Justin Bieber’s ‘baby mama’ Mariah Yeater Caught on tape doing Drugs

US magazine Star claims to have video footage of Mariah Yeater – the woman lodging a paternity claim against Justin Bieber – smoking pot in front of a toddler, reports ninemsn.com.au.

The video footage hasn’t been released online, but in their print issue Star Magazine has published screen shots which allegedly show Mariah Yeater smoking a joint with friends while a girl of about three years old watches on.

“We’re about to get high!” Yeater reportedly says in the video. “Burning weed, burning weed.”

It’s not clear whether she was pregnant with her son Tristyn (now aged four months) when the video was taken, but Star Magazine claims that sources close to Mariah say she “may have smoked marijuana once or twice while carrying Tristyn”.

  • Kaylan


  • Kaylan

    i always knew she was a crack head, the ugly bitch trying to say that just fatherd a baby with HER!, pleeeaseee shes so bun

    • BiebersGurl

      Okay first off HES NOT THE FLIPPIN FATHER OF THE FLIPPIN BABY he passed the DNA test!! and second, Justin Drew Bieber WOULD NEVER do such a thing!!

      • troubleW/@capT

        yes i dont think so you will never know the rsults becaseu he payed her off and settled out of court. right there tells you he is the babys father. if he wasnt this would go to court and he would win if he wasnt it didnt go to court because he is the father.its all confidential never to be talked about by either one of them or they can go to jail. he had to do the test and i would imagine it was positive because the case was dropped and the media made it look like she was the liar well that is not so. she was getting death threats so it was settled out of court not her decision her lawyers. he paid her off for sure.if he was not the fa
        ther he would just laugh it off and ignore the lies and not do the test untill forced to by a judge in a court of law.

  • Kaylan


    • Honeymilk

      She’ s a crummy! And she’s not a good mother!

  • yo


    • BiebersGurl


  • BFF/ Biggest-fan-forever

    She is just a pure crack head who was trying to find the perfect future, but was an epic fail by the end! LOL

  • Proud Belieber

    can u just forget about her :S:S just don’t give her any freakin’ attention …ewwwwwwwww

  • dakota

    is this true that justin was stabed? its going aroung but is it true?

  • ~karly~

    okay~ I cant really talk ~ because I’ve done drugs b4 too, and ‘weed’ is one of them ~ but I dont do tht kind of stuff anymore ~ It was stupid of me, and I regret it. I had friends from middle school tht I went onto highschool with, but people can change ~ and I also met new people along the way ~ and I kind of got stuck with the wrong crowd, you know ~ once your in, it can be hard getting out~but I switched school, quit drugs, and got a different group of friends~ so yeah.~ I suggest you dont start.

  • ~karly~

    okay I just read the rest of this discussion and ~ omg ~ she smoked while she had a baby?! wow! thts really really stupid! I wouldnt even think of doing tht! & do you know~ tht your practically killing your baby tht way! I hate peopl tht do tht!~ its just not right ~ Im sorry! ~ and okay~ #1 I cant believe she did tht and I cant believe she did tht infront of a child tht was 3 yrs old! #2 she is out of her mind to be smoking at ‘all’~ especially whn she was having a baby! #3 wht she did was just out-right stupid! ~ okay sorry. thts just my thoughts on tht. I wont say anything else about it.

  • Azaria

    Called it!

  • Samantha

    I KNEW IT! she made up this whole story bcuz she’s on weed & it made her mind go wacko so she didn’t think that Justin is a good boy & desided to make this up bcuz of how much weed she smoked,so she will definitly go to jail for smoking weed & for making up a story bcuz she wants money from an innocent boy,so the baby is definitly Robbie’s & NOT Justin’s!♥

    • Samantha

      Oh yeah,one more thing she is definitly wacko for smoking in front of a 3 YEAR OLD! so the child will think it’s okay to smoke weed! & it’s amazing that it didn’t affect Tristyn!

  • Taylor34

    Justin Bieber did NOT have a baby with that girl

  • smile

    i knew justin is definitely innocent. and the girl is mental

  • desireelopez

    tht chick is stupid she was smoke in front of 3 yrd old tht really really not cool dude

  • chrismasbaby

    She is a lier and that is nothin new she just wants the money but news flash honey justin drew bieber is not stupid and he will never think about sleepin with a girl like you and noone believes you so everone knows that you are lieing so just give up old lier illl your a lier and seem realy descusting illlll

  • lucky

    why they write justin biebers baby mama justin is not a father of his baby.

    • Uknown

      I was just about to type that, what is the point of saying Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby Mama’ and so on . I gusse someone else probley said that before them but… they haven’t annoced the results yet but I would say that until you know. Ps. I think they have been draging this yeater case out TO LONG ! :)

  • People seriously need to get off her back. Yeah, maybe she lied about Justin being the father of her baby, which is wrong, but why is everyone attacking her? If anyone should be verbally attacking her at all, it’s Justin…but no one else. Leave the woman alone, I really don’t understand why everyone cares so much anyway. And anyways, unless the video is actually posted online, none of us has any proof this actually happened.

    • bianca bieber

      Ur right. But at the same time some people think she should “be gone”. But at the same time that is wrong what she did but you don’t know if age did smoke I mean do we know that he’s not the daddy? Do we know that he has every cheated on senela? Do we know if he has had s**? Do we know these things……. No we don’t. So you shouldn’t attack her because what if that was you in this issue…… What you guys are doing is called cyber bullying….. And its not fun being on the other side……(her side)…… So plz don’t do this to her. You guys r just being rude.

  • madison wheaton

    well that isnt gonna help her cause any lieing about a celebertiy and smoking weed wat the f***

  • itsJBswifey

    SMH! she is like really crazy! &&& she was smoking while she was pregnet. :? ! SMH

  • paula

    its funny how new shit kept coming out about her. and why is it taking sooooooooooooooooo long for th DNA ??????????????????? its bullshit

  • paula

    why is justin acting like he doesnt care? if that was me i get this she over and done with. some how its making justin look bad. and yet people are saying its not like justin. why the hell would he get a DNA done with out her or her people. come on guys think about it.

  • Tea

    That baby doesn’t look like Justin! Im 100% sure this is not his Baby! Mariah Yeater is a big liar and she only wants his money! #PoorBieber

  • Oliwia

    Nie da się ukryć, że dziecko jest do niego podobne.

  • madlyn

    she’s just trying to get attention from Justin,it’s obvious!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal

    I feel so bad about that baby Tristen needs to be in the adoption center and needs a new pArent!!

  • desireelopez

    i feel so sad tht tris need father in his life. we all know mariah was make story up from money or something but listen i know this jbs baby daddy dramas was more crazy u know we all has big deal with tht chick ok and i hate mariah yea-ter hell the her last name is. i dont know what happden btw justin and mariah but tht dont make snce i mean

  • CC

    That just gives evidence that she is a crack head and she was probably high when she thought justin bieber was the father of her child please.

  • troubleW/@capT

    really smoking pot big deal who cares like who doesnt smoke pot. and to say she may have while she was pregnant BS on that no proof so why say it. everyone smokes weed or drinks or does something to get loopy. big deal.

  • bieber fan

    once she’s hated, everything she does is wrong. like c’mon, why are you even giving her this much attention, once the result is out, just forget about her, get a life and stop bitching please.

  • alicbieber

    firts off justin is nto that baby father secoud i knew something was wrong now we kno waht a smut