Justin Bieber Arrival NRJ Music Awards 2012 Cannes FRANCE (Photos + video)

Justin Bieber red carpet arrival at NRJ Music Awards 2012 in Cannes, France.

Checkout the video!

More pics of Justin at NRJ Awards!

  • Vanessa


    • lanilove15

      hes so cute


        know omg he look so sexy. omg i love the way the put his hair!

  • belieber FOREVER

    FIRST! <#33 justin biebe <33 i love him so much! <333

  • belieber FOREVER


    • fly418

      justin whats up and how u doing my friend said omg

      • fly418

        did u get raped

      • fly418

        jb omg im a big fan i love u can u send me a poster omg lol im soooooooooooooo glad

  • christina

    First and He looks awesome but whats up with his socks? <3

    • ~k~

      wht do you mean ‘whts up with his socks’? If I remember right…he had wanted socks and underwear for christmas. I think he might have gottn those socks as a christmas presnt. im not sure. but why do you ask? srry

  • christina

    oops i mean 5th

  • RB

    So!!! I wait your perform in Thailand

    • alizenia17

      he will nvr perform in thiland evr

  • tasha

    tguv jkblt 8lutgj

  • tasha

    boooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo whogive af

    • number 1 fan

      i give a f dont u

  • a ramdom JB fan

    hey justin my dad loves the pittsbugh stealers. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BYE

    • alizenia17

      pittsburg steelers suck balls bitch

  • ~karly~

    nice. so he flies down to France while ‘the wanted’ (the British boys) come into the U.S. hahah

  • nunmber 1 fan

    luv u

  • janahi

    hey wish i could meet justin never available to get tickets to a concert so sad !!!!!:(

    • alizenia17

      yeah me to…ur not alone

  • janahi

    luv u u so cute and amazing and adorable and well u get the point adorable ect.

  • number 1 fan

    u so awsome

  • ~Sarah~

    he looks sooooo CUTE in his hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U JUSTIN :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ~Sarah~

      he’s not wearing a hat in this pic now (they changed it)

  • brenda

    is selena there?

    • alexis bieber

      nope she’s on tour i think she’s on argentina or brazil. it would be cool if she was there.

      • why?

      • how would it be cool?

  • Jordanluvsthebiebs


  • Believe❤✨

    Justin Bieber looks so good.

    • tia

      ah!i dont think so
      are u crazy

      • alizenia17

        he does really look good

  • starla lovee my justin and selena forever

    awwww look at this cute hair adorbale

  • Ilse Schumm

    jajajja you look so cute bieber !! the blue is perfect for u !!

    • thts like a greenish eeeshish color sorry. but okay. its an ok color it just idk … not too good on him sorry

  • Anisaa #Number1 Belieber

    What Have they Donee Too Yourr Hairr They Ruined it it dont suit Him but still like #The Swagg <3

    • ……….

      agreed!!! sorry

      • ……….

        spiky better…flipd bak not so good

    • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)

      I agree, he doesn’t look like Justin Bieber anymore, he looks like a sexy 17-year-old. I miss his hair flip. :(

      • Anisaa #Number1 Belieber

        Sameee i agree It was Lovely Dirty Blonde Long or Short Buts Its still Nice Dark Brown/Black :D <3

  • ~Sarah~

    the outfit is good but yeah (haha) I LOVE U JUSTIN :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ~Sarah~

      he’s still as CUTE as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • Nandra

    His so Handsome …
    Btw I really like His Blue Blazer
    I love it Muchhh … Is that already Sale out….

  • ~k~

    okay um …… who made him wear tht? srry jw

  • ……….

    & is he wearing lipstick or lipgloss or did somebody kiss him?> please tell me none of those are right? ~ maybe he just has chapped lips, right? sorry

  • Belieber❤

    So handsome!!! I love him!!!

  • Belieber❤

    In a couple of these pictures he looks like zac Efron right!!! Or is it an illusion??? Still love the #SWAGGER!!!!! Keep it fresh Justin!!!

  • LittleBelieber99

    Aww soo cute :)

  • Mercedes Kitana

    I really hate you Justin.Selena Gomez is my favorite singer in the world.I want Selena to break up with you!I am a better singer than you.I won 1st place in our schools talent show.I sang victorious theme song and I Carly’s theme song.

    • alyssa

      if u hate him go find something else to do instead of going on his fansite.

      • 3m1ly l0v3

        If you hate him why r u in his fan site…? how do you know how he sings if you hate him…? and how could you sing Victoriouse song if Victoria Justice is the one that sings it and Miranda Casgrove sing’s Icarly ur dumb! #HaterGetOutOfTheZone!

      • Anisaa #Number1 Belieber

        i Agree ur some Fake Girl if u so Better than him at singing then u would be where hes is Now Famous Rich & talented But No ur Not cuss He is Bettah dan u And if u don’t like him Get outta dis Belieber Zone Bare wasting ur time he don’t care For Youu haterzz

  • Mercedes

    My friends hate you

    • 3m1ly l0v3

      If ur friends hate him then why r u telling us…?