Justin Bieber Arrived 3 hours Late for Photoshoot, Photographer Upset!

Justin Bieber missed his chance to be included in a portrait book of top stars after upsetting a photographer by arriving three hours late for his shoot, reports contactmusic.com

Rob Shanahan has made a career of photographing famous faces, including rock legends Sir Paul MCCartney, Sir Elton John and the Rolling Stones.

But he reveals the first top celeb to keep him waiting was Justin Bieber – and when he finally arrived, Rob Shanahan was less than impressed with the results of their session. As a result, he decided not to include any shots of Justin in his new book.

Rob tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Somebody asked me who I photographed that didn’t make it into my book – Justin Bieber. He made me wait three hours. Nobody’s ever made me wait more than 10, 15, 20 minutes.

It wasn’t a great photoshoot. I didn’t feel any connection. I just ended up editing him out of the book.

  1. I will always love Justin, but he is changing :/ I feel sorry for the photographer, and now Justin has missed out on something…

    • waw ive never bin that late before i wonder why he was so late anyways im a belieber and always will be …. belieber for life:)

    • Sophie~ Are yo u kidding me… Justin is busy…. Well the world dont STOP for him and others are just as busy but manage to make it to appointments on time. There is NO EXCUSE for this rude behavior.

      • Tina
        Sophie~ Are yo u kidding me… Justin is busy…. Well the world dont STOP for him and others are just as busy but manage to make it to appointments on time. There is NO EXCUSE for this rude behavior.

        LOL thought you were a belieber sounds like you dont like him

      • ok but also Tina, justin’s human n makes mistakes so it was rude 4 the photographer 2 just cut justin out wen he made a mistake. Yes the world doesnt circle round him but if he makes a mistake the world shouldnt end

      • yeah Tina i sadly agree … but like , im thinking that like if hes made a commitment , just cuz hes busy doesnt mean he should blow an obviously really good photographer 3 hours late ! that seems a little weirdd .

      • i agree with u tina i mean the photgrapher is a very famous and busy person but even i woulda just left or told him not to even come

      • Yes I do like Justin, he is a very talented young man and I hope he can accomplish everything he wants to in life. He has high goals and behavior like this is not going to get him to his goals. Thats all Im saying, I’m not hating on Justin, I just dont want to see him turn out to be something that he doesnt wanna be….

    • yeah i somewhat agree sophie . i dont think that the photographer should have cut him out but justin really shouldnt have blown him off for 3 hours . /:
      but i still <3 him to deathh (:

      • is he wearing lipstick or lipgloss not trying to pick but thats wierd and i would leave so i got to wait 3 hours 4 some famous justin bieber to show up seriously the photo guy could have something important like family to do or something like hiz caree to do and justin’s wearing lots of make-up for 4 the haterz u know

  2. After all that guy is just a photographer. and has no fans as much as Justin has :) and justin is a busy Star! #Swag #StupidPhotographer #BelieberForever

    • He may not have fans like the ones you know of. But he is probably a really well known and respected photographer in the business. And what justin did has no excuse. Love him, but the world doesn’t revolve around him.

      • I know, these fans have no respect for other people. “He’s just a photographer”, that just shows how ignorant these people are. REAL photographing requires skills, not like you kids these day, buying an overpriced camera and call yourselves “photographers”.

        Just because he doesn’t have “fans” doesn’t mean you can disrespect him. His job isn’t to impress teenage girls, he couldn’t careless if he has fans or not. Justin was rude for being late and the photographer has every right to get angry.

    • I disagree with dat. The photographer mite have his tym budgeted. I dnt hate justin buh kiping someone waiting? For instance, u were meant to meet him backstage nd he kept u waiting just 4 2hours, wuldn’t u b upset?

      • That’s different. I am not going to waste my time explaining how to you when you don’t know how to even spell words such as that, might, time, don’t, but, keeping, and, & wouldn’t. You may not be able to understand.

  3. It’s an unfortunate situation. I don’t like to think of it as Justin changing, maybe this was just one of those things that he couldn’t help..

  4. i bet scooter is so mad at him but we dont know why he was late maybe something happened to him on the way prob. a fight with selena or a stop or traffic. but anyways HE IS changing BIg time!!!!! but i still love you justin you are and will always be my impression my idol!!!!

  5. don’t hate on the photographer ok? no matter how much i like him, if he shows up 3 HOURS late for an appointment with me, i would think that he’s disrespectful and rude. Thumbs down for justin bieber on this one. The photographer is pissed and i don’t blame him. The photographer has his pride in his work too, just because justin is more famous doesn’t mean it’s ok to disrespect someone that is less famous.

    I don’t know why he was late. I don’t think it was traffic since justin would’ve called. I think he lost track of time while having fun somewhere. This also shows that justin is a bit unthoughtful, since i would’ve remembered something as imprtant as a photoshoot (maybe to him it wasn’t that imprtant).

    • I agree soo much with you. I mean 3 HOURS! I know he is busy but I would’ve called or something. I would just forget about Justin and go on to others if I were busy. But no hate on Justin..

    • I disagree. I mean..yeah, the photographer had to wait a long time, but seriously, Justin has millions of fans, and TONS of stuff to do. You dont know what could have happened to Justin. The photographer shoud just chill out..

      • ok he has millions of fan, that has nothing to to with anything in this situation. Tons of stuff to do, let me say this, if you’re going to make an appointment, be respectful and be on time. If you have “tons of stuff to do” , don’t make that appointment, if you’re late, apologize. don’t go on “oh i’m famous and have stuff to do”, that’s ignorant.

        if i had to wait 3 HOURS for justin bieber, and he doesn’t even call to say why he was late, i would be pissed, and I AM A FAN. i’m just not brainwashed to the point i can’t see right from wrong.

    If Justin Drew Bieber is late, you WILL wait and shutup about it, its JUSTIN.BLOODY.BIEBER!! Us fans wait days! Just to meet him!!!
    I mean, i know the photographer’s busy, but Justin even MORE busy! Es probably the biggest kid in the world! <33

    • i’m disappointed to see that beliebers are like this. If he was so busy then don’t make that appointment in the first place. In this situation, if justin was someone else, you would be upset as hell. because you like him that you don’t care. he made that appointment, he was late, he was disrespectful.

      • Bieber fan…you are the first level headed person I have seen on this website, other than myself. I agree with everything you say! And beliebers, don’t become so obsessed that you support every action Justin does. Pretend it wasn’t Justin, then whose side would you be on? And if Justin smoked weed or had a baby or punched a girl…or something crazy like that, would you still try and find a way to justify what he did? He says he’s normal, but what normal person would be that rude and not even act sorry for it or give a valid reason? The photographer has a right to be mad! Photoshoots are expensive. Time literally is money. Also, photographers tend to pick a certain time because lighting and other factors.

      • i totally agree wit u bieber fan i mean u may be famous and all but no excuse to be that late i mean u coulda at least call and say ur gonna be late and if u dont call ur basically saying u can wait until i get there or something

      • Dalila, people may right it out, but those people aren’t the ones having to do/attend the things written out on the schedule. He failed to call prior or even 15 minutes after saying he couldn’t make it or would be late. He is almost an adult now, he needs to learn to grow up and be responsible.

      • Jess, Ok you have changed your story like four times….. You have commented on like 4 things and ur saying u agree but then you are changing your story? So what is ur side? What do you really think? I’m just asking cuz it keeps changing

      • I havent changed my story. I think justin was wrong.
        First comment: saying justin can’t excuse what he did
        2nd comment: agreeing with @bieberfan. saying that she isn’t like a lot of ignorant ppl commenting.photographer has a right to be mad. We can’t justify what Justin did
        3rd comment: pointing out how @dalila’s comment didn’t matter
        4th commet:Justin deserved to not be put in the book
        5th comment: saying that there was another person commenting who I agreed with and wasn’t ignorant.
        6th comment: that one jess isn’t me. the one that starts with “chat rubbish”
        REAL 6th comment: saying how some fans are ignorant
        7th comment: agreeing with @Lina saying that the fans are ignorant by always trying to justify what justin does
        8th comment: pointing out an ignorant fan

        WOW. i commented a lot. Whoops. Some of these people always trying to justify what he does just really infuriates him. But yea i see where you could have gotten confused with that other person also named Jess, but isn’t me. For one, their writing style isn’t the same as mine. And I think the photographer has the right to be mad, unlike her! Sorry for the misunderstanding!

    • do u fhuckin agree to everytihing he does he is not the fhuckin world he was late and basically wasted this photograher time and this is not just any photographer he is a very famous photographer who can make anyone famopus

  7. justin never be late at those things what happen justin? but i still love you and thats never going to change i promise

  8. wow, no one is saying WHY he was late? Wonder what reason Justin give him? Seems that Justin would have CALLED him to tell him WHY he was late, or at least reschedule this instead of not saying anything. Even though I’m not saying this didn’t happen, This doesn’t sound like Justin at all.

  9. I love Justin and always will but he was wrong on this one. Yeah I know he’s busy doing believe and charity work I mean that’s why he made an appointment that’s what there for so there’s no excuse for him. Yes I know fans wait for him but he’s not a regular fan he’s a professional photographer that’s busy too taking pictures of people and by doing that he’s helping build there career by putting them on covers of magazines he doesn’t have to but chooses to. Justin was wrong guys we have to realize that or else well keep feeding his ego by always telling him he’s right when sometimes he’s wong and then he’ll become like other stars that think there to good for everybody and don’t say that’ll never happen because anythings possible. I still love u Justin but u were wrong. :-) <3

    • your right agree with you i love you too but i dont wont justin to be like other stars and dont care about nothing els but there sife’s

    • agree, i’m so glad there are true fans out there that aren’t brainwashed. people just try to justify his action, they never admit that he was wrong. even though they say that justin is a “normal person”. NO, you’re treating him like a GOD. you just can’t admit that he was wrong, not even once. And even if he made “mistakes”, he had a “good reason” for doing so.

  10. Oh plz is not like he is not human being or what is the photographer ask justin why he was late no because they all want justin to have a bad name to media and his funs

  11. I mean yeah it was pretty bad that he showed up late but he probably had a good reason. I still love you tho Justin!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  12. ima belieber but some of you are just brainwashed. yall wouldn’t like it if Justin’s concerts started 3 hours late. so the photographer has a right to be upset. Justin should of called or rescheduled.

  13. Dude…what is with the gurly pics…it’s creeping me out! I might have to be a closet belieber…go easy in the lip stick…

  14. chat rubbish. justin is busy. you try doing what he does. yess hes lucky but seriously guys its not all good as it cracks up to be. love justin so much<3 hes amazing<3

  15. That’s just cr@p! Justin’s very busy and I bet billions of fans kept asking him for autographs. That photographer needs to take a chill pill. Oh, and Justin’s probably WAY better than that book will ever be. So forget that piece of junk (“junk” as in the book).

  16. who bloody cares if he was busy? showing up 3 hours late to an appointment is extremely disrespectful, no matter how famous you are. most of you are blaming the photographer saying he was mean to justin, but you’re all clearly in the wrong. it was justin fault.

  17. U guys say the photographer is wrong to be upset with Justin no he’s not. Say u and Justin were dating and he was three hours late picking u up or meeting u there and didn’t get an explanation of y he was late u would be pissed off too ya u would probably forgive him like I’m sure the photographer will but it was still wrong. Anyway what I’m trying to say is put urself in the photographers shoes just because he’s Justin Bieber dosent mean he can be late. I mean call and say “ha I’m gonna be late because ….” Or reschedule that’s the best thing and right thing to do. But I still love Justin and always will no matter how many mistakes he makes.

  18. Some of you fans are so ignorant. Always justifying what Justin does and hating on people who are right. The photographer has a right to be mad. I could write a page about how you’re so ignorant, but I’ll save my breath because y’all will probably just argue with me even more and continue to justify Justin’s wrong-doings!

    • what do u expect most of this fanbase is made up with 12 year old idiots who dont know right from wrong. Justin WAS wrong for making that photographer wait 3 hours! Who cares how famous Justin is or how much you love him, that’s still disrespectful,
      and you people here, don’t bash on me I am a Justin Bieber fan but I cannot go with Justin on this one

      • exactly the thoughts that run through my mind when I read some of their ignorant comments. And i too have been a fan of him before he was even famous. The only difference is I don’t treat him any differently than any other person. Don’t put him on a pedestal. He needs more fans like that to keep him grounded and he’d probably like that better, in some ways, than crazed fans. In fact, I met him once and I just talked to him like he was a normal kid, so he ignored the other 4 fans that were around him to and only talked to me. Cuz I wasn’t treating him differently. You all should do the same. God created each of us equally.

      • @Lina, You are SOO RUDE!! I mean im 12 and I know right from wrong!! Dont be calling 12 year olds IDIOTS!!! I mean reallyyy?? Who says that?!?!? Yeah maybe there are some 12 year old idiots out there but saying it ONLINE is kind of bullying!! Just think how offensed some of the 12 year olds are that are on here?? And back to JB, soo who cares that Justin was 3 hours late, i mean yeah thats pretty late, but Justin is a famous star and hes ONLY human!!! I mean he cant be on time everywhere he goes, im mean really!! I love Justin Bieber soo FREAKING much but he made a mistake just get over it alreadyy!!! Xoxo Love ya JustinBiebs #JustinBieber #Loveyaa!

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