Justin Bieber WAX Statue in Dreamland Museum Brazil

A museum in Brazil has revealed its own wax figure of Justin Bieber. Cute or ugly?

See also: Ugly Justin Bieber wax figure in Spain!

  • tori

    oMG>>> First

  • KJ

    I don’t know who they get to make these wax statues but they need to look for better people because none of them look like him.

    • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

      the one in ny looks like him!! but these 2 are uglii cuz they arnt even close to lookin like justin. the onlii one that looks like him is the one justin to pics with. justin even likes that 1 soo…
      ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx

      • Isabella

        it look nothin like justin and from far away i thought it was cody but upclose loks like nither am i right?

  • Felicity

    the worst one yet :P

  • belieber

    this is gross! none of justins wax figures have looked like him at all. the only one i liked was the last one. that they made 2 figures one justin and one selena.


      i live in nyc and there are two wax figures of justin and they really look like him. but this one doesn’t look like justin at all.

      • _justinbiebzlover17_/gracee

        there are reallii 3 wax figures not 2 cuz theres the 1 with selena and justin together and like justin is wearin a suit with a red tie and like his hair is like short and selena is wearin a gold dress with black high heels and then theres the 1 that justin is wearing a red shirt and his hair is long and then theres the one were hes wearin a black shirt with a black vest and black jeans, so theres reallii 3 not 2. (all wax figures:)
        ily justin<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxx


        oh, i haven’t seen the one with selena yet!

  • Makisabelieber

    It kind of looks like cody simpson hahah?

  • Xxcupcakesxx

    That doesn’t look like Justin


    Ummm…. looks interesting…….. and yah, maybe its the hair becuz like for a split second with the almost blond hair it did look like a bit like Cody…. Strange…

  • Ariana


  • Roxanne

    It’s “offense,” there’s no “c.”
    & I think the options should be:
    1. It looks like him.
    2. It doesn’t look like him.
    3. It looks like Cody Simpson.

    • melaniebieber

      In the UK (the real English), you use offence, not offense!

      Center => centre
      Theater => theater

      you shouldn’t make a big deal about that. This is a fansite, not CNN

    • marcus

      dons’t look like cody simpson at all

  • victoria

    it looks like cody simpons lol they made a mistake

    • D.N. fan of J.B.

      its cody simpson read the the name down

  • nur azman

    its so looks like him…hahaha ugly !

  • Ashleigh

    No. They just don’t have it right. His hair isn’t that light. His cheek bones and jaw line arent that sharp. And his eyes are a bit more round and a darker brown. Definitely doesn’t resemble Justin one bit.

  • D.N. fan of J.B.

    guys is justin writing here?

  • belieber

    http :/ /29. media.tumblr.com/ tumblr_lvwjsh3wyE1qixq38o1_400. jpg

    is this wax figure justin? it kinda looks like him.

  • Severus Snape

    Ugh, well it’s not my cup of tea, it’s ugly, I do however see some ‘hotness’ in there but only a very very very little bit, Justin Bieber is the meaning of sexy!

  • Marie

    Omfg. He loiks horrible! Its frkn blond! :O it kinda looks like jason dooley….. :$

  • ItsJBsWife

    That looks more like Cody Simpson them Justin

    • ~karly~

      ya I agree. tht does not look like JB.

    • Julz Bieber (my man not yours)

      lol same here!!

  • TasseBieber

    Aww.. cute!:)

    • lizzybieber

      shut up little girl

      • Julz Bieber (my man not yours)

        how rude……. no affence but jb wont like u talkin to one of his fans like tht :)

      • Laurasia

        let her write her opinion. she thinks its cute? fine. Justin would NOT like to see one of his fans put someone down.

  • tierrabieber

    i love him soooooooooooo! much i wish i can see him in real life

  • samanthaaaa

    HE LOOKS A MONKEY. that not justin. idiots.

  • Jennie

    It looks like a monkey !!! Nothing like Justin

    • Melanie

      agree :)

  • BieberLover

    WOAHH!! Looks NOTHING like Justin….Eww!!!!(no offence) I suppose its even worse than the one in spain! :P wow they’re probably gonna make JB wax figure’s worldwide….& I mean EVERYWHERE :D Yay!!!

  • taylor

    he’s sooo cute if i saw him i would fall to the ground n die because i llove him sooooooooooooo much xxxxxxxx i love u justin beiber xxxx :)

  • taylor

    :* :* :*

  • Julz Bieber (my man not yours)

    umm does not look like my man a bit!!!! everything is wrong bout it!!! (ecept the pants tht are halfway down :P <3 <4

  • ava

    that doesn’t even look like him..

  • Basma

    That isn’t look like jb it’s look like cody simpson… Love

  • Andrea

    eww that’s ugly that does not look like justin at all Justin is extremely hot and that thing is like….. an uglier version of cody simpson ugh gross.

  • Andrea

    Those people are Idiots!!! Don’t know anything if it killed them.
    If they cant get him right the shouldn’t make wax figures of him so stupid.

  • desireelopez

    tht look like cody simpson.