Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the Laugh Factory, LA

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez visit the Laugh Factory comedy club in Hollywood, LA.


      • i still think that justin could date somebody better then selena. i am always honest, i always say that i don’t like selena but i don’t hate her because she have never done anything to me besides dating justin. but that was justin choice so i can’t say much, but i still think justin could do way better. and i hate the fact of jelena but if she make him happy i am happy that justin is happy. but if selena breaks his heart, i will, take all my words back and i will not only dislike her i will hate her with all my heart. but for now justin is happy so i have to be happy for him! FYI we (belieber) don’t have to like selena we yes have to be happy that justin is happy with her!

      • OMG “david b conway” you are soooo bad selena will be very hurt that ONE of millions of viewers won’t watch her last episode :’(
        (for those who did not understand, it was irony)

        selena + justin = forever <3

      • How Can u hate selena what has she done to u guys? not trying to be rude but still u cant hate someone without even meeting them!!!!!! #NoHate

    • I meant that jelena is one of the most ugliest couples i have ever seen!!! Selena is so fugly! Well every girl has the right to be ugly, but selena abused the privilage!! I mean she cant even sing!! She autotunes her shíty music!! Even on acting she sux!! I wish i could kick her teeth out, but why should i improve her looks?! She is a user!! If u look at jasmine v, jasmine is wayy better than that fugly attention whóre!!

      • Btw Slutena looks stupid in wizzards, in public, movies, and on stage! Ugh shes so pathetic

      • You need some serious help and fast!! Why do u keep talkin shìt about sel!! Ur so immature like a 4yr old oh wait….. A 4 YEAR OLD lS MORE MATURE THAN U!!!! Lets tell brenda here somethin she needs 2 learn!

      • OMG! Brenda! thnx soooo much for admitting tht! i totally agree with you!!!! like justin can doo soooo betterr! selena is a fuglyyy girllll!!!!!!!!!!! :P

      • I’m actually GLAD she auto tunes it. What’s there to like about her? Just because she dates Justin doesn’t mean we have to like her otherwise ur not a true belieber… Who came up with that? I don’t like her but I don’t hate her. Never did even before she started dating Justin. Not much to like.

    • Wow…honey you need some anger management…you don’t have to like a person..but you should always respect them. If you like Justin you should be happy for him..and btw Selena is gorgeous…and if you are insulting her you better be pretty damn hot yourself…

  1. im a believer and i have to say to @ a fun girl name brenda your comments are disgusting. i hope your not a 12 or 17 year old girl because at that age no one is that hateful.

    • THANK YOU! NO ONE should hate someone so much!!! its rude..u ppl havent even met her! I love her…….u guys should like who justin likess! i bet some of these comments hurt him cause his girlfriend is being hated on!!!!!!!!! How would u like it if u try so hard at being good to ur fans then get dumped on!!????

      • Uhhh just because Justin likes someone doesn’t mean you have to like them back… You don’t have to hate her but u don’t have to like her either. Keep that in ur mind.

  2. Dua ‘ a dado ur the ugly one leave selena alone if u r a true believer u would leave justin to be happy with his girl :( selena is a lovely girl she is away nicer than most of u’s on this fan site;)

  3. Gee brenda you really hate Selena d0nt you… But why? What did she ever d0 t0 you#just curious I’m pretty sure she did n0thing t0 you though… You really d0nt have t0 like Selena… Just respect her enough t0 keep your nasty c0mments t0 yourself… Or atleast d0 it f0r Justin… I l0ve you Justin and I respect your relationship…

  4. heyyy brenda u shuld not say smethng bad abo selena …. if u dont lyk her then no one forces u to love her but it is not gud to say smething bad abo her … being a belieber we need to blve justin . if he has choosed selena then we have to accept it … we respect justin all watever he does .. we know he is always ryt .. n so there vil b smethng really special in her so justin lyk her .. and yes selena is not so bad … nice … at last LOVE U JUSTIN and I LOVE LOVE AND RESPECT EVERYTHING U DO , U lIKE ..

    • justin looks nice here… actually he looks nice everywhere … love u justin ….. i just have two dreams in my life and one of the dream is to meet justin …. oh god please help me to meet him ….

  5. I LOVE BIEBER!!!

  6. I love Justins hat he is sooooooo hott in that picture selena of course looks like a total slut and ugly in the picture i hate her sooooo much I wish she had been a miscarriage just like that baby they were supposed to have I dont feel sorry for her what if the baby turned out like her ive said this before but one asshole is enough go die selena hate you sooooo much

      • David why don’t you just go away, you must be a really unhappy person to feel the need to go on here and say nasty horrible things about Selena. Justin loves her and that is all that matters, it makes no difference what you think and nobody cares what you think. If any of you really cared about Justin you would never say awful things about the person he loves and just be happy for him. How did you young people get so mean? IT just blows my mind that you don’t have anything better to do than say bad things about a really great person that you really know nothing about personally. You kids need to be nice to everyone, there is good in everyone if you look hard enough, even you David,.

  7. Anyone that says they hate Selena is jealous of her. If you don’t think she’s pretty then you obviously have bad taste. If you say she’s a bitch then your obviously blind. SHE RESCUED A DOG FROM A SHELTER! Ok like 3 dogs. Selena let her FANS pick what her perfume smelled like. Selena is a goddess! Anyone that thinks she’s a slut then you need to get a dictionary and look up slut! She isn’t not a slut she’s as pure as you can get! If your a belieber that hates Selena them your jealous! I mean I am gonna be honest here…at one point I hated her! I thought she ruined demi’s career. But after further research I figured out Demi ruined it for herself and that Selena was incredibly nice! Think before you say things. If u hate her keep it to yourself. Or go on a hate website not a JUSTIN BIEBER website! Hate hurts…bad!

    • I actually do like Selena and think shes pretty but if other people don’t there not wrong cause it’s there opinion. I hate a lot of people and I’m not jealous of them have you ever thought that maybe they just don’t like her.

      • I love selena she is my idol ur blind if u cant see how great she is Justin&Selena are perfect!!!! <3 Stop hatin on her!

  8. I agree with proud belieber and I love jelena lolz. I disagree wif andrea belieber4 eva if u were a true belieber u wud leave selena alone and go with wat justin says so leave selena alone and don’t say she is a slut cuz u need to look at her then u then pick who is a slut and I think u wud pick urself! Anyone agree wif ma? Xoxoxoxox luv ya guys xox

  9. I know my comment has nothing to do with that articel, but did you saw the pictures where justin bieber was on the beach in L.A yesterday and was flirting with a bunch girls.

  10. @Proud belieber she dosent live in mount olympus does she NO stop the criticism everyone not gonna like her that’s there opinion and choose to express it in there own way selenas a big girl she can take care of herself she dosent need u so just hush ur pie whole ok. Ok.

  11. Brenda no one is forcing u 2 like selena u just have to respect her. Your comments discust me!! I mean selena reascued 3 dogs from the shelter, she gives money to charity, and since when did jasmine v here save animals or give money to charity cuz i never seen an article about it! I dont hate jasmine im just saying. :) brenda you need some serious help and calm down!

    • I’m not jealous of her and i don’t hate her. I don’t have to respect someone just because of who they date! She’s done nothing to earn my respect either with singing or dating him. Dogs! one of the dogs she rescued became sick weeks after she first adopted the dog, and now she has to have SUPERVISED mandatory visits from the shelter. Maybe Jasmine gives $ and time to charity but chooses not to advertise it but keep it private. She doensn’t need to boast.

      • IKR UGH THANK U @notgood2 !!!! Why should she rescue the dog if she can’t take care of it? It’s like she’s trying to hard to look innocent and get people to believe that. And what did she do for me to like her? Acting? Anyone can do that. Singing? She can’t even do it right without auto tune anyway . Some people don’t need to be hated but nobody has to like her either.

  12. hating a person is bad tolerance is the solution selena help unicef they help children in places like africa,mexico,brazil and places where children need help not only that she rescue dogs you all know the saying you treat your dogs like you treat people well she has 5 dogs and she’s nice to people also why hate on a person who’s kind to her mother i never seen teenagers hang with there parents she hangs with her mom and step dad why hate on a kind person i never will understand the human mind.

  13. I agree with u trent but wtf u talkin bout david b conway selena is realli nice to justin and he loves her so leave the pair of them to get on wif life we all have too!

  14. @David
    Alex Russo is not a whor. Look up the word whor in the dictionary please. Done? Good. Now, if you say that Alex Russo is a b****, then I agree with you.

    Alex Russo and Selena aren’t the same person. Alex is a character that Selena plays on a TV show. The way she dresses on Wizards of Waverly Place, the way she acts: that’s not Selena, that’s Disney. Ok?

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