Justin Bieber Perfume Someday named “Fragrance of the Year”

From Justin:
#SOMEDAY was just named “Fragrance of the Year” – thank you all for you support. u r raising alot of charity!

  • jb lillllllllllyyyyy

    1st me yes justin won

  • yasmine

    Justin deserves this award because it is rich and apart Someday the creator is Justin Bieber


      agree he totally deserve it!

  • kirsten

    gettin this for xmas!

  • smile

    yey am feels very proud of u justin as a no#1fan but i knew your all fans are great

  • Meagan

    Hi my name is Meagan, I know that chances are Justin is probably not going to read this but I believe I got talent, I love singing and since Justin is famous I’ve been following him any way I can because he was just a little kid doing his thing on You Tube and was lucky!! ..I’m just a small town girl wanting the same to happen but I have no way to let people hear me other than You Tube or Facebook.. If anyone sees this, please e-mail me, I see all these people getting famous through You Tube and I just wish someone could give me a chance.. All these shows like X Factor or American Idol, they make me want to go on but for one I would have no way to get to the audition and second I am Canadian and they cancelled Canadian Idol.. I’m just a 19 year old from Cornwall, Ontario wanting a better life for me and my family! ..

    • Uknown

      If you want to people to notice you maby you should post your youtube link, you may get some connections, :) And yes I know this is a Justin Bieber Fansite ;)

    • Marta

      i’m from spain i could watch your video and send it other spanish guys :)
      send me some video!

  • Uknown

    So happy for JB , Love the perfume. :)

  • lucky

    am soooooooooooo happy for justin you work so hard someday is my fave perfume i love you sooooo much.

  • belieber

    someday costs 500 $ here
    im not kidding
    i hate you biebs thats so expensive.

    • Natalie

      well its not $500 here so no we r not expensive. dont hate on others just cause u dont have someday and they do.

  • Rida mubbarah khan


  • Alexis love

    im so happy for you i hope you get many more love u, lexiey boo for ever you have swag and good looks find love !!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$

  • Natalie

    yaaaaayy !!! im so happy for justin :D