Justin Bieber Leaving France, Back in the Studio for BELIEVE

Justin Bieber leaving FRANCE this morning after last night he attended the 13th annual NRJ Music Awards at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Justin was snapped at the NICE Airport France, and after sprinting through the entrance with his bodyguards, he quickly made his way though security and boarded his flight back home.

Justin Bieber:
“i never thought i would ever get out of stratford and now im celebrating in france. never gets old. ALWAYS grateful! #Ilovemyfans … Je t’aime BELIEBERS!”

While Justin clearly had a blast overseas, it seems like he’s quite eager to get home to work on his new album BELIEVE!

Justin Bieber:
“still a little tired. back in the studio today with @Timbaland working on #BELIEVE . until then #powernap”

  • Erik Framholt

    haircut you need jb, ok?

    • Belieber num1

      OMG justin I didn’t know you look on here OMG…firstly I luv u with all my heart…I hope someday we can meet…don’t worry I’m not a crazzed fan xxxx luv ur new hair-do….I also luv jelena…jelena rules…jelena 4eva xxx I’m a bielieber 4 Eva….bibs will be here for ya through thick and thin !!! Long live the prince xxx

  • Zaimra

    It is not je t’aime… It is “je vous aime” bcos you are not talking about one person. love you!.

  • amy

    im so excited abour believe <3

  • nicole mowles

    Love u JB don’t change for anyone xxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • desireelopez

    i cant wait believe love ya

  • BieberLover

    gah JB pararatzis really need to stop being everywhere you are!

  • SpeakTheTruth

    As much as I love Justin, I’m getting tired of seeing him covering his face all the time. I know that the paparazzi is annoying and I know he gets sick of them constantly following, snapping pictures of him, and harassing him everywhere he goes, but why keep covering your face? That let’s the paparazzi knows that there mean words are getting to you, and the more he keeps showing that he’s frustrated and covering his face, the more the paparazzi is going to snap photos of him and harassing him because they see that he’s aggravated and that is what the paparazzi want. That is why they ask crazy questions all the time to get celebrity’s mad.

    So Justin, just because you see SeLaLa covering her face because of the paparazzi, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Doing that usually shows the paparazzi your weak, and I know your not weak Justin. So place your hands by your sides, pick that chin up high, where that sexy smile and show them that your strong enough to take their harassing.

    Don’t you remember what you always said?

    “Kill Them With Kindness”. :)

    • #BELIEVE

      That’s right! AMEN! Speak The Truth!!! ;)))

    • bieber fan

      he didn’t do it because selena does it. he did it because the flashing from the cameras are annoying.

  • BFF/ Biggest-Fan-Forever

    Aww…That is so SWEET…<33 SO SO CUTE!! <3 :)

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    Get some rest, Bieber. Oh, and DON’T CUT THAT BEAUTIFUL HAIR. ;D

  • Ur mama

    Awe plz stop covering ur perfect face! I hate the paps, they always annoy him! Idgaf if theyre the reason y i get pics of him, they never leave him alone!

  • Nisa JBieber 4ever


  • Liz

    His Believe album is probally going to suck

  • JB4ever

    why cover your face and those sexy brown eyes? but i kinda understand ya ,
    those papz really get to u sometimes. MISS U sweetheart , love ya muuuwah!!!!!

  • Star

    Wot u know it’s better then you could Eva make think before u speak…ummmmhuhhhhhh…:L xx

  • Taylor Scios

    Hi Justin me and my aunt are one of your biggest fans my aunt is handycapt and Me and her wish we could meat you so bad I love you your aswome.