Whats in Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Mouth?


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Caty


    • Bieber Luver

      JB: Ugh! This stuff if disgusting!!
      SG: What’s so bad about it??

      • kaiya135

        hahahahaha good one

      • Sal Bieber

        Baby What are you doing???
        Its Lookin like water is coming out from your eyes..Stop it…I love you i care you

      • Haileylovesjustinbieber

        JB: What the heck is this Ewww!
        My face is red :(
        SG: I dont know. Some random gooey stuff? Its not that bad :|

      • Who loves justin… i do

        im just wondering what that girl in the backround is supposed 2 b doing lol

      • Heidi

        WOAH!!!!! I LOLD’ THEN I DIED!!!!! ;)


        I KNOW

      • True belieber


      • topstargirls

        Lol ! Good one

    • tayswiftfan13

      he looks wierd but still cute and lol its cheesy french fries

      • maryha

        Awww so cute

    • KMU18

      i think its nachos and whose the chick in the background


      idk what it is but Selena ur such a UGLY *****

  • Caty

    First (: haha look at the girl in the back (:

    • irtiza bader

      she is lyk trying to say ” I WILL KILL U .. BE AWARE .. JUST LIKE GHOST ” lol ….

  • poolie:)

    Omb ahaa xoxo

  • jelenanator

    what is that, that there eatting ?

    • sabrina for ya to love

      cheese fries

      • xXSMILEYXx


  • Hate Selena

    They Stuffed Frenchfries in their mouth!! LAME

    • Uknown

      I think Justin has fish in his mouth, and Selena may have fries. I saw this ealier today. :)

      • Bieber Luver

        they probab;y were having fish and french fries… or as some ppl all it fish and chips

    • Lbilieber

      haha thats such a funny pic love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you selena and justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lbilieber

        doesnt any one reply when i speak

      • jordan

        hey were sorry we didnt reply but its a funny pic

    • Shawty

      Why do you hate selena?

      • Belieberforever

        I don’t hate Selenaa!

    • lanilove15

      Selena came up with the idea. Ya know the biggest loser contestants would frown upon her

    • Heidi


    • Mrs.bieber

      Ur lame stop being so mean 2 selena just cuz she is dateing justin trust me every belieber wants justin 2 not date her cuz they wnt him 2 date them tht doesnt mean we all hate selena im a big selena fan and trust me i dnt wnt her dating him cuz i wnt him 2 date me da

      • LOL




      • CeceB

        Ur not really china three reasons why:
        1. Her name is spelled Chyna
        2. Why would she be on a JB fansite
        3. Your an idoit
        So if were really chyna you’d probably spell celebrities right. what was your computer stuck on caps lock chyna. so tell us china what was it like working with selena Gomez on Wizards of Waverly Place.

        Jb is awesOme stop hating in JB and Selena. Are you people seriously gonna moan everytime Justin finds a new girlfriends. GROW UP PEOPLE AND GET OVER YOURSELFS!!!

    • True belieber

      Go away hatr

      • True belieber

        U know ur not china rite u spelled her name wrong and y would u be on a JB fansite

    • Love Selena

      You’re lame, Mr. Capitalize Every Word.

    • super fan

      ik haat selena niet als zij kopel zijn dan is dat zo gij kunt daar niks aan doen!!!!!

  • Mordacai

    S&JB: p-p-ppoison?

    Girl: I will hunt you down! You didn’t tell me that that was a poison! I ate a whole pack of it!!

  • Elika

    just justin no selena no that girl in the back
    ok thats too funny i mean the girl in the back ??????????????

  • Elika

    hate selena but love justin

    • farida

      because your jelous of her.

      • ana loves Bieber

        soooo what if she is jelous,theere is nothing wrong with that

      • #bieberrsawggg

        yes there is something wrong with that

      • Glittergirl11

        Yeah ur right Elika is just jealous of Selena that she is dating Justin. But she’s not wrong i want to date him too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like all of the other bieber fans!!!!! =)

      • Lena

        just because she hates her doesn’t mean shes jealous of her I bet you hate someone and your not jealous of them she said HATE not JEALOUS theres a difference.

      • grandma p


      • Zoey

        Lena~ you need to listen don’t defend her. She hasent even met Selena so she can’t hate her!

      • jbwife101

        for real

      • britney

        lol is it like a crime not to like selena or ? . cant please everyone. but justin looks funny lol $w@g

    • Zoey

      Just because your jealous doesn’t mean you should hate them

      • Glittergirl11

        Zoey is right just because selena gomez is dating justin bieber u shouldn’t hate them u should be happy for them. they are very lucky to be dating!!!!

      • Bre (:

        Yu Guys Make Ah ReaLLy Good Point , But ReaLLy Think WhAt If Justin Did Just Happen To Read These && He See Yuu Sayin Yu Hated SeLena ?? WouLdnt Be So Good For Yu .. But I Love Justin && I Know Im Never Goinq To Get Him ,, & Neither Are Yu Guys , So Juss Dont Say Hate . Cause Ihts Not Cute . I Know Justin Wouldnt LIke Yu TaLkin Bout His GirL That Wayy !!! :P

      • Bieber Luver

        maybe she has a reason to hate Selena. I know a girl at my school who hates someone because they started a big rumor about her that was really mean. They called her “Cheap, Cheap!” even though she wasn’t poor and were always being mean to her…she always kept trying to take away all her friends for no reason. She picked on her for no reason. Maybe she oicked on her because she was jealous that the girl was on of the top students? So sometimes you have a reason to hate someone. The girl getting ppicked on was me. and my BFF and I both hate her because she was so mean to me.

      • Eli

        I dont think anyone is really “JEALOUS” of any celebrity. & I don’t think anyone has the right to “HATE” them either. Because, 1. You don’t know them. & 2. They never did anything to you. People just don’t like the fact of “them” & how they’re always on the news & everything they do is such a big deal.

      • Nuni

        Instead of HATE spell U DONT LIKE HER problem solve

    • Heidi

      The world isn’t intrested in YOUR dislikes. Keep them to YOURSELF!! BITCH.

    • perfect couple


    • perfect couple


  • debjani

    lol :)

  • Alexis

    They are so cute together (: <3

  • Denise

    Looks like fun :))
    Love them both <3

  • baseet khan

    ewwwww !!!!!!!!!!

    • Bre (:

      Eww ? If I Had The Chance I WouLd Eat That Riqht Outta His Mouth (: LOL :D

      • Zoey

        Haha me too!!

      • Heidi

        WTBF YOU WOULD ACTUALLY DO THAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      • samantha

        ew y wud u eat tht uot of his mouth

  • baseet khan

    bt cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the situation

    i love justin bieberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • May

    This looks Nasty. What are they eating?

  • sophie

    justin looks like hes gonna cry ♥

  • Crystal Lee

    Hahaha so cute! ! Look at Justin’s face very very cute!!!! ^_^

  • @justin bieber

    hey guys how are ya?

    • Anwesha

      Hey Justin..You look really Cute in the picture! :D

      • #bieberrsawggg

        thts not justin bieber its prop some old dude trying to be justin

    • Kellie

      Hi Justin

    • iBieberswifey

      Not the real Justin(:

      • david b conway

        i just love selena gomez so munch , love david

    • Courtney

      Hey Justin. I am good and u?

    • justinluver

      me and my cousin ariana love you so much and i was wondering if you coyld give me your number so we could talk to you but if you cant i totally understand my emai is bessy0op@gmail.com you could email me there to tell me whatyou think

    • Tink loves Justin

      heyy im doing good

    • lanilove15

      Are you the real justin

    • Bieber4eva

      Hey Justin!!!!!!!! You’re amazinggggggg!!!!! What were you eating? It looked like you hated it!!!!’

      • ommmmmgbeeebah(;

        that is not the real justin.


      Hi jb its kat and katrena againg and was the foog that bad ur face looks so werd no offense I LUV U JUSTIN DREW BIEBER


      Hy mes kat how r u mes in litle dkoollo

    • cece44

      Hi ur not the real Justin Bieber. His twitter username is @JustinBieber and not @Justin Bieber nice try
      if you think you’re the real JB tell us what you where you eating in the picture

      guyz don’t believe this idoit his a fake. Such a wanna be

  • Christina Davidson

    hey justin ,……..it’s vry cute photo u look vry coollll…….#JELENA FOREVER <3

    • david b conway

      i ment to say i just do,nt love selena gomez , so munch, love david conway

  • Anwesha

    Hey Justin..You look really Cute in the picture! :D
    XX I really Love You..
    Please follow me On twitter…@Anweshaluvs1D

  • irtiza bader

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    • ida

      This is stupid they never fin work

      • Mrs. F Bieber

        what is going on

    • Mrs.Bieber

      That is some bullshit…

  • irtiza bader

    justin looks so cute in it .. selena is 2 gud but justin is the best ………. but see the girl behind them … ewwwwwww .. LOL.

    • Ellie

      haha no she like working dat pose right derrr aahhaha #SWWAAAAAGGG ahaah

  • Sabina Bieber

    #random thought. To all the Selena haterz out there that think Justin is far t00 good f0r Selena or who think they just aren’t a good couple, who would you pair him up with.

    P.S. I’m not trying t0 break them up or play matchmaker I just wanna hear everyone opinion#dont be afraid to speak your mind.
    Please play along yal!

    • irtiza bader

      hey they r a nice couple … the actual thing is that did sel really like him or she is just playing games with him lyk that ???

      plz dont get serious .. just my feelings wich i told to u n need the answer … i have right to speak .. isnt it????

    • the snack that smiles back goldfish

      i would pair justin with me lol
      if it was a famous person i think he would be better with someone like a fan who is down to earth and could hwlp him with what the fans want not just the critics
      and if would date a fan it would be interesting :)

  • ~Sarah~

    ewww whats in their mouths?? Justin you’re sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #1bieliber

    Justin looks like crying..!! but cutw

    • ~Sarah~

      he looks like that in all the pics with selena

      • Bieber4eva

        That’s soooo sad but soooooo true!!!!!!

  • BFF/ Biggest-Fan-Forever

    LOLZ..So cute!

  • Olivia belieber 4 eva

    OMB haha lol so funny and cute:) I love Justin Bieber

  • Nandra

    Hahaha .. Justin Face is todely Funny but his still handsome at all. Selena is really cute with her face. Whos that girl Behind Selena, she likes a ghost .. Like she wanna eat Justin and Selena alive. So Creppy and Scary

  • Yanet

    All 3 luk bad ass fuk and mostly the gurl in da bak wierd lol funny momment umm also wat iz selena doin she luk lik she mad ass fuk den dnt eat lik a pig if yuh gon get mad lol bye:)

  • belieber for life!!!!

    They are saying…WHAt???? Havnt you ever seen a a person shove as many fries as they can in their mouth?????