Justin Bieber Hair Grows Back!

Justin Bieber Hair Grows Back! His signature hairstyle has returned – at least for now. Justin showed off his new (old) look at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Lately, Justin’s style had taken a turn for the edgier – he had gone shorter and even spiked his hair for a while – but he seems to have missed the look that helped make him famous.

Justin and Selena New Hairstyle.

We have to admit, we STILL think this look is adorable. What do you think beliebers?

  • kaitlyn :) love jb

    First yes bring back stuff (: <3


      i don’t really care what type of hair cut he have, as long as he’s doesn’t shave he’s beautiful hair! i love justin no matter what, so i really don’t care about that! he looks great with everything! so new hair cut, old hair cut, he’s still the same justin i have follow for 4 years and the one i will follow forever! MUCH LOVE TO JB!

      • Aliyah Hansen

        i love him

      • 456

        it kinda looks like hes wearing a wig

      • amar

        yeah thats true justin still the same guy :$

    • lanilove15


      • bieber lover

        i love him

  • EMMA


    • ashley

      I agtree

      • Madison

        I Agree .. His Hair Is Better Shorter And Spikey<3

    • Lbilieber

      i think that the hair flip look makes him look younger than he is. nower days it just looks weird Justin spikey looks so much better!!!!!!!!!!!! we have to agree that heis turing 18 soon so baby locks arent cute anymore.

      • Carlybieber

        But look he looks super hot with the hair flip even though hes 17 duh who agrees he’s still the same Justin we’ve always known right

      • Carlybieber


    • kk

      i like spicky too

  • secrets

    2 YESS . LMFAO


    JUSTIN BIEBER I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU YOU ARE THE BEST AND you are my favorite singer in the world <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    • raza ayaz

      also of mine my D.p Is also Showing That ;)

  • ashley

    I don’t really like his old one that much. I really like the new one.

    • Madison

      Me Too :)

      • Lbilieber

        me 3!

  • jesyaSthephanie

    please Join @Beliebers Got SWAG on Facebook <3

  • jenna

    hes lookin go hes hot

  • belieber_forever_and ever

    hairflip is coming back :) yeahh baby he is soooo sexy

    • Madison

      I Soo Don’t Agree I Love His New Spikey Hair :/

    • kazzam

      i agree with u hell yeah

  • courtney biebs

    ohhh yeaah !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuxia B.

    ok i’m not hating on the bieberflip but it was WAY SEXYER WHEN IT WAS SHORT AND SPIKED and i love Lena’s new hair style so quit hating its not in the Belieber hand book

    • Madison


  • jen

    hair flip is bach babay yeah buddy lol

  • Aha !

    He looks weird lol but it’s alright [:
    Better with short hair though.

    • Madison

      Yup :D

  • kennedymaxwell

    hav u notice it’s on the other side

  • kaitlyn :) love jb

    Hahha it is on the other sidee (: he still looking sexyy whoo whoo

  • gia

    I dont care wht hairsytle he has he always looks a GORGEOUS GODDESS

  • Kaelin

    I wish Justin would grow his hair really really really long! Like his bangs would be swept all to one side, the sides of his hair covering his whole ears and the bottom of his touching his chest (nipples). That’d be cool!!

  • carr-carr :)

    Yess!! god damn yes(: his oldd hair style!! this is one of the things i missed about him, and changed him!! :D Yess!! Now to make me a belieber again.. 1) Break up w/ Selena 2) Be single:) 3) Go back to being sweet:) 4) dont be a naughty boy and masturbate in public..;) lol jk i masturbate so i donnot care!! so.. yeah.
    ASTA LA VISTA! :D :)

  • Olivia Bieber

    OMB I don’t care what hairstyle he has he still looks hot

  • starla loves kidruahl

    wooohooooo he is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you justin

  • desireelopez

    yes hairfilp is amesome

  • Madison

    gOsh Dangitt ://
    Hopefully He Gets It Cut Again His Flip Hair … Made Him Look SOO Young!!
    And .. Sometimes He Would Like Soo Put It In Front Of His Face Like A WHOLE Bunch And He Looked Kinda Funny ;)

  • Rajybebs

    OMB OMB OMB!!!! I missed the hairflip:( but i love his spiky short do too… BUT… I perfer the hairflip haha;) I always have and always will! lol:p but that’s just my opinion..

  • bieberforeves


    • yvette

      i agree

  • Hunger Games Girl:)

    I luv him with either hair style

  • allie

    to be honset i like it either way, he still looks hot no matter what. lol and his fans should be happy with watever he decides to do. love u always justin. <3 ur amazing!!

  • haley

    i love both of his hairsyles i did miss his hairflip and keep being sexy justin love ya 4ever

  • yvette

    yeah i am so happy :)

  • mrs.bieber1

    i dont care how ur hair is justin ur sooo hot and sexy either way I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH JUSTIN *kisses*

  • Ms.Bieber

    I love his hair flip when he does it or I watch it on a video my heart melts!!

    Love ya Justin

  • Luv You For Eva

    Bieber Flip is back!! Whoot Whoot, I still Love BOTH though !!!!!!!!!!! :D