Justin Bieber Grandparents got in a Car Accident

Justin Bieber, his grandparents (Bruce & Diane) and mom Pattie Mallette

Justin Bieber‘s grandparents Bruce and Diane have been involved in a nasty car accident in Canada. Their vehicle was written off but they survived. Details are sketchy at this stage. Bruce Dale – Justin’s maternal Grandfather – has several broken ribs while his grandmother Diane Dale escaped unhurt.

Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette confirmed the accident on Twitter saying: “My parents got into a car accident today. They flipped into a ditch & totaled the car but thank God they are alive! My dad has broken ribs. Plz pray 4 him 4 quick healing! Count your blessings & forgive ur parents always. U never know what tomorrow holds!!!”

There’s been no statement from Justin or his management regarding the crash.


    • l’ll do any thing just to 4 ur grand parents (GOD BLESS THERE SOULS) AMATTER OF FACT I’M GONNA GO PRAY 4 THEM NOW
      p.s i’m so happy 4 u because they survived

      I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • i always pray every night before i go to sleep! And i will pray for justin bieber’s grandparents! We all have to thank god all the time coz you never know what will happen!

  1. So very sorry to hear of your troubles. I know how close you’ve always been with your grandparents so I especially wish you peace of mind. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Please let us know how things go.

  2. Justin we love you & your family with all of our hearts. We hate to see this happen to you but just know your fans are here for you and everything will be okay. But we’ll promise to close our eyes, see a better day, and pray for you. God bless you & your family :)
    #biebernation #prayforjustinsgrandparents

    • what????? how is missing that justin anything to do with his grandparents being in a car accident?????
      just asking :)

  3. Awww how sad :( I feel so bad. But glad they survived and his grandma didn’t get hurt. Hope Bruce heals quickly and feels better soon. #prayforjustinsgrandparents

  4. Oh Allah…..i’m going to pray right now……when i first heard about his grand parents i started crying…..May Allah Bless Them……

  5. i pray for u justin all your fans are here for u and we love u so much we pray that ur grandad gets better soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Justin i love you so much i am going to be praying everyday for your nan and grandad to get better am so sad for you and your family hope they get better love you lots justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. awwww that always stinks i know how you feel i went through the same thing twice but always turns out fine but i love u justin hope they get better *kisses* :(

  8. Aww how sad :( he will heal the lord is with him so he will heal I know he will ….god bless him… (Dear heavenly father please heal this amazing grandfather of justin and this amazing father of pattie please make him better please let the angels surround him…in jesus name amen)

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