Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez New Hairstyles 2012

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez have both been sporting new hairstyles this week. Justin made an appearance at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where he unveiled the new Tosy mRobo Robot – a portable speaker that transforms into a robot and dances to the beat of the music.

Not one to be upstaged by technological advancement, Justin had brought back his familiar hairstyle, hairflip.

Meanwhile, girlfriend Selena has tweeted a picture of herself sporting sapphire and amethyst colored hair extensions. According to a report from People.com, Selena Gomez had the Great Lengths 3-D extensions put in at the Nine Zero One beauty salon in West Hollywood. “Change is good,” she tweeted along with a picture of her new look.

Do you like it?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • judith



      i love both of them

  • ~Sarah~

    i know!!!!!!!! he looks so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ~Sarah~

      but looks tired in this pic (don’t know whats up with Selena hahah)

      • ~Sarah~

        Selena always changes her hair styles

      • ~Sarah~

        ALSO I WANTED TO SAY all those straight guys h8in on Justin need to stop. They are acting like the bliebers who hate Selena. They are all jealous of his hotness and how girls pay more attention to Justin than them. even though all my guy friends are like that i still love em, i just wish they would stop.

    • Lbilieber

      sorry but im not a fan o new look or maybe its just cause of the pic i think justin looked so much hotter when he cut his hair. but selena really what the bannanas??

  • ruby bieber

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBEER MUCH…………………………………………………

    • dafina

      i love you justin bieber i just want to say you are the best in the world and please come to kosova because kosova needs you .we love you so much in kosova you have so much fans welcome here jb the beliebers in kosova are waiting for you♥♥♥♥♥♥

      • dafina

        i like so much your songs ,te quiero mucho justin bieber and i never forget you♥♥

  • Stacy

    He is hot

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    5th! And I’ve kinda missed his harflip. Glad it’s coming back! And Selena has wicked colors!

    • ♥Beliebz♥

      Oops, I mean 4th I think…

    • bielieber #01


  • a flores martin

    change is good for girls but justin should get a more adult look you know a look that people can stop comparing him with a girl and he should stop wearing make up i know is for videos but he looks like a girl in some pictures

  • Casey

    i don’t care what he look like he a perfect guy and he alsome i wish i could meet him and just talk to him and tell him what my life like because you never no what a person with diabetics live with in tell you are one of those people or one of those people are in your family or ur your best friends

    Love You Justin your the best guy in the world

  • Vik

    finally the hair flip is back!!! :D

  • kaitlyn :) love jb

    Hahah awww bring back soo much stuff (: i love you Justin you too Selena

  • Thebiebfan101

    I like the other hairstyle better(Justin Bieber). I love Sel’s hair! Did she dye her hair? Soooooooooo beautiful!! BTW, all beliebers please don’t think I’m hatin over JB’s hairstyle cause I’m not. I just like the other style better. (Justin Bieber)

  • Glomi Bieber

    Cool,I dont care if JB has his flip back or stays with the other hair style,he looks so hot in all hair styles! :D

    • Fairooz999


  • Uknown

    Personally I’m not a fan of either hair style, but whatever works for them! That’s just my opinion. :)

  • bigbelieber

    i kinda miss the other hairstyle … i think this hairstyle makes him look more teenager ish (you know what i mean ?) im not hating im just saying what i think

  • bigbelieber

    i guess its just his hair is sorta sticking out in this picture

  • A fun girl named Brenda

    Eww selenas hair has always been ugly like her face! She copied off jasmine v after she died the tips of her hair blue! Selena has no creativity!

    • miranda

      @Brenda I complety agree with you! Selena just copies everyone the list goes on and on! Her hair also just looks so awful and her face!

    • honey

      that’s true jasmine v did dye her tips blue

    • Ashton *

      Did you ever think hes going out with selena cuz she sorta in ways looks like jasmine…

  • starla lovee my justin and selena forever

    i loveee it selena so cute justin hair is back wooo

  • miranda

    Selena’s hair looks so bad!!!

    • Fairooz999

      U R SO RI8……

  • BFF/ Biggest-Fan-Forever

    Aww! They r ADORABLE! <333

  • fiona

    ow!!justin is so cute…luv u justin!!

  • jen


  • sophia

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUSTIN you look so ADORABLE

  • Hilarybubbles:)

    Yay!!! Back to the hair flip:D

  • Hilarybubbles:)

    But still kinda miss his other spiky hair

  • justabeileber*swagger*

    i love his new hair style its growing on me he looks more happy…..and Selena’s hair is cool looking

  • Fuxia B.

    ok the hair flip was sexy last year but now its just way too young for him to rock so i personally thing that he needs to get a new hair style like that sexy hair style that he’s been rocking lately

  • Hate Selena

    Ewwwww selena!!! Wooowww justin

  • Lbilieber

    i actually like selena hairstyle better sorry justin

  • Jo Jo (S.A girl)

    I See justin is going back to he’s hair flicking days LoL
    Love you justin<3

  • Sabina Bieber

    @Fuxia.B I couldn’t have said it better myself!! I don’t mean t0 sound rude but could we move on from the ‘hair flip’ days. Justin is just about 18 and it needs t0 show. The spiky hair was sexy and I totally loved it. The flip just makes him look like such a kid. Justin if you read this, SEXY is the way t0 g0 and a haircut is the only way you’ll achieve that. Love you loads but PLEASE cut your hair!

  • Alli fitch

    idk what to say because justin tried to have his old look back but it doesnt work anymore its not exactly the same =/ and what the chicken is up with sel?? =DD i love it hahahahah loooooove the blue and purple<3