • CharlinexoxoJB

        well selena isnt a teenager anymore well technecquely she isnt but mently she acts like a 15 year old most of the time, ps i’m not a hater lol :)

      • Natalie

        touching each others private parts in public is not being a bad role model to younger children??? whether JUSTIN is a teen or not its still wrong. not everyone is old enough to deal with it. even if its love they should still handle it some better way. and uhh yea they kinda are promoting it.

      • david b conway

        and that love touching should be in the bed room and playing wowpy and wowpy just with selena gomez , ASS all day and night just with and by justin bieber , love david conway

    • nandra

      @LAura : Waw . . Take it easy buddy .

      I just said my opinion . What I thougt abouT that aCt. ActTualLy I meant Just This time they becoMe a bad role models. BecAuse they show they love with wroNg aCt. Iam just scAreD if a lot of people judge them so much.. Iam a Belibers . .
      I do supPort Justin for everyThing that he do.

  • david b conway

    to me i think justin bieber is a prevenrt how many times that he have to that it is in public may i ask he did it in hawaii and now in mexico he is sick , love david conway

    • phoebe

      how is he sick mate his a normal personeveryone does it so just cos his famous he cant have a normal life no if you think that your the sick one matee get a life and stop worring about other people you perv and if you dont like him why come on to his fan site GOSH sort it out mate!!!!!!

      • david b conway

        page 2 / how is justin bieber is sick his not married to that dam bitch miss selena gomez that is why justin bieber should not be touching her NASTY ASS , if they are not married , love david conway

  • Elizabeth

    Guys, I agree it is a little disturbing o.O but people have different love languages (ways they show and receive love) and Justin and Selena’s love language may be physical touch, which is where they have to physically touch each other (like hug or whatever) in order to show each that they love one another.

  • BieberLove3

    I wish he would grab my butt… I have more to grab then Selena anyways-___- Lol

    • david b conway


      • david b conway

        I am being really stupid, I should stay off this website. sorry guys

    • Natalie

      ahahhahahaha anyone has more than selena

  • Sami

    I wish Justin would grab my ass!:(

  • Non if ur buisness

    So wat there in a relationship wat do u expect its there life not urs get over it

  • Non if ur buisness

    Plz just get over it they love each other so stop

  • gummy bear

    BOYS GRAB EVERYTHING no matter what it is


    who cares?that is his girl and he is 17 all 17 year old boys do that.

    • @BoyBelieber61

      thats not true! im 17 and i would never do that !

      • bieber fan xxx

        so your gay ok i get it you homo’s don’t like women or grabbing woman’s butt’s it ok no one is perfect

      • Minnie Mouse Swag

        Ok. Bieber fan chick. That was the absolutest rudest thing I have heard all day. Boy belieber ignore her ignorance because I coonsider u absolutely a gentleman! And bieber fan, it’s girls like u that make boy beliebers stay off this website!

      • Natalie

        wow bieber fan that was just rude….no need to hate. u can support justin and everything but u really didnt have 2 say tht…

  • @BoyBelieber61

    lol! thats my boy! F***k her Justin , F***k Selena ;)

    • JayBee.

      This is my favourite type of Belieber!

    • javi

      dude he’s only touching her butt calm down but yeah i guess he’s banging her and i don’t blame him selena has a hot as hell body.

      • @BoyBelieber61

        yeah shes hot! i wanna touch selena gomez breast! :-s

    • Ali Bieber

      are you bi sexual????

      • javi

        lol @boybelieber61 dude calm down little girls visit this website i know selena is cute and has an awesome body but cmon take a shower and calm down.

      • Minnie Mouse Swag

        I agree javi. Boy belieber u seemed like such a gentleman on the comments above…now ur just a sick perv:p

  • abbie

    so wat he garbs her butt, its his gf, he could do watever he wants with her. its not like ur bf’s have not done that to u. and by her face u could see she likes it, :P

  • Tiffanii

    She don’t got anything for him to grab anyways, Just saying… Not hating… Saying the truth… xD

    • abbie

      u probably dont either , just saying the truth xD

  • Renee V.

    Seriously , i don’t know alot of people are getting mad like that’s his girlfriend & he 17 he is already growing up he ain’t going to be a kid forever! Alot of the people commenting all mad is because , there JEALOUS they don’t want Jb to be with Sel G . & lalaa but , it’s his choice not yalls & if yall are Really so called BELIEBERS you wouldnt care who hes with you would want him to be happy . but , at the same time i dont think he should be doing this in public cause he has fans all ages even lil young ones & they shouldn’t be seeing there idol or favorite singer doing this but , oh well … But if your a BELIEBER you would want Jb to be happy! Dude & i think the paparazzi should let them have there privacy & stop following him / them everywhere!
    comment if you agree with me ! (:

    # Belieber! (:

    • Ali Bieber

      i agree

    • abbie

      i agree

  • Rachael

    Again, she looks like she’s saying, “Ahhh..hahah…uhh….” awkward smile. ;)

  • Yeah yeah

    Yup, they’ve definitely had sex together.

  • Lola

    Oooooh dirty bieber
    Looks like he won’t be getting any socks this Christmas hahahah

  • Ali Bieber

    ok what are you getting worked up about? haven’t any of you seen that before. ok i agree they shouldn’t do that in public but yet they are never privet anywhere either,i mean think about it when is one time when jb can be alone with selena? they never get to be alone because there is always a fan or pap or his body guards ect ect…. no they have not have sex either…… besides they are teens and boys like to grab alot its a temptation to them. and teens do that all the time don’t they? i kind of agree it can be bad for there image.

    • Yeah yeah

      They sleep.in the same hotel room, that’s when their alone. Teens have sex, she could be on birth control and use protection.

      • Samantha

        Just bcuz they sleep in the same bed doesn’t mean they had sex cuz every couple sleeps in the same bed if they are in a hotel room 2gether! & + don’t u remember Justin saying he wants to stay a virgin till he’s married bcuz he doesn’t wanna end up like his parents.Also Justin can’t have sex with Selena bcuz she’s 19 & he’s 17 so she’s considered an adult & he’s still a teen, so it would b illegal for them to have sex anyway! I don’t get why just bcuz they’ve been 2gether for more than a month ppl think they’ve had sex!

      • abbie

        i agree w/ samantha xD

  • christina

    I love justin bieber but i hate selena and i think tht is just wrong wat hes doing

    • Minnie Mouse Swag

      Amen finnally someone with sense!

      • Julia Loves JB

        ik rite hes hot and shes well pretty but id like her at all

    • ………..

      agreee!!!! i dont like her at all

      • Tiff

        yes. i never really liked selena, but now i just can’t stand her. gosh, why Justin? why did u do this?—again it’s okay in private and i get that he doesn’t really have a private life, but don’t u think u just shouldn’t do it then if u don’t have a proper place to do so???? ugh. i still love Justin though with all my heart. Once a Belieber always a Belieber <3

  • Stephanie

    Justin has more ass than Selena :/ he doesn’t have anything to grab