Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Asian Cuisine P.F. Changs

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez out for lunch at P.F Changs Chinese Bistro today.

  1. man i hate when people tip the paparazzi or even justin own fans twit the pictures. its nie and all but when a fan twit that they are in some places fans get roudy and there privacy is over.

  2. i don’t get it why paparazzi waist there time they are in a restaurant eating. why the paparazzi bother to take the picture what so important they are just eating if they where entering an hotel or some place private that would be news but this. i don’t get those paparazzi at all.

  3. they look kinda of angry look at them selena is with the cel and justin in there stuff ?? do u thing that they are angry!?

    • they are eating. maybe they saw the guy with the camera i saw the pictures in another website and they look happy when they enter the restaurant maybe they saw the dude with the camera and also no one like to be bothered when they are eating.

  4. i HATE sekena gomez in sry 4 all u ppl that like her but i dooo everytimei comeon here its selena selena selena i just wanna comeon here 1 time and c nooo selena 4 a coulpe days gezzzzzzzzzzz

    :( :)

    • dont wrry im on ur side i dont hate her i just dont like the jelena their not rite for each other thts all a kinda like her idk just her music

      • They are perfect together, they have everything in common and most of all they are happy together, leave them alone. She understands you fans, he could be with someone who hates you. Be happy for him, if you really cared for him, you would not say bad things about the one he loves. How do you think he feels about those of you that have all this hate for Selena.He has asked you kids out there to not say mean things about the people he cares about. If you don’t have nice things to say don’t say anything at all, that is and always be the best road to take. Justin is such a really great young man honor him by respecting his choice, Selena.

      • um NO ONE knows them personally.. do u know what they feel NO do u c them every second NO just because they arent smiling 24/7 doesnt mean anything stop hating on her shes done nothing to u

    • if you don’t like her why you comment the most reasonable thing would be not commenting if you don’t want to read or see jelena,selbieber stuff. just saying.

  5. @Trent everyone has a right to speak there mind up here and anywhere else just like u, i, and everyone else its called freedom of speech

    • i know that but she says she wants to come here one time with out reading about selena so in my opinion if she dosen’t want to read about selena well don’t read it. thats it. it make’s sense o me and to others

      • We don’t need to come on here and always read about jelena cause it’s called justin bieber zone, not jelena zone and not selena gomez zone people get tired of hearing about what they’re doing just because you don’t so if we can’t express our opinion then you definitely can’t express yours mr. know it all

  6. Ewww i hate selena!!! She is ugly even gorillas are prettier! Selena can kiss my belieber ass! And i dont have have to respect this wannabe, i olny support justin not his ugly girlfriend!! Selena has no natural beauty even with or without make up she looks like donkey on shrek! Selena is using him! Selena never bought justin anything! And ima say this story again!! Btw i dont give a sh*t wat u think of me!

    This was true because i was there in person. When justin and slutena were at the mall, this 4yr old girl was screeming cause she saw justin and sasquach. Sasquach (selena) looked at her wired, flipped her nasy, greasy, dandruff filled, lice covered hair, and continued walking with him. Justin smiled, waved, took pix, and signed autographs. Then when they were about to leave the 4yr old girl fell. Justin looked shocked but heart less king kong here laughed!! She laughed at the poor little girl. This orangatang hurt her feelings, why can she go back to the zoo she came from! Its real i was there, its on facebook, twitter, youtube, everywhere! And the slutenators that think shes the best singer bitch plz i never seen her win a grammy! Best acctress?! I never saw her win an oscar! Selena sux hairy donkey balls! :)

      • ok brenda is it I’m a fan of justin his music and charity work. and i respect the freedom of speech but your comments for some would sound like racist or worst i know you don’t like selena your a girl(hopefully) and being a fan of justin is normal but your comments aren’t right. just my opinion as a latino fan of justin.

    • Hi , um?! I’m not a big fan and only like some of her music but …! Selena Gomez is beyond Goergeous ! With or without makeup .! My opinion . ! Sorry , I like expressing myself !(:

      • dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway , i just what to say i love this issue and the arcle here , as well love david b conway

    • Did you know Donkey in Shrek is one of the highest-paid characters in animation history? That was one of Dreamwork’s best works. That and Kung fu Panda. Just saying. By the way, I’d really like to know where you live… because there seems to be something wrong with the donkey’s in your area. Normal donkeys, and even mutated ones, do not look like that. I know you don’t give a sh*t about what people think… obviously. But I just want to tell you that nothing you say ever makes any sense. You just rant and rant about Selena looking like a gorilla or a donkey and what not. When she so obviously looks like a human. You’re just being mean for the sake of it. Justin has a girlfriend, he seems happy. Grow up and get over it.

      And my favourite part… did you know that not all the best singers in history have won a Grammy? Neither have all great actors won the Oscar. Case in point: Justin hasn’t won a Grammy yet. Oh, I have another one… Leonardo di Caprio is yet to win an Oscar. Did you know that? I didn’t think so. So I beg you, stop whining about Justin’s girlfriend, and spend some time doing a bit of constructive research online.

      Oh, and by the way… nice story about that 4-year old girl. I wonder how long it took you to concoct that. I say that because which 4-year old girl can narrate such a detailed incident. If such a girl exists, she sounds like a literary prodigy. And if it wasn’t her, but her guardian who narrated it, I think we should report to child services, because this guardian didn’t do a very good job keeping the girl from falling.

      • hi it,s me david conway , i just have to say my last comment here , i do feel like the donkey face selena gomez , should go back to the donkey tv show just at the disney channel already , love david b conway

      • Stfu cassandra! Your such a nerd! Selena didnt win a grammy cuz she isnt a good singer! Justin is gonna win one! Btw the best actors get oscars! Selena never won an oscar. And did you know that there is a little something called freedom of speech!

      • And the part about the 4yr old. I was there in person so i wrote it so i can show everyone how heartless this donkey is!

      • I find no shame in being a nerd. It helps me deal with ignorant people like yourself (fun girl named Brenda). As much as I love Justin Bieber, and wish him the best at the Grammy’s, I don’t think he will. Some of the songs in that category have a really really good shot. And did I not JUST prove you wrong about great actors NOT winning an oscar? You need more names besides Leonardo Di Caprio? How about Ryan Gosling? You really need to get out of your delusional world and smell the roses. Your whining doesn’t stand a chance in front of hard-hitting facts. And that story about the 4-year old…I have a hard time believing you were there. Half the things you say are pointless, the other half are baseless. With that kind of track record, everything you say could be a figment of your hyperactive imagination.

    • Ok I know a ton of people like you…I can describe them as stubborn, bitchy and always looking for a fight. That is you…no sense bashin Selena on here cuz you won’t get Justin’s attention. He loves Selena! All you see of her is bad things. Justin wouldn’t date someone that your describing. You should be ashamed in yourself dishing out that crap. Guys don’t comment on her selfish, jerky comment. Don’t give her the satisfaction that people are actually reading it. People like her always look for fights.

    • i f*ck hate selena gomez!!!!
      she is just using justin bieber because he so famous
      but justin bieber is not going 2 b so famous nomore because
      that new singer Matt Hunter is going 2 b more famous then him

      • matt who? if you worry about fame. in music talent its what it counts and justin has talent he doesn’t need fame his fans will be there no matter what girlfriends,haircuts or bad choices the kid has it all!!!!.

      • @karina4ever Someone is finally realizeing the truth! Selena is just using Justin. When Justin is not famous any more she is just going to dump him like she did to Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner!!!

  7. You guys here keepin argueing about jelena. .calling selena names, making up stories,but have you ever seen them or selena crying,or not holding hands with justin coz of wat you ppo say?NOPE. .but wat u must know is,selena is also a girl,she gets hurt easily,she also feels horrible with your judgemental comments about her.imagine it was you ppo saying stuff that you are not. .seriously not fair @ all.you guys claim that what you want is justin to be happy yet you are @ the forefront making him sad.do you think he doesnt feel anything when you badmouth his galfrnd??GROW UP PEOPLE. . .STOP THE HATE.it wont get you anywhere. .freedom of speech my fooT!!go speak your mind somewhere about something worthy it. . .or maybe when u want to speak yo mind again,make sure u do that when your brain is not on speaking terms with yo mouth! !. .coz even if u hate her,justin wont leave her for a rudeYOU. . .peaceout suckaaaaaaa

  8. i do care about selena, she,s way famous too, and she,s not using justin bieber for fame because she had her own fame before justin bieber bacame famous. and now they both earn the same amount of money, they are both raised by single moms….etc,to me selena has been role model since she became famous. and if it was on of you dating justin, and all justin,s fans started commenting nasty comments about you , how would you feel? she did nothing wrong to you guys and your all taking it to far this time. so stop. am a swedish actor and singer too i know how it feels when someone says nasty comments about you, but the day selena gomez came to sweden, she kept everything private, but i was at her hotel, and she started reading all the nasty comments people write about her, she was hurt and i really felt bad. and maybe am gonna show her this site, and i know she may sue some of you. she a close friend of mine she has done that before and she will do it again if you dont stop.

  9. Ok first of all this is to @Shayna4biebs are u American or not because apparently in ur country freedom of speech means as much as a donkies ass wherever u are but if u are an American than u should know how much freedom of speech means here. Way before u and i were born people of certain races, genders, religion, etc. couldn’t say anything about any subject they felt was wrong, didn’t like, etc. but then they made the law freedom of speech and as long as that law stands @A fun girl named Brenda can say and speak her mind wherever and whenever she wants to and dosent have to stop no matter what u or anyone else thinks yes I know u love Selena but she’s 19 a fully grown woman who can ignore the hate. Hate comes along with singing and acting everyone gets hated on so

    • Sorry to be the one raining on everyone’s poppy parade, but while this fun girl name Brenda is protected to say whatever the hell she wants by the rights entitled to her by the Freedom of Speech, you should learn more about laws regarding defamation, libel and slander. Freedom of speech does not entitle you to publicly defame, unjustly accuse and/or vilify someone else. Sorry….that’s just how law works.

    • Ok I actually really like Selena. She’s smart, beautiful and she’s definetly not a slut. She is my idol! I love Selena!

  10. …so if u and anyone else don’t like her comments don’t read this is her opinion of Selena (which I believe the story and agree with a few things) and u have urs. You guys talk about true belieber, a true beileber dosent have to like or love Selena. True beilebers don’t gang up on others just because of an opinion no matter who they are Justin. Justin loves us because were like his family but what he loves the most is that we are like a worldwide family but lately it had been like that. Stop the hate on others of our family because if u guys don’t well turn into a torn family then what will Justin have to love about us.

    • Funny how you’re asking people to stop hating on others, while defending those who also hate on others. Kind of hypocritical, don’t you think? That we should not hate on people who hate the same things as you do? I’ve always believed that as Beliebers, we don’t have to like or even love Selena. The least we can do is NOT hate on his girlfriend, and focus on our support FOR him, instead of against her (Selena). We’re already a broken family. So many of us left him because he started dating one of his bes friends, more left when he cut his hair. This is so immature. No wonder people assume that Beliebers only consist of 13-year old girls, who just swoon at his looks and moves, rather than his talent.

  11. Hmm hateful much just because no ones protecting ur ass and freedom of speech protects everyone but u dont see anyone (besides me at the moment) dogging on ur comments now do u nope didn’t think so and also stop be sarcastic/nice nasty its pathetic

    • I’m really not bothered about you trying to take a dig at me. In fact, I thrive in criticism… it makes me laugh. I am not being sarcastic, it is actually funny how some of you behave (yes, I am talking to you Nonya). And I really don’t care much about anyone or thing “protecting my ass”. I’m an informed citizen, who knows her rights and responsibilities way more than you. So I’m less likely to be ashamed of any comments I make on any forum 10 years from now… unlike many of you, who would regret being so immature and judgemental about things that are way beyond our depth at the moment. You’re just annoyed because I’m right. People like you have a preferential disorder, you support people who think like you, and gang up on people who beg to differ.

  12. @Cassandra ur not bothered by my criticism, Bitch u commented on something i wrote that wasn’t even for u so technically u were showing criticism to me first and I am not the one who’s gonna sit back and be dogged and or kiss anyones ass no matter if ur infront of my face or behind a computer screen and also no one here is right because we both showing criticism but of course ur gonna go on about how ur right but I wouldn’t expect anyone like u to know that. And u talk about ganging up on people who beg to differ look at urself I respect everybody opinion and u would know that if u read correctly but when u reply with snooby comments Im not gonna take ur shit and who’s here to defend me in my opinion no one but u have the whole damn site against some people including myself over an opinion ur pathetic and u know it but ur to stuck up to admit it

  13. Anyway everyone had an opinion speak ur mind and don’t look back and don’t let pathetic people (Casandra) drag u down in the dirt with them. Anyone who loves Justin is welcome here u don’t have to like Selena but if u are just here for here and to protect her ur on the wrong website. Where here to say whatever we want about the topic and don’t need anyone telling us were wrong, stupid, a hoe, idiot, etc. and being over protective of a person that dosent even have the time to tweet I love u guys like Justin does.

  14. Well @Nonya am not an american but am human. .if you americans are cul with making other peoples lives miserable,hurting their feelings all in the name of freedom of speech then who am i to say no to that. .if that helps you sleep @ night then its ayt. .but remember do unto otherz what you want them to do unto you. .FYI Nonya,DONT CALL ME NAMES,AM NOT AN AMERICAN,YOU DONT KNOW ME. .u dont know me!!

  15. @Shayna4biebs I was just speaking what I felt like everyone else does and can u tell how I just made ur life miserable because really no one she have that much power over u and no I am not the type of American u described but I am an American will say what she feels no matter how much it hurts and keep real keep it 100% with everybody. And as for u the shit that went down with Cassandra. I’m not a person to take shit from anyone so that’s what that was. And sorry if I made u think that Americans are mean and cruel I mean there are some but not all. But that’s not just my country with both nice and mean people. And I not gonna call u names ur given ur opinion in what I said and I respect u for that I just don’t respect those who choose to be rude towards me and I didn’t even say a thing to them. So sorry if attended u and this coming from my heart.

    • @Nonya noone toralates nonsense. .and i didnt mean u’re making my life miserable. .i meant the hurtful stuff that some people say about selena can make her miserable and its not ayt. .anyway its ok i respect you for that too. . :)

  16. Hehehe. . .i know honey!!its not all of you americans who are mean!some choose to be that way. .katie is my favourite name anyway hehehe

  17. @nonya Obviously, one can’t talk to you in a civil manner. Maybe you should educate yourself about the difference between a comment and a critique. When I first commented on what you said, I was just adding to the facts, not really criticising you. Apparently, you don’t know the difference. Or maybe you do, but just like calling people you don’t even know “pathetic” or a “bitch”. Shows a lot about your upbringing. Every time I’ve made a comment here, it’s been based on facts, and it is because I respect everyone’s opinion that I even bother reading their comments and comment on them. But just because someone is entitled to having an opinion, doesn’t mean they can distort facts and talk rubbish about everyone under the sun. And I don’t mean you, but so many people in general. Exactly what do you accomplish from that kind of vile behaviour? A sense of pride, a boost to your ego? You all seriously have some growing up to do. You don’t know the first thing about respecting others, so freedom of expression is a tenet WAY beyond your grasp. I suggest you go back and read all the comments I’ve made so far, and all the comments you’ve made so far (and defended). I sure you wouldn’t bother, but I know that I’m in the clear. Good luck with your conscience.

    • Ok all the names you called Selena…that is no reason to hate someone! You have nothing better to do besides hate on inocent people! You should be embarrassed I’m embarrassed for you. Oh yea and I love your little comment on Americans I will be sure to tell my now part American cousin Justin Bieber!

      • @Katie what are u talking about I never called Selena anynames I just said I don’t like her and do u honestly think that u telling Justin anything scares me yes I do love him but he can’t control what I say because I don’t kiss ass like some others and the part about Americans why don’t u read that over and over until u understand what I meant. Gosh I have nothing against u but then u wanna jump on me beilebers like u give us a bad name like BEING THE MOST HATED FAN BASE IN LIKE HISTORY I SWEAR LIKE ITS PEOPLE LIKE U AND OTHER PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO SHUT PEOPLE DOWN BECAUSE OF AN OPINION AND MOST BELIEBERS LEFT CAUSE THERE TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT THAT COMES WITH IT I HAVE NEVER LIKED SELENA DON’T KNOW WHY JUST I GET A BAD VIBE BUT U LOVE HER WE BOTH LOVE JUSTIN SO DROP IT WERE HERE TO SUPPORT JUSTIN NEVER ONCE DID I CALL SELENA A NAME AND GO AHEAD AND TELL HIM WHAT I SAID BECAUSE HE CAN’T GET MAD OVER MY OWN OPINION

  18. @Cassandra let it go because I’m seriously tired of fighting with someone behind a computer screen that probably wouldn’t even have the guts to say it in person. And now u want to start talking about how I was brought up. You talk about rude now that’s rude u don’t know what me and my familys been through. And fyi I was brought up by an independent woman (my mom) she taught me to not take shit from nobody. Also in a African American so yes I will talk about freedom of speech and rights because my ancestors didn’t have rights they worked hard to get me the rights I have now. So what do u mean I don’t know the first thing about freedom of expression and respect for others because apparently u know me to be able to say those things and yes I will admit in recent comments I called u names and told u that u don’t know whatever but I do understand those things and I do know my rights I have to because if I don’t when I get out on my own who the hell is gonna tell me what they are no one they’ll take advantage of me because I’m black I mean that’s the way America is to certain people.

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