Never Give up, Leon Purvis Asks Justin Bieber to Prom!

Leon Purvis watches classmate Carla Mancini sign a banner to support him in his quest to get Justin Bieber to appear at their prom. PHOTO: photo by Lori M. Nichols. Source: nj.com

Leon Purvis’ attitude about his unconventional prom proposal is “Never Say Never.”

Back in June, Leon decided to ask Justin Bieber to accompany him to his Glassboro High School junior prom as a “bro.” In his YouTube video (watch here), Leon says he’s one of Bieber’s biggest fans and thinks the Biebs deserves the chance to attend a normal prom.

Leon said: “The idea came to me when I was at pre-prom last year to see my sister off, and I was talking to a kid that was going. At the time I was thinking about what girl I wanted to ask, and he said, ‘Who are you going to ask? Justin Bieber?’ I thought it was a good idea because I admire him and all he’s accomplished for being so young. I’ve been a fan ever since his YouTube days.”

To accomplish this goal, Leon and a committee of his peers are wearing shirts, posting flyers and signing banners to promote Trending Day. If enough people tweet or re-tweet #GuyAsksJustinBieberToPromOnYouTube on the Trending Day — Dec. 27 beginning at 12:10 a.m. — the tweet could become a trending topic and garner more media attention.

  • Mrs Bieber

    First!!! And Justin come to my prom even though u are engaged to Selena gomez…

    • Uknown

      I don’t think he’s engaged , It was just a rumor . For now. :)

      • jacky

        he’s not engaged to selena yet he’s wants to get married at 25


      what are you talking about he’s not engaged! he’s to young to be think of that. either way i think justin should have a prom like a normal kid. prom is something that every single teenager should have. so i think justin should go .maybe he will not go to this one but i still think he should go to one. maybe he will go to chaz and ryan prom. that will be so cool!

    • bieber fever girl

      where did u hear that they were engaged?!

  • bettymae


  • I  Vinny Castronovo

    Yes!! It’s not like it’s bad! :) it would be so GRAND

    • belieber4eva

      Go GRANDERZ hahah i just had to say that lol but yea i agree it would be awesome

  • alexis!,xxx

    Awww, I think he so should go 2 the prom it would be a dream of mine 4 tht 2 happen 2 me, if he came 2 my prom!!,xxxxxx <3

  • Yeah yeah

    Media would spread more rumors about justin, he shouldn’t do it.

  • kirsten

    I would’ve loved for Justin to have come to my prom. Thing is he might be really busy the media might spread rumours but at the same time Justin said one day he wanted to go to prom.

    • Yeah yeah

      Does canada have proms? Chaz is a senior, so he invites justin and selena

  • Rida mubbarah khan

    awwwwww i wanna come to prom with Justin Bieber:(

  • larnie ^.^

    I love him muchly. <3 :3

  • luv justin bieber

    no justin bieber should not go to that ugly prom nooo eeewwww ……plus he has to work a lot just for his fans so justin insted of going to that prom with only 1 of ur fans ….make things for ur fans all of them…..nooo prom nooo prom nooo prom nooo prom

  • SunnyChloe

    @luv justin bieber thats not nice he is a fan and he is a BOY!! Boy beliebers ROCK!! :D He should go and have a normal day as a teen!! Instead of working all the time. :D

  • Natalie

    haaa no he shouldnt go…

  • desireelopez

    yes justin is go 2 his prom. maybe i ask justin and sel go 2 my prom. boy belieber is awasome but a boy who like justin bieber tht make me a creppy

  • lucky

    justin is best

  • Belieber❤

    Idk if he should go… Alittle weird though.

  • victoria

    how did i get on this topic lol

  • Kasey

    I would ask Justin Bieber to my prom but iam a girl so it like right but a guy ?????????? little weird to me

    • IL_Jelena

      HE’S COMING AS A ‘BRO’?? act like ppl dont go to prom in groups wit their buds???

  • christopher!

    omg hey im 9
    justini love your all your song i no im a boy but your still cool to me you can see me on youtube i have 2 videos.by christopher or chris!!

  • christopher!

    and i will vote for you

  • Belieber4Ever

    I think ifJustin does go, he should bring selena. but I dont want him to go bc I think its weird.

  • C.H.

    hahaha i know leon in real life he really loves jb and im all for it. he called me like a few weeks ago and hes really excited about it :-) Good Luck Leon

  • IL_Jelena

    i’ll retweet a million times.. <3 lol

    thats cool what ur doing…




  • raeanna

    yes go with her