Justin Bieber Leaving France, Back in the Studio for BELIEVE

Justin Bieber leaving FRANCE this morning after last night he attended the 13th annual NRJ Music Awards at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Justin was snapped at the NICE Airport France, and after sprinting through the entrance with his bodyguards, he quickly made his way though security and boarded his flight back home.

Justin Bieber:
“i never thought i would ever get out of stratford and now im celebrating in france. never gets old. ALWAYS grateful! #Ilovemyfans … Je t’aime BELIEBERS!”

While Justin clearly had a blast overseas, it seems like he’s quite eager to get home to work on his new album BELIEVE!

Justin Bieber:
“still a little tired. back in the studio today with @Timbaland working on #BELIEVE . until then #powernap”

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