Justin Bieber’s ‘baby mama’ Mariah Yeater Caught on tape doing Drugs

US magazine Star claims to have video footage of Mariah Yeater – the woman lodging a paternity claim against Justin Bieber – smoking pot in front of a toddler, reports ninemsn.com.au.

The video footage hasn’t been released online, but in their print issue Star Magazine has published screen shots which allegedly show Mariah Yeater smoking a joint with friends while a girl of about three years old watches on.

“We’re about to get high!” Yeater reportedly says in the video. “Burning weed, burning weed.”

It’s not clear whether she was pregnant with her son Tristyn (now aged four months) when the video was taken, but Star Magazine claims that sources close to Mariah say she “may have smoked marijuana once or twice while carrying Tristyn”.

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